10 Best Female Anime Characters With Guns That You Should Know Update 07/2024

Female Anime Characters With Guns

These anime warriors are ready to go toe-to-toe.

It’s not uncommon to see anime protagonists engage in battle with a wide variety of weaponry, including katanas, enormous robots, and magical abilities. Other anime characters, including many anime heroines, use ranged weaponry like crossbows and rifles in their battles.

Some of the best-known female action characters in Western and anime fiction have their own guns, and they’re often depicted as tough, rough male characters like cowboys, soldiers, outlaws, mercenaries, and bounty hunters.

 1. Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye Has Impeccable Aim (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

Riza Hawkeye (Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood)

As Colonel Roy Mustang’s best friend and sometimes conscience, Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye is a beloved character in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. While many alchemists around her employ magic, Riza prefers to use weapons in warfare.

Ishval Civil War survivor Riza Hawkeye put her abilities to use against the homunculi, fearlessly taking on Gluttony and Envy on numerous occasions. Unlike the evening she shot at Barry the Chopper while grocery shopping, she’s never unarmed.

2. Two-Hands Revy Is Deadly & Reckless (Black Lagoon)

All the protagonists in Black Lagoon are armed to the teeth and ready for a life of crime in the South China Sea in this popular seinen action novel. As a Chinese American outlaw, Revy isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty.

One of the most well-known characters in Black Lagoon is Revy, who is known for her use of two identical pistols. Revy may also employ RPGs or shotguns if necessary, depending on the situation. When she fought Roberta, she fought with her hands, which is unusual for her.

3. Bisca Connell Is A Magical Sniper (Fairy Tail)

Bisca Connell (Fairy Tail)

The Fairy Tail guild employs a wide range of wizards, many of whom specialize in summoning, fire, ice, lightning, and other classic magical techniques. Bica Connell and her husband Alzack, however, are well-versed in the use of magic to enhance the power of a fist or a bullet.

With her special kind of magic, Bisca is a committed sniper, and she has numerous clear benefits as a result. While fighting against the Phantom Lord guild, she put her skills to good use.

4. Yoko Littner Is A Lady Sniper, Too (Gurren Lagann)

When it comes to the major fights in the sci-fi series Gurren Lagann, the most crucial machines are used. Yoko Littner is the perfect token sniper character, and she’s a lot of fun to watch.

There is no need for Yoko to rely on a massive robot to protect her. Even though she’s a skilled shooter, Simon and Kamina regard her more as a kind and kind friend. Unlike her rifle’s metal, Yoko’s heart isn’t frozen solid.

5. Mai Zenin Uses A Revolver (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Mai Zenin (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Despite the fact that her orthodox family believes the Zenin sisters are unworthy of the title of sorceress, Maki made a pledge to fight the odds and become a great sorceress regardless of the odds. Even though she didn’t want to, her sister Mai was forced to follow suit.

Due to their lack of cursed energy, Maki and Mai must rely on weapons that do contain energy, like Maki’s blades. If she runs out of ammo, Mai, a student of the Kyoto Jujutsu school, has the ability to produce a single bullet from thin air once a day.

 6. Eda Is A Nun With A Gun (Black Lagoon)

There are several well-armed characters in the Black Lagoon anime, with Revy being the most famous. Eda, a nun who administers the Ripoff Church in the shady city of Roanapur, is Revy’s other companion. Rather than praying, Eda is more likely to be seen drinking or making snarky remarks.

Both Revy and Eda like making fun of one another and teasing each other. It’s not uncommon to see the two of them team up against a variety of enemies, and Eda has her own pistol or two. In some works of fiction, the “pious nun” character type is subverted in a form that is truly original.

7. Sinon Can Snipe Anyone Online (Sword Art Online)

Sinon (Sword Art Online)

However, there was one notable exception to the anime series Sword Art Online’s focus on formidable swords and exotic monsters in virtual worlds. Even though Kirito possessed an off-brand lightsaber, his new companion Sinon fully embraced this game’s gun-based fighting system in the MMORPG Gun Gale Online.

Sinon has the ability to kill any enemy from afar, and she frequently assists Kirito in their confrontations against a variety of enemies. While playing ALFheim Online, Sinon sold her gun for a fairy-like game character.

8.  Motoko Kusanagi Is A Mechanical Soldier (Ghost In The Shell: Standalone Complex)

Ghost in the Shell is named after Major Motoko Kusanagi, who is a robot with a human brain inside. Motoko Kusanagi can fight with the bravery of a mortal but the robotic accuracy of a machine in this futuristic environment where man and machine have a blurred line between them.

Motoko is a deadly assassin, but she is also a law-abiding professional with a strong sense of justice and compassion. If it comes down to it, she is noted for her ability to use a range of firearms, including rifles, pistols, and shotguns.

9.  Yuri Nakamura Fought Angel With Firearms & Grenades (Angel Beats)

Nakamura Yuri from Angel Beats

In the popular anime series Angel Beats, Tenshi “Angel” Tachibana is the focus of a kaleidoscope of concepts and genres, from action/adventure to heart-wrenching drama to high school pranks. Yuri and her allies have set their sights on Angel from the beginning of the series.

Yuri is a talented commander, but she is also known for her continuous use of scoped rifles and even grenades in her attacks on Angel. Yuri is more deadly than most of the other Angel Beats characters, even though she doesn’t exclusively use firearms.

10. Mine Can Snipe Anyone With Pumpkin (Akame Ga Kill!)

The Night Raid boasts a diverse group of characters, including the heroine Akame, who wields a deadly sword, and Mine, who, like Yoko and Sinon, is an expert sniper. The name of my weapon is Roman Artillery: Pumpkin, and it has not one but three different firing modes.

A user’s sense of danger affects Pumpkin’s power level. Mine can use Pumpkin in sniper mode, long barrel mode, or machine gun mode. Mine’s life is in grave risk if she has to face such a formidable antagonist, but Pumpkin’s blows will be even more devastating as a result. It’s a reasonable compromise in the majority of cases.