10 Best Anime Like Monster Musume That You Should Watching Update 05/2024

Anime Like Monster Musume

When Kimihito Kurusu’s parents were away, he lived a quiet, uneventful existence by himself… until the monster girls started swarming in! Alternate realities depict a cutting-edge Japan, where non-human species have been incorporated into society for the first time. Interspecies exchange coordinator Agent Smith’s incompetence leaves Kimihito in charge of a Lamia homestay, and the newly-minted “Darling” swiftly attracts other females of other breeds, culminating in an ever-expanding harem filled with lust and attraction.

The Interspecies Exchange Act makes it illegal for males and females of different species to engage in sexual activity together. Only an experimental marriage arrangement provides a way out of the ban. Interspecies legislation and creature-specific disclaimers become more and more prevalent as Kimihito is pursued by a barrage of women who are passionate, affectionate, and sexually receptive. It’s impossible to tell where Kimihito and his harem will end up when new species and events arrive seemingly out of nowhere.

10. Ishuzoku Reviewers

Ishuzoku Reviewers

It’s true what they say about beauty: it’s subjective. It doesn’t matter what kind of monster lady you’re talking about; the Yoruno Gloss reviewers are here to rate the red-light pleasures of all kinds. Sadly, they can never agree on which species is the most hotly debated among them.

9. Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon

Until she saves the life of a female dragon in trouble, Miss Kobayashi leads a dreary existence in her modest apartment. In order to repay her debt of gratitude, Tohru is able to miraculously turn into an adorable human girl, even if Miss Kobayashi doesn’t like it. Miss Kobayashi’s routine life is going to take a dramatic turn for the worst as she shares a room with a relentless and sexy dragon.

8. Rosario to Vampire

Rosario to Vampire

Students at Youkai Academy are monsters who are learning to coexist with humans in a seemingly typical boarding school. Every student comes to school in human form, where they are enrolled in the same academic classes as their peers. However, at Youkai Academy, there is one unbreakable rule: any human detected on school grounds will be executed without delay!

If you’re looking for a high school for Tsukune Aono, you’ll have a hard time finding one. As a last ditch effort to ensure his education, his parents accidentally enroll him in Youkai Academy. A chance encounter with the most attractive student on campus, Moka Akashiya, brings Tsukune unwittingly into this new society. He decides to stay in the dangerous realm in order to pursue his connection with Moka, but he has no idea that she is a terrifying vampire lurking beneath her stunning exterior. It’s a supernatural school comedy that follows Tsukune as he falls in love with a slew of gorgeous but dangerous monsters. Rosario to Vampire

7. Demi-chan wa Kataritai

There are succubus, dullahans, snow ladies, and vampires among the supernatural creatures. We’re termed “demi-humans” since we’re a little different from humans. We’ve recently been referred to as “demis.” A high school demi-human comedy starring Takahashi Tetsuo, a high school teacher who is eager to learn more about the daily lives and customs of the “demis.”

6. Monster Musume no Oisha-san

Monster Musume no Oisha-san

Dr. Glenn and his lamia assistant, Sapphee, run an excellent medical clinic for monster females in the town of Lindworm, where monsters and humans cohabit. Dr. Glenn is a master of his craft, whether he’s receiving a marriage proposal from a centaur wounded in combat, palpating the damage of a mermaid, or sewing delicate wounds on a flesh golem. But what will the unflappable Dr. Glenn do when someone tries to steal a harpy egg?

5. High School DxD

Issei Hyoudou, a high school student, is your typical pervert who does nothing but peep at ladies and fantasizes about one day having his own harem. Despite the fact that a gorgeous girl asks Issei out on a date, she turns out to be a fallen angel who kills him violently! While he was resurrected by the devilish Rias Gremory as a servant of hers, he was given a second chance at life when she revived him as a member of the school’s Occult Research club.

Training and fighting to survive in the dangerous realm of angel and devil are Issei’s only means of adapting to his new surroundings. Keeping his new life a secret from his friends and family in High School DxD is a constant source of amusement for him and his new friends!

4. Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo

Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo

Kazuma Satou, a high school loner who died in an amusing and sad accident on his way back after buying a video game, finds himself in front of Aqua, a gorgeous but irritating goddess. You can either go to paradise or reincarnate in every gamer’s dream, a fantasy world that exists! A demon king is ravaging the villagers, and Kazuma is swiftly tasked with fighting him. The future hero can choose one thing to help him on his mission before he leaves, and he opts for Aqua. Aqua, on the other hand, is a total waste of time for Kazuma.

To make matters even worse, it turns out that living in a world like this is very different from how it seems in video games. Instead of embarking on an exciting journey, the two must first work to support themselves. There is still so much more to come for these people!

3. To LOVE-Ru

Rito Yuuki, a shy 16-year-old, has yet to confess his feelings for Haruna Sairenji, a fellow student with whom he has been obsessed since junior high school. Rito’s predicament worsens when a naked, strange girl descends directly on top of him while he’s taking a bath.

Rito’s perplexity is compounded when he learns that the young lady in question is the crown princess of an alien empire who has fled her home. Although Lala is the heiress to the most powerful empire in the galaxy, she is more than happy to marry Rito in order to escape an unpleasant political union. This illustrates Rito’s everyday struggle with the unusual turmoil that ensues when Lala arrives. His attempts to reveal his feelings for Haruna are constantly foiled by an ever-expanding army of seductive women. To LOVE-Ru is a romantic comedy filled of slapstick humor, sultry women, and bizarrely sexual scenes.

2. Shimoneta to Iu Gainen ga Sonzai Shinai Taikutsu na Sekai

Shimoneta to Iu Gainen ga Sonzai Shinai Taikutsu na Sekai

When new morality rules were implemented, Japan became a country free of all that was depraved and filthy. Extreme steps have been taken by authorities to guarantee that society remains virginal, including the use of special neck-worn gadgets to monitor residents.

Tanukichi Okuma, the son of a famed terrorist who fought against chastity laws, has just started high school and is eager to aid the student council in order to get nearer to his childhood friend and crush, president Anna Nishikinomiya. Tanukichi is unaware that Ayame Kajou, the vice president, is actually Blue Snow, a masked criminal intent on disseminating pornographic material to the sheltered masses. Tanukichi has only piqued the interest of the girl because of his father’s reputation.

Her organization dubbed SOX, Tanukichi is soon dragged into assisting start an assault on the harsh reign of the government by spreading filthy propaganda. In order to protect their school, Tanukichi must do the unimaginable when he learns that their first target is the person he most admires.

1. Jitsu wa Watashi wa

Asahi Kuromine discovers that Youko Shiragami, the girl he has a crush on, is a vampire one day after school. Youko has been ordered to stop going to school by her father in order to ensure the safety of her family. He agrees to keep her actual nature a secret, but Asahi does not want her to go and does not want her to leave without his protection. Asahi, on the other hand, is a man who is easy to read and can’t keep any secrets to himself, making this a difficult task.

And that’s just the beginning of his problems; he’ll have to keep their identities secret if he wants to avoid dire repercussions. It follows Asahi as he deals with his new pals and the obstacles they bring, strives to keep his mouth shut and frantically tries to capture Youko’s love in the process. Jitsu wa Watashi wa follows.