20 Best Mind Bending Movies On netflix That You Need Watching Update 06/2024

Best Mind Bending Movies On netflix

Cooking shows can be a pleasant way to wind down for some, while other shows can cause you to lose yourself in a fantasy world that you can’t escape. The latter group has a treasure trove of mind-bending movies on Netflix that will not only keep you engaged for a few hours, but will keep you dissecting for weeks to come.

There are a variety of genres, some of which have surprise story twists, while others don’t offer a clear conclusion even after all the information has been revealed, as the Netflix documentary Amanda Knox. Jupiter Ascending, Snowpiercer, The Discovery, and Nocturnal Animals will leave you questioning your own beliefs long after the credits have rolled.

These 20 mind-boggling movies on Netflix are sure to leave you feeling like you’ve been sucked into a wormhole. We recommend watching with a friend or two via Netflix Party because there will be plenty of things to talk about and decipher afterward. Some movies are best enjoyed in a group setting.

1. I’m Thinking Of Ending Things

I’m Thinking Of Ending Things

Filmmaker Charlie Kaufman’s most recent work is nothing short of mind-boggling. We see Jake (Jesse Plemons) and a woman who are supposedly in a relationship, but Buckley’s character is contemplating ending things. This is a mind-boggling adventure that requires an explanation at the finish.

2. Amanda Knox

Amanda Knox was tried in the court of public opinion as well as the court of law for the murder of an Italian exchange student. How can you not be left with more questions after hearing sensational allegations, reading a leaked private journal, and seeing Knox in a variety of strange situations?

3. The Invitation

Do you accept the invitation to supper at your ex-house? wife’s It’s easy to assume that this Karyn Kusama picture will be a dramatic one, with reunited ex-lovers, feuding couples, and a general lack of enthusiasm for sitting around a table with each other. It’s only when the guests discover what their hosts have in store for them that the picture takes a frightening turn.’ The writer, Ivana Rihter, says:

4. Snowpiercer


If you’ve seen Parasite, Snowpiercer is a must-see for you. On a train, the rich and the poor reside side-by-side in the front and back carriages, respectively. People in the back of the train decide to overtake the front of the train since they’re struggling to stay alive. Class relations play a central role in all of Bong Joon-films. Ho’s

5. Jupiter Ascending

Jupiter Ascending, the much-maligned space opera from the Wachowskis, is both purposefully and accidentally mind-bending due to its convoluted premise. An interplanetary cleaning lady named Jupiter Jones (played by Mila Kunis) discovers that she has more in store for her than she ever imagined. CGI craziness unfolds, with half-canine Channing Tatum and a whispery Eddie Redmayne taking center stage.

6. The One I Love

A weekend away in a lodge to work on their troubles is suggested by their therapist (Ted Danson) when they are in couples therapy with Sophie (Elisabeth Moss) and Ethan (Mark Duplass). The way people deal with their problems when on vacation, on the other hand, is a lot more bizarre than you might expect.

7. Fractured


During a family outing, Ray (Sam Worthington) and Joanne (Lily Rabe) bring their little daughter to a gas station where she suffers a seemingly unimportant injury. Things are off at the hospital. Is there a sinister plot afoot, or is it all in Ray’s head?

8. Pan’s Labyrinth

Guillermo del Toro’s surrealist masterpiece seamlessly blends imagination and terror. Following a young Ofelia as she travels through the forests of Spain with her father in the latter years of World War II. During the course of her journey, she encounters the mythical realm of Pan’s Labyrinth while witnessing the horrors of war and her own father’s cruelty. Her interactions with mythological characters and their creators will stick with you long after you’ve finished watching the film.

9. Good Time

The Safdie Brothers are the masters of heightened worry. During one night of violence and mayhem, the heist of a bank is played out in Good Time.

10. Shutter Island

Shutter Island

What a rollercoaster this Martin Scorsese thriller starring Leonardo DiCaprio takes you on is guaranteed. US Marshal “Teddy” Daniels (DiCaprio) is on a search for a missing patient at the Shutter Island psychiatric hospital. Everything appears to be in order, but is this really the case? Because this film is on the list, it’s probably not a good idea.

11. Bird Box

In Bird Box, the only way to survive is to not see the monster. As a result, Malorie Hayes has no choice but to flee with her children in search of safety. They must travel blindfolded in order to defend themselves from an unknown force that takes on your deepest fears.

12. The Discovery

Is it possible that someone will be able to prove the existence of an afterlife scientifically? In The Finding, the discovery of Thomas Harbor (Robert Redford) causes a spike in the number of people taking their own lives. But his son (Jason Segel) is still attempting to figure out what happens in the afterlife.

13. Horse Girl

Horse Girl

Alison Brie portrays Sarah, a craft store employee and equine enthusiast, who has a mental breakdown in Horse Girl.

14. Casting JonBenét

JonBenét Ramsey, a 6-year-old pageant queen, was found killed in her family’s house on Christmas night in 1996. Director Kitty Green wanted to do something different with JonBenét’s tale, so she sent out a series of casting calls for actors to play her and her family members. We as a society treat these stories in an interesting way that will surprise you and cause you to examine your own flawed beliefs on true crime in the process.

15. Nocturnal Animals

Her estranged ex-novel husband’s chronicles a weird, violent tale that captivates an art gallery owner (Amy Adams). What exactly does that mean, and how do I know? As the credits roll, you’ll be wondering the same thing.

16. Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

Black Mirror Bandersnatch

Interactive Black Mirror takes place in the ’80s, where programmer Stefan (Fionn Whitehead) aims to build the next bestselling ‘choose-your-own-adventure’ videogame. In order to determine whether or not this film is mind-boggling, you have the option of making decisions within the film itself.

17. Skins (2017)

Deformities and bizarre dreams are woven into the lives of the characters in this melodramatic soap opera, which is like a John Waters movie with an Instagram filter. In one case, a seemingly healthy young guy dreams of slicing off his legs to become a mermaid, while in the other, a woman has “inverted digestive system” where her mouth and anus are swapped.

18. Burning

It’s a gradual burn in this film (no pun intended). By coincidence, Jong-soo meets a childhood friend and develops a crush on her. She takes a long trip and leaves him in charge of her cat while she’s away; when she returns, she brings along a wealthy man named Ben. Tenseness increases when Jong-Soo is made aware of Ben’s voyeuristic pastime.

19. Secret Obsession

Secret Obsession

Brendon Song’s character, Jennifer, wakes up from an accident with amnesia to encounter Mike Vogel, who claims to be her husband and whisks her away to a secluded estate. It’s obvious that something is amiss.

20. The Cloverfield Paradox

If the God particle is involved, the third installment of the three Cloverfield films (Cloverfield, 10 Cloverfield Lane) is likely to be more complicated than the other two. When the globe abruptly disappears, a crew of astronauts in orbit are hoping to use a particle accelerator to solve the Earth’s energy crisis.. How are they going to get back?