7 Best Horse Girl Anime Name That You Should Watching Update 07/2024

Horse Girl Anime Name

For those of you who haven’t seen these adorable Anime Horse Girls, I’m here to prove to you that anything and anything can be made adorable in anime like this.

For animals, you can envision them alongside people in the form of half-human, half-horse, or totally human with horse ears and tail.

Even though we don’t have a lot of character in this creation, I encourage you to enjoy what you have.

After scouring the web for a few minutes, I came upon these adorable horsegirls. So, take a look at this summary I’ve put up for you.

7. Himeno Kimihara From A Centaur’s Life

Himeno Kimihara From A Centaur’s Life

The protagonist of A Centaur’s Life, Himeno, is a Centaur. She has red curly hair, reddish brown eyes, and a badass feature that makes her look like a bomb. Her appearance is tall. Beauty queen or not, she’s sure of it.

As a result of her insensitivity and childishness, Himeno’s loved ones worry for her long-term prospects because of her inability to see the bigger picture. It’s not uncommon for Himeno to be sly and hurt by her followers, especially if the follower has a different structure than Himeno.

Shino (Himeno’s cousin) also has a second character when they enter the four-legged world together. To keep Shino and herself safe, she alters her personality, becoming arrogant, frigid, and aggressive in the process.

6. Speed From One piece

Speed From One piece

The monstrous pirate who ate the horse smiling fruit and gained the power of a horse is the protagonist of this story. Despite this, Tama’s devil fruit tamed her and her Speed began to affectionately call her “master”.

She will look like a cross between a person and a horse, with a human chest and a horse lower body. It is white on the left, and dull blue on the right, with a purple eye and a fluffy tail that is white on the left-side and dim blue on the right-side.

It’s not uncommon for Speed to feel annoyed when she observes other people slacking off. The fact that she doesn’t mind being told what to do has also made her proud of herself. While this may be the case, she appears to be upbeat when she’s being applauded.

5. Centorea Shianus From Monster Musume

Centorea Shianus From Monster Musume

Anime Monster Musume offers a wide variety of monster young women and their daily lives with humans.

Self-described “knight,” she is very respectable in her restrained demeanor. The introduction of Centorea to Kentaurosu no Iru Nichij was done in Hpo.

Having sky blue eyes and long light hair, Cerea is a beautiful character with a big breast and a high ponytail.

Her horse ears and lower portion of her body are the most noticeable aspects of her appearance. Cerea, a well-respected mammal, is a model of fairness and courage.

4. Shirohime From Lance n’ masques

Shirohime From Lance n’ masques

Even though she doesn’t look like a horse, Shirohime is actually a female horse who has the ability to speak and walk like an actual human.

Her inclusion on the list is due to the fact that it’s not well known that she has the ability to transform into a human after changing into a horse. However, it has been proven that it can understand human speech.

Youtarou’s steed is a white horse. Youtarou’s steed is a horse that looks like a pig.

3. Chestnut Horse From Kemono Friends: Uma no Friends

Chestnut Horse From Kemono Friends Uma no Friends

Kimono Friends’ main character, Chestnut Horse, is a chestnut horse. Including her name is crucial because she’s one of the most adorable.

Her horse’s huge pupil eye matches her ponytail’s wide brown hair and blonde ponytail.

White sneakers with golden toes, brown and white stockings, and a white towel with the Japari sign on it are all she wears.

2. Special Week From Uma Musume: Pretty Derby

Special Week From Uma Musume Pretty Derby

Uma Musume: Pretty Derby’s protagonist, Special Week, is a key character.

Her role as a symbol at the end of the race necessitates that she take an interest in it.

This show is a must-see for sports anime and symbol anime fans alike.

1. Uma-tan From Etotama

Uma-tan From Etotama

The Etotama plot has a supporting character named Uma-tan. She’s a horse, and she’s in the seventh house of the zodiac.

Umatan’s orange eyes are framed by long purple-dark hair tied up in a silver-metal horse shoe. Unusually sensitive, Uma-tan suffers from very low self-esteem.

She acknowledges that her name is to blame for the fact that no one can recollect any of the zodiacs that passed Shaa-tan.

This young woman, Uma-tan, is kind-hearted and friendly, and she considers every sign in the Zodiac while making decisions.