10 Anime With Half Animal Characters That You Should Know Update 05/2024

Anime With Half Animal Characters

Interspecies offspring and the like are not the only ones in anime who can pass on their parents’ hideous genes.

What does it mean to be a monster in the eyes of the world? Is it a matter of nature, or of our own free will? Despite the fact that many monsters have been reviled, others have been excellent protagonists. Nowadays, the majority of shonen heroes are afflicted with some sort of horrific curse or power.

Since series likeDemon Slayer,Jujutsu Kaisen, and To Your Eternity have been hugely popular, monsters as protagonists are making an impact. However, this is not a first. Characters who are half-human, half-monster are a common occurrence in anime.

Characters on this list have “monster” DNA in their bodies as a result of either genetic parenthood or scientific research. Yuji Itadori and Naruto Uzumaki, for example, don’t quite meet the bill.

1. Claymores Are All Half-Youma

Claymore (2007)

Given the circumstances that led to their creation, Claymores had little influence in their own destiny or future. A medieval fantasy world where demons called youma consume villagers and destroy human beings forces Claymores to fight and conquer the monsters.

Claymores, on the other hand, are monsters in disguise. Claymores are the result of an experiment that spliced youma DNA into the DNA of young orphan girls. Their lives are always dismal. As a hunter of monsters, she’s doomed to a life of shame and ridicule from the rest of us.

2. Rin Okumura Is The Son of Satan (Blue Exorcist)

Rin Okumura is one of the few teenagers who doesn’t always get along with her parents. Even though a compassionate priest raised him and his twin brother, their true father would be a pain to deal with on Thanksgiving. Rin’s mother was human, but his father is Satan.

Rin, in Blue Exorcist, is driven to renounce his Satanic heritage and assassinate his father because he is the son of the devil. It’s hard to imagine anyone having greater reasons than Rin to wish the devil dead as an anti-antichrist.

3. Akihito Is Half-Youma (Beyond The Boundary)

Akihito Is Half-Youma (Beyond The Boundary)

Unfortunately, Beyond the Boundary isn’t as popular as some of the company’s previous works, which is a true tragedy. The show begins with a shaky foundation, but it eventually blossoms into a wonderful series about acceptance and growth. High school students who also work as Spirit Warriors are anything from straightforward.

Despite his human appearance, the film’s protagonist Akihito Kanbara is actually half-human, the offspring of an evil man. Since his youma half possesses such destructive and vicious spiritual power, Akihito hides his true identity. In many ways, the story is about Akihito and the others coming to grips with and accepting their darker selves.

4. Zero Two Is Part Klaxosaur (Darling in the FRANXX)

This series’ worldbuilding can be a little overcomplicated at times, but the fundamentals are apparent. Life has been tough on Zero Two, who is powerful but not quite human.

Only one other human-klaxo sapien hybrid, Zero Two, has made it out of the lab alive. The biological weapons known as klaxosaurs are armored and resemble dinosaurs in appearance in the Darling universe of Franxx. Zero Two is a no-brainer for many characters to distrust because of this, and she longs to be completely human.

5. Eureka and Renton Have a Son (Eureka Seven: AO)

Eureka and Renton Have a Son

Renton and the rest of the group understand that Eureka isn’t what she appears to be halfway through the mecha classicEureka Seven. The revelation that Eureka is a Coralian, a being produced by the scub coral, is a real doozy in a society continually fighting back scub coral – organic, environmental monsters unlike anything on Earth.

Even still, the primary purpose of Eureka and the scub coral is to connect with humans, and as Renton and Eureka grow closer in love, the world gets closer to a state of peace as well. Eureka Seven: AO’s protagonist, a son, is the product of their union later in life.

6. Fans Will Never Forget Nina Tucker’s Final Fate (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Nina and Alexander, a human-monster hybrid duo, have been hailed as one of anime’s most harrowing human-monster hybrids. Nina’s father is one of the most reviled villains in popular culture.

A State Alchemist known as Shou Tucker resorts to exploiting his family members as test subjects whenever his alchemy license is in jeopardy. A chimera is first created by merging his wife with another animal. The Elrics meet Shou’s daughter Nina and her dog Alexander later, and he merges them into one tragic, horrifying being before releasing it into the world.

7. Inuyasha’s Yokai Heritage Is Key To His Character (Inuyasha)


Inuyasha, the half-human, half-yokai with a lot of attitude, may be summed up in a few words. Toga, a proud and respected dog yokai, and Izayoi, a human woman, are the parents of Inuyasha. Although the setting is mostly in the distant past, the world of Inuyasha is a kaleidoscope of color and mystery.

To his credit, Inuyasha is both brazen and kind-hearted despite or perhaps because of his half-yokai status. Together, they make an admirable shonen hero.

8. Rei Is A Human-Angel Hybrid (Evangelion)

It’s understandable if Rei Ayanami always appears melancholy. A mysterious figure to Shinji and Asuka as the first EVA pilot, Rei appears dejected and downcast. In reality, Rei’s reserved demeanor stems not only from her upbringing but also from her ancestry.

A clone, Rei isn’t the only one of her kind, and she’s not alone. The audience gradually finds that Rei has a piece of Lilith, the Second Angel, in her possession. Although she shares certain similarities with Kaworu, her beginnings in Evangelion are purposely confusing.

9. Snake’s Parentage Is Hard To Fathom (Black Butler)

Snake's Parentage Is Hard To Fathom (Black Butler)

Most otaku are willing to suspend their disbelief in order to enjoy anime, and anime’s appeal stems in part from its willingness to be outrageous and improbable. But acknowledging that there can’t be explosions in space or kids with super powers is a waste of time.

Even yet, Black Butler’s Snake is a half-human creature that begs belief. Snake, the Phantomhive footman, appears to be the offspring of a person and a real snake, according to certain sources. Although Snake was raised in a freak show as a child, it isn’t obvious how this miracle of strange conception could have occurred.

10. Kaneki’s Organ Transplant Complicates Things (Tokyo Ghoul)

In the past, Ken Kaneki has split supporters. Others found Ken’s early portrayal as a cowardly youngster disagreeable, while others considered him realistic and believable. While some fans thought Ken’s Ghoul talents to be cool as fuck, others found the gap between his alter-egos to be jarring and disconcerting.

Ken has two unique personalities. Ghoul organs were grafted into his body to transform him into an entity that is neither human nor ghoul. This apparent inconsistency is very appropriate for a show that appears to be unable to decide on a narrative arc.