10 ISTJ Anime Characters That You Should Watching Update 06/2024

ISTJ Anime Characters

It’s not uncommon for people to ponder which anime characters are like them. Some of the most well-known ISTJ anime characters are featured in this week’s post. It’s possible to get a sense of what ISTJs are like by looking at these characters, albeit some of the depictions may be more exaggerated than they are in real life (it is anime, after all). I hope you’ve learned something new and found some new shows to watch as a result of reading this.

The following information is provided with the understanding that I cannot sit down with these fictional characters and have an in-depth typing consultation. To the best of my ability, I’ve typed these characters’ names using information I’ve gleaned from the shows and/or mangas. Let me know if you have a better idea in the comments!

#1 – Giyu Tomioka from Demon Slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba)

Giyu Tomioka from Demon Slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba)

Let go of your fury. You’ll be driven to action by the intense, unadulterated hatred that comes with not being able to forgive.” In the words of Giyu Tomioka: –

In Giyu’s heart, justice and conviction are inseparable. And to top it all off, his approach is incredibly grounded in reality. When confronted with terrible, powerful monsters, he shows no fear or hesitation. He’s a man of few words, and he prefers to express his emotions through his thoughts rather than his words. While on the surface, he looks to be abrasive and dismissive, his comments are softer and more empathic. People with the personality type ISTJ frequently have a hard time grasping just how much of a rich emotional tapestry their inner worlds are compared to their outward displays. Tomioka attempts to make his conclusions based on facts and reasoning, but only if enough physical evidence suggests that he should deviate from them (as evidenced when Nezuko protects her brother rather than devouring him).

#2 – Tenya Iida from My Hero Academia

Isn’t it commendable to have a goal to help you survive?

– Tenya Iida is the name of this person.

Most ISTJs, such as Tenya Iida, are driven by a strong sense of duty and responsibility. He does his best to live up to his older brother’s example by excelling at his own peculiarities. There is no doubt about it: He is a rule-follower, but he will go above and beyond in order to protect the people he cares about most. As a close friend and brother, he is an inspiration to the rest of his UA class because of his self-control and dedication. His meticulous attention to detail enables him to spot when anything is out of whack or harmful, and his pragmatic character enables him to come up with effective plans of action when everyone else is in a state of awe and dread. An ISTJ character because of his need for efficiency, devotion, and attention to detail.

#3 – Violet Evergarden from Violet Evergarden

Violet Evergarden

“Regret is more powerful than appreciation, thus flowers are given to the deceased rather than the living.” – Violet Evergarden

Violet Evergarden, an ex-soldier in the Leidenschaftlich army, is an extreme example of an ISTJ in anime. Every move she makes is intentional, since she must comprehend the meaning of the words “I love you,” said to her by her beloved friend Gilbert.. When it comes to following commands and expressing the truth, Violet is typical of the ISTJ personality type. In many definitions of the ISTJ personality type, empathy and responsibility for others’ pain are overlooked. It doesn’t matter whether she appears tactless, weird, or even eccentric; she is driven by her beliefs.

#4 – Aki Hayakawa from Chainsaw Man

The only thing to be grateful for is that you were spared the fate of the devil. “After all, we are devil-hunters.” in the words of akihayakawa

An good example of the ISTJ personality type’s two conflicting sides is Aki Hayakawa. At first glance, he presents himself as unflappable and even stern. In private, however, he shows a gentler, more vulnerable side. It’s common for ISTJs to look tougher and more direct to others than they really are. It’s possible that they’re incredibly sentimental and sensitive on the inside. Aki Hayakawa, on the other hand, is no slouch. He has a deep desire for retribution and will fight tirelessly to bring down the Gun Devil. Each and every action Aki does is meticulously planned and deliberate. His ISTJ personality traits of reliability and attention to detail are well-known.

#5 – Kento Nanami from Jujutsu Kaisen

Kento Nanami

“I despise working overtime, so let’s get this over with.”

