14 Most Hated Anime Characters That You Should Know Update 06/2024

Most Hated Anime Characters

You must be able to hate before you can love.

While some characters are worthy of being plastered all over your wall, others are better left to sit on a pinecone.

This is, of course, entirely a matter of opinion. Because we can’t all be brooding bad-boy villains, some characters are designed to be loathed.

Here are some of the most disliked anime characters, at least according to me, in the history of the medium:

14. Sweyn Forkbeard

Sweyn Forkbeard

It’s just so simple to detest characters that hold the position of king. It’s as if anime is urging me to reject all forms of authority.

The depiction of this character was also blown out of proportion.

He bears an uncanny resemblance to the witch from Snow White, with an uncanny resemblance to a true mad king’s savagery.

Floki is among the most reviled characters in the series.

As for King Canute, his lack of concern for us made me excessively enraged.

13. Near

I know that if Near had been on any other program, I would have been in love with him.

There was simply no way for Near to live up to the writers’ expectations of depicting L as the ideal adorable, quirky genius.

A good decision was made by allowing Light to defeat Near in the combat. It was a slap in the face to have L’s Walmart knockoff little disciple be the one who ultimately laid the maniac to rest.

In addition, don’t even get me started on Sugar Tooth. In the context of the show, he was simply another KitKat character.

12. Haruhi Suzumiya

Haruhi Suzumiya

Before you set fire to my house, please hear me out.

Haruhi irritates me occasionally as a person and as a character in the series. However, she has the potential to be a really likeable character.

Metagaming, on the other hand, holds her responsible for the emergence of the Endless Eight story arc. Moreover, no other anime arc has ever left me as confused and enraged as that arc has done for me.

Because I couldn’t believe that I had watched the same episode over and over again, I believed I was going nuts.

Probably only once in my life did a character cause me to abandon a television show. And I think that’s enough wrath to qualify her for inclusion on this list of the most hated people in the world.

11. Tomoko Kuroki

It wasn’t until Tomoko made me loathe myself that I was able to detest her.

To put everything in perspective, think of this story as a slapstick mashup. However, things just got worse.

That plus the fact that you’re nave, fearful, and utterly befuddled by your sexuality.

It seemed as if I’d relived my teenage years watching Tomoki try to say “hello” while being arrogant and unappreciative.

She did nothing wrong as a character. But I can’t help but include her on this list since she infuriated me so much that I couldn’t resist.

10. Boruto Uzumaki

Boruto, on the other hand, failed badly in every manner compared to Naruto.

As a result, we’re left with a privileged genius with daddy issues rather than a real underdog confronting real danger and adversity.

While he was only a baby, Naruto’s parents both passed away. Even so, he didn’t moan as much as his son did about missing a birthday party because he couldn’t go.

Was it really necessary for him to do that to my boy Shikadai? Tier of refuse.

9. Makoto Itou

Makoto Itou

There’s no way you’re going to get S-level writing from a show that’s already a gigantic L.

Makoto still failed to live up to expectations, even with the bar set so low.

At first, he appears to be a typical Joe. If he were an ingredient, it would be flour.

Consequently, it’s a tedious watch.

And the only thing we learned about him as a character was that he’s a gigantic jerk who enjoys playing with other people’s emotions.

There was nothing stylish or Byronic about it; it was all plain douchey.

8. Nobuyuki Sugou

Fairy King Oberon is his online alias. Cage-bound pervert Asuna was locked up with other things, such as fresh meat for company, by the great pixel snob.

It’s true that online, everyone is a lot worse than they are in person.

For the sake of getting married to Asuna while she was unconscious, he was an outright criminal/kidnapper in real life. As if he had never received a hug from his mother, this man is so warped that I can’t see him coming from a loving family.

7. Minoru Mineta

Characters with overtly sexual tendencies are a mixed bag for me. Mineta, on the other hand, came up well short.

Then then, it could be that he has the appearance of a five-year-old. Or maybe it’s because he’s a baby in a diaper with a ball cap on.

However, I felt him to be strange and unnerving.

Because of him, people like Shinsou can’t get into class 1A. This made me loathe him even more.

Over be fair, this may be simply my own preference, but I prefer the reserved academic to the flamboyant pervert with little authority and dubious motives.

6. Sakura Haruno

Sakura Haruno

There are so many Naruto characters that I just can’t stop talking about them.

Sakura from Shippuden is now available. I was able to tolerate it for a while… It’s a good thing Boruto Sakura isn’t the main character… The original Naruto Sakura, on the other hand, is a manifestation of the viewer’s enmity.

People in the universe can’t seem to say what we all know: that she’s pointless.

They keep talking about how wonderful her chakra control is and how team seven is the next great thing.

Even if her entire “improvement” storyline was just her shaving off all the hair she had, she is the same character who still got clapped like an infant after she had her hair chopped.

5. Shou Tucker

Burn in the anime hell.

I am a firm believer that anyone who attempts to rationalize this individual’s actions should be denied the right to procreate.

If you’re curious about what he did, consider this your spoiler warning.

It was he who stole his own flesh and blood, his young daughter who loved him so deeply, and put her in the most excruciating pain a human can endure.

He viewed his daughter’s bodily tampering as a minor issue compared to the loss of his crown. He makes me want to enroll in anger management lessons, for the love of everything that is holy.

4. Umaru Doma

Umaru Doma

Even though it pains me to say this to you, you may be just as pampered as Umaru when it comes to thinking that he is a spoiled child who needs to learn some manners.

She not only pretends to be a high school senior who everyone loves, but she is also a youngster who throws tantrums when things don’t go her way.

The only thing I can remember her doing was making puppy dog eyes and yelling. It only serves to inflame my hatred of her even more.

It’s a different matter when you’re a kid. It’s a different story, however, if you continue to be that way into your adolescent years.

3. Gisuke Sasaki

This experiment in which people were given the opportunity to act as prison guards is something you’ve probably heard of. Because of this, they’ve become nothing more than scum.

Sasaki, on the other hand, is filth even among trash. Beware of spoilers!

Inmates are coerced into having sex with him in exchange for a reduced sentence by cooperating with Ishihara, a fellow scum of the earth.

However, he never follows through on his promise, and as a result, one of the characters ends up taking his own life after discovering the truth. No amount of punishment could ever make up for what he had done.

2. Shinji Ikari

Cry-baby characters irritate me greatly (unless they’re a Devilman), but it annoys me even more when they persist in being wimpy throughout a whole show.

This anime is quite gloomy. So it’s understandable that people there aren’t exactly beaming with happiness..

However, hearing Shinji sob incessantly was really upsetting.

As a result, the meme “go in the robot Shinji” became so widespread in the fandom.

1. Yukiteru Amano

Yukiteru Amano

Shinji’s personality traits are present in Yikiteru, with the extra advantage of hearing his name every time the pink psychopath appears on the screen.

Everything revolves around Yuki, whether it’s to keep him safe or to get his adoration.

Not even from Yuno alone, anyway.

Even Aru was behaving in such a manner. There is nothing appealing about it to me.

To me, the character is little more than a petulant brat who rode shotgun for 90% of the story before suddenly being relevant at the very end. There must be something to love here, but I’m not seeing it.