10 Anime Danganronpa Characters That You Should Watching Update 07/2024

Anime Danganronpa Characters

Most of the characters in Danganronpa are required to have a high level of intelligence due to the game’s crazy twists and turns.

Danganronpa is a bizarre anime game with a homicidal teddy bear trying to pull off its best Jigsaw impersonation for those who haven’t played it. To say otherwise is an understatement, since the games are among of the best visual novel games you’ll ever play.

You won’t be able to keep your eyes off of it. As in every excellent murder mystery, the cast always includes at least two or three sharp characters. Often, it is the detective who is the genius, while in other occasions, it is the murderer. The real question is: who was the most intelligent in the group?

Claris Lam updated the article on November 8th, 2021: Despite the fact that this list originally included a number of intelligent characters, there are many more worthy of recognition. This list has now been augmented by five additional items.

1. Makoto Naegi Used His Charisma To His Advantage

Makoto Naegi

Despite the fact that Makoto is one of the most often used characters in the entire series, he does not possess the same level of intelligence as those on this list. In fact, like Junko at the start of the series, many people would mistakenly label him as passive.

Makoto, on the other hand, has a subtle magnetism that only a few people notice at first. When it comes to killing games, Makoto has a lot of experience, which makes up for his lack of intellect.

2. Tsumugi Shirogane Disguised Her True Self From Her Classmates

Tsumugi, on the surface, appears to be a really plain girl, which she emphasizes a lot. She’s more likely to follow the group’s lead than to make her own decisions on her own. As the game progresses, you’ll see subtle signs that Suichi is being seduced by her. When it’s revealed that she’s the brains behind the game, you realize just how cunning she was in hiding her true identity from her peers. Because she lacked the brilliance of prior masterminds, she had to rely on deception and deception as her true strengths.

3. Byakuya Togami Is Purely Analytical

Byakuya Togami

Having grown up in a competitive environment, Byakuya sees everything as a game he can win. He was unable to see the people around him as persons because of this type of thinking.

He was able to think objectively and without emotion because of this. For all the smarts in this franchise, he was kept back by his incapacity to comprehend emotions and the effect they have on actions.

4. Kyosuke Munakata Is An Emotionless Analyst

To destroy Ultimate Despair, Kyosuke is one of the most determined characters in the series, getting obsessed with doing so. The only way he could accomplish this was by removing all of his feelings from the equation and approaching everything with a cold, analytical eye. It was the right choice, but it put him behind schedule. A lot of the time, his overthinking resulted in him skipping right over the answer that was right in front of him. When he intended to kill Makoto despite knowing he was innocent, his rage distorted his judgment.

5. Nagito Komaeda Solved Many Cases Before Others Did But Let Them Take The Credit

Nagito Komaeda

Nagito is a particularly nuanced character, with a plethora of facets to his character. He’s like a mash-up of two or three separate characters. As a person, he sees hope as the highest good in life, and it drives many of his decisions. Because of his shyness and low self-esteem, we can’t see how bright he really is. He solves several of the cases in the second game before anyone else, but he doesn’t care about the credit he receives. Instead, he hints to the solution so that others assume they’ve figured it out themselves.

6. Kokichi Ouma Is A Walking Lie

Kokichi is the master of fabrication. As a result, he is able to slip in truths because he has created a persona that makes it clear that he cannot be trusted. He is, at times, a walking falsehood or fraud in the most literal sense.

When Kirumi tried to guilt someone into taking her place at an execution, he was able to discern right away that she was lying. In addition, he figured out Kaede’s fatal defect and predicted her demise before they even met.

7. Shuichi Saihara Rose Above Despair In The End

Shuichi Saihara Rose

Shuichi, like Nagito, is a character who is both intelligent and hesitant to take the lead. As a detective, he feels that he hasn’t done enough, and he seems to be continually self-doubting. Also, he has a tendency to obey orders, no matter how ridiculous. A good illustration of this is when he mimicked a dog’s tricks for Miu. In the midst of all that was a really bright character who essentially ended the game by rising above hope and sadness, departing the game by not voting in the final stages.

8. Junko Enoshima Is One Of The Series’ Most Memorable Masterminds

Together with Monokuma, she’s the series’ face. As far as characters go, she’s the best genius Danganronpa has ever had, while being absolutely despicable, yet still enthralling. Her analytical mind makes her one of the most intelligent characters in the series, and a major factor in how she ended up. Nothing else interested her after sadness, which she saw as the sole real emotion. It was because of this that she convinced her sister to give up her life for Junko.

9. Kyoko Kirigiri Was The Best Detective In The Series

Kyoko Kirigiri

Kyoko, like Makoto, is a primary protagonist and one of the franchise’s most often used characters. She’s the best investigator in the series because she goes to tremendous measures to hide her own feelings, making her even more difficult to understand. He symbolized the hope they were both looking for, and he helped her realize that she could put her trust in others. As a result, she was an excellent contrast for Junko’s character ambiguity.

10. Izuru Kamakura’s Intelligence Is Near-Perfect

Izuru’s intelligence is near-perfect, and he possesses a superhuman sense of analytics that allows him to accurately anticipate the future. Despite Junko being the more dangerous of the two, he is the smarter of the two. She was paralyzed by her irrational urge to inflict misery on others, even if doing so served no purpose for Izuru. Being so close to an emotional robot robbed him of any sense of fulfillment.