How To Summon Anime Characters That You Should Know Update 05/2024

How To Summon Anime Characters

It is possible for these summoned creatures to assist the characters in a fight or perhaps take over the entire struggle.

Anime heroes and villains alike can thwart formidable foes using only their bare fists. Some series’ main protagonists have discovered a method to avoid fighting for themselves, which is commendable.

The concept of “summoning” a monster, familiar, or warrior to one’s side is a well-worn fantasy/science fiction motif in anime. Conjured creatures can either help the players in a fight or manage the entirety of the situation. This skill has been given a variety of flavors by the anime industry over the years.

10. Avatars, Baka And Test

Avatars, Baka And Test

In Baka and Test’s Fumizuki Academy, education has never been more competitive. Grades are everything in this brutal institution. Classes, unique privileges, and even how dedicated teachers can be are all decided by the students. There is, however, one peculiar need that stands out above all others: Avatars.

Avatars can be summoned by students at Fumizuki Academy and used in both Summoner Test Wars and ordinary school combat. Avatars’ strength in a given subject is determined by their separate grades. Using this tactic, you may simultaneously motivate students to study while simultaneously destroying someone’s academic record in one instant.

9. Servants, The Fate Series

Masters can only summon their Servants once in fate, but how they do it can affect their chances of winning the Holy Grail War. One can either summon a specific figure from history or fiction, or have one summoned to them based on their own magical power, the method by which they summoned their Servant, and the resources they had at their disposal.

Gilgamesh can be summoned by a great mage, Bluebeard by a psychotic serial murderer, and Alexander the Great by a lowly but gifted youth. In the beginning, one’s magical aptitude, knowledge of their Servant, and knowledge of the other Servants determine one’s survival chances.

8. Duel Monsters, Yu-Gi-Oh!

Duel Monsters, Yu-Gi-Oh!

Yu-Gi-Oh! is a great place to learn about summoning mechanisms, and for good reason. The summoning process in Yu-Gi-Oh! can be made as simple or as complicated as possible. This is largely due to the series’ penchant for making rule modifications on the fly and the resulting pressure to produce as many cards as possible. No one can deny the therapeutic value of either summoning one’s favorite card or accomplishing an impressive feat.

Each difficult summon felt more like a last-minute saving grace than a slew of broken rules in the anime series in which the main protagonists appeared to be engaged in a game. A monster’s power increased linearly with the number of cards required to summon it.

7. Summoning Jutsu, Naruto

Naruto’s long line of elemental attacks, illusory tricks, and ability to throw a blade a long distance was already a rather fanciful series. When the series discussed the various spirits of the planet and how to summon them with just a drop of blood, it became more magical.

The series made a significant foray into Japanese mythology as well as a way to include huge creatures in a knifefight. For the first time, Kakashi summoned his army of hounds, Orochimaru unleashed an enormous serpent, and Naruto unleashed Gamabunta.

6. Djinns, Magi

Djinns, Magi

Magi’s mighty, blue warriors have nothing on Robin Williams’ famous impressions. A huge, godlike Djinn can be summoned to assist whoever their master is, thanks to the Rukh, the source of magic in Magi’s universe. Magi, future Kings, and other intrepid explorers must first acquire the right to summon a Djinn by completing challenging dungeon quests.

One can claim a Djinn as their own once they’ve fought their way through the dungeon’s many trials. Djinns can be summoned into the human realm if summoned by a Magi, and their King can utilize them at will.

5. Familiars, Hellsing

Familiars and hypnotizing servants are a common concept in vampire mythology, but until Hellsing, the ability never reached anime-level excellence. Vampires in Hellsing are able to eat their victims’ blood and souls, as they usually do. As a result, they become their own personal familiars, beings they can call upon in battle or use to sustain their own invulnerability.

When a vampire is able to call on one of their many familiars, they can summon anything from a well-armed soldier to a terrifying demon.

Rather than being mindless domestic helpers, familiars serve as dangerous soldiers in the service of a bigger cause.

4. Celestial Spirit Magic, Fairy Tail

Celestial Spirit Magic, Fairy Tail

However, once a bargain with a Celestial Spirit has been established, they become just as much a part of the Fairy Tail Guild as the rest of the guild members. The Celestial Spirit World is home to powerful magical beings known as Celestial Spirits, which can be called by using specific keys.

It is up to them whether they want to accompany their master, assist in an event, or fight against Fiore’s terrible magicians. When Lucy Heartfelia holds a new Celestial Spirit, whether it’s the lovely Plue or one of the Zodiacs, they all feel unique.

3. Pokémon, Pokémon

It’s all about the joy of summoning mechanics in Pokémon. In the series, they can’t just be bought; they have to be earned, either by a heroic conflict or a warm friendship. Their diversity adds excitement and strategic worth to a conflict while also adding some color to the ensemble of the show.

Pokéballs are also used to store them until they hear the words, “I choose you!” as a convenience measure. In addition, Pokémon can be trained to become more powerful, evolved into new forms, or traded for new companions. Pokémon are among the anime’s most recognizable summons because they are both collectible and useful.

2. Personas, The Persona Series

Personas, Dòng Persona

To give some character to summoning, Personas connect directly to their user’s personality and current state of being. The aspirations and anxieties of their masters are brought to life in the form of these opulent spirits. Shadows have been an issue for Persona 4 players since the beginning of the series.

As a result, Personas are able to engage with their audience. A person’s health is directly correlated to the health of the Persona. Personas begin to fall out of the user’s control if they are unstable. A user’s Personas even take on a new form when they find new resolve within themselves.

1. Stands, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Stands is one of the most diverse and “bizarre” summoning mechanisms. Hirohiko Araki came up with Stands after Hamon grew increasingly impractical in the series. User’s Hamon manifest in these forms based on his or her personality and abilities to the fullest extent. However, this does not imply that the user has full control over what their Stand can accomplish.

There are a wide variety of skills that can be controlled by stands, and its users have learned to incorporate these new abilities into their playstyles. Stands like Crazy Diamond or Gold Experience can be creatively used in new ways, as can Stands like Superfly, which are notoriously difficult to use. Discovering and learning about a Stand can be as much fun as participating in the fights itself, given how bizarre and strong they can be.