10 Best Anime Reverse Trap Characters That You Should Know Update 02/2024

Anime Reverse Trap Characters

The following is a list of my favorite reverse traps. There is no use in trying to go back into the top 10 of my favorite traps because I’ve already done one. This is a list of my favorite females who dress and/or appear like males, or even just try to pose as males, for various reasons. Only one character will be added to each Anime. there may also be: There is a SPOILER warning about no entry sign::warning

What’s the result of this?

#10.) Seishiro Tsugumi – Nisekoi

Seishirou Tsugumi (Nisekoi)

It is unknown who Tsugumi’s original parents are, because she was adopted by Claude and raised by him to become a hitman. Even to this day, many see her as a boy when they first see her because of the way she was reared by her father, Claude, who thought she was a boy when he first met her and gave her a boy’s name at random. This is why she’s at the bottom of the list: she started off wearing men’s clothing, then began to dress more femininely after that.

#9.) Subaru Konoe – Mayo Chiki

Her mother was concerned when she was a child because of her antisocial tendencies and lack of intimate relationships. As a butler for Kanade’s family, she wears masculine clothing because to the family tradition. Due to her status as an only child, Subaru is obligated to assume that role even though she is female. At some point in the story, Subaru’s true identity is exposed, and she is forced to retire from her post as butler and instead takes on the role of maid in the Suzutsuki home.

#8.) Fleur “Eve” Boland – Spice & Wolf

Fleur Boland - Spice & Wolf

In the absence of a GIF, I’ll just have to use this:

Eve is often shrouded in mystery and obscurity. This trader has a heightened sense of caution because of occurrences that occurred in the past. She is on this list because she wears a cloak most of the time, which makes her look like a male, and because her short hair and demeanor also lend her the appearance of a guy.

#7.) Kana – Haibane Renmei

Kana, the group’s outspoken tomboy, wears pants and long-sleeved tops in contrast to the other Old Home females. Her greatest joy comes from dealing with machines of any kind. As a result of her appearance and personality, she is included on this list. “Wow, there’s a cute guy,” I thought when I first saw her in the anime, but when it was revealed that she was in fact a woman, my only reaction was…()

#6.) Otto – Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha

Otto - Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha

Otto is a female Combat Cyborg who initially appeared in StrikerS, despite her youthful appearance.

Otto is one of the final three numbers to be finalized, the others being Deed and Sette. Her taciturn nature makes it difficult for her to interact with others. However, she and Deed enjoy a close bond that allows them to have a level of quiet mutual understanding, which is a nice perk given their similar dispositions. We all know that she looks like a boy, and one of the silent variety.

#5.) Kino – Kino’s Journey

Kino, a teen or teen-aged wanderer, is the subject of this story. At first glance, she may appear apathetic and boyish, yet she is actually a kind and compassionate individual. She goes to other nations to learn about their cultures and histories, but she only stays for three days at a time. Due of her inability to accept the fact that she is a female, this character is included on this list. This anime, by the way, is highly recommended if you enjoy watching anime for the narrative aspects.

#4.) Haruka Tenou – Sailor Moon

Haruka Tenou - Sailor Moon

Yes, she’s on my list for the old school Sailor Moon lovers xD Both feminine and masculine attire are depicted on Haruka at various points in the story. When she dresses like a man, her features stand out more clearly, making it easier for the other person to tell the two apart. But she is frequently mistaken for a man.

Combining these two attributes, I believe she is deserving of her place on this list.

#3.) Yuu Kashima – Monthly Girls Nozaki-kun

The girls fall in love with Yuu because she is tall and has a prince-like charm. Mikoto and Yuu were rivals throughout their first year of college, despite the fact that Yuu was plainly superior in every way. Despite this, the two eventually became close friends. She rises to the top three because of her ability to attract girls, despite the fact that the girls know she is a female. This one has a powerful Reverse Trap.

#2.) Haruhi Fujioka – Ouran Highschool Host Club


The second most well-known anime reverse trap is the reversal trap. After a kid got gum trapped in her hair, Haruhi Fujioka was forced to cut it short, and she’s not happy with the way she appears as a result. She is forced to work as a male host at the Ouran Host clubroom after shattering an exquisite vase by mistake.

#1.) Naoto Shirogane – Persona 4 The Animation

For anyone who knows me, my number one choice is a no-brainer. Naoto Shirogane embodies the best qualities of each of the other women profiled here. Detective literature and secret agent gadgets were a part of her childhood, with the goal of one day being a super detective like her forefathers. She does so in order to be treated with more respect by the police, which is one of the reasons she dresses as a boy. Even though Naoto is a talented detective, her gender limits her employment options in a male-dominated sector.