The author, Kento Nanami

When it comes to combat, Kento Nanami is a master of strategy and composure. Instead of letting his emotions get in the way, he follows schedules, rules, and reasoning like a true ISTJ. His desire is to have an impact on others, which is why he has returned to Jujutsu sorcery in the first place. Itadori and Satoru are regularly surprised by Nanami’s directness and bluntness. Making the most of every minute is his philosophy in order to meet his deadlines. Optimism and impracticality turn him off because they don’t appear sensible or “realistic.”

#6 – Teru Mikami from Death Note

For me, growing up, the first universal truths were the simple dichotomy between good and evil in the world. “Everyone, without exception, falls into one or the other group of human beings.”

ISTJs have a tendency to see things in black and white terms, especially when they’re in the middle of their maturation range. When it comes to following Kira’s instructions, Mikami is no exception. She despises “lazy people” and feels strongly about justice and loyalty, traits common to many ISTJs. He is also quite disciplined and keeps to a rigid plan and routine when it comes to accomplishing his goals. He has a meticulously planned approach to life. Even on days when there are vacations or other mitigating circumstances, he exercises at the gym at the same time every week. When it comes to his personal habits and routine, Mikami is a typical introvert.

#7 – Megumi Fushiguro from Jujutsu Kaisen

Megumi Fushiguro from Jujutsu Kaisen

“Even if it’s only a few, I want more good people to benefit from fairness.”

Megumi Fushiguro is a secretive and stern character, but when he’s alone, he reveals a shockingly vulnerable side. Megumi, like many ISTJs, prefers to keep his thoughts and feelings to himself, speaking only when it is absolutely necessary to do so in order to solve a problem. Sorcerer Megumi is driven by fairness; he wants to help those who are decent and kind get a better opportunity at life through his profession as an expert in Jujutsu sorcery. To save Yuji, even if it meant breaking the norms of the Jujutsu sorcerers, he held on to this belief.

#8 – Mikasa Ackerman from Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin)

“I can only place a value on so many people’s lives. In fact, six years ago, I had already figured out who they were. This is why you shouldn’t bother to beg for my sympathy, because I just don’t have the resources to do so at this moment.” In the words of Miksa Ackermann:

As an ISTJ, Mikasa has the tenacity and loyalty of an ISTJ as well as the discipline and seriousness of an ISTJ. In spite of the fact that her swift reflexes indicate some usage of Extraverted Sensation (Se), she appears to be more ISTJ than ISTP in her perspective and reactions. The only time she reveals her sentiments and reasons to Eren is if they are on the verge of death. She prioritizes Eren’s allegiance above everything else, even when others turn against him. The ISTJ personality type exemplifies her sense of discipline and her secretive but principled manner.

#9 – Koutarou Amon from Tokyo Ghoul

Koutarou Amon from Tokyo Ghoul

“If “emptiness” is merely another feeling, then it, too, is real.” Gazing into that abyss is a harrowing experience. Getting through this is a challenge. But if you’re brave enough to face it head-on, you’ll get the answer you’re looking for… Is this the kind of person you want to be?” — Koutarou Amon &

Koutarou Amon, a First Class Ghoul Investigator, possesses the qualities that set ISTJs apart from other types of workers. In addition to being a hard worker and a good listener, he’s also loyal, insightful, and calm. Like many IxTJs, Amon is intimately in touch with his introverted emotional side. He wants to “rescue the world” by eradicating all forms of cruelty and evil from the planet. While many articles focus on a person’s idealism, Amon is a wonderful example of how idealism can thrive in any type of personality. The man is devoted to his cause, protective of children, and self-aware when it comes to the things that matter most to him in life. Throughout the Tokyo Ghoul series, Amon grows tremendously, recognizing and accepting that ghouls are persons with a vast range of emotions, values and views.

#10 – Arima Kousei from Your Lie in April

A glimmer of light may always be found in the deepest reaches of the ocean. – Kousei Arima translates

In Your Lie in April, the connection between Kousei and Kaori shows how much ISTJs and ENFPs can benefit from one another. Kousei is a hard-working, clever, and calm person. As a child, Kaori was full of life. These two personality types generally complement one another, with each one excelling where the other falls short. The ISTJ Kousei is meticulous in his attention to detail and works tirelessly to ensure that his job is flawless. ISTJs are known for their careful, methodical approach to life, and he fits the bill.