10 Best Anime About Demons That You Need Know Update 07/2024

Anime About Demons

There will be a second season of the popular anime series Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba in 2021. Check out these other demon anime while you wait.

On October 16, 2020, the big-screen sequel to the hit manga and TV series,Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba, achieved a number of historic firsts. While earning $469 million globally, Demon Slayer: Mugen Train was also the highest-grossing R-rated animated feature of all time; it was also the most lucrative Japanese movie ever made.

The TV anime series Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba has been renewed by Aniplex and Ufotable for a second season, which will broadcast sometime in 2021. Here are the greatest demon anime to watch in the meanwhile.

1. Overlord (2015 – )

Overlord (2015)

An anime series based on Kugane Maruyama’s “Light” novel series, Overlord follows Momonga (Satoshi Hino) as he gets sucked into a video game filled of demons (yokai and albedos), as well as a terrifying mythical Cocytus.

While stuck within the game, Momonga is crowned as a warrior king and must face the Demon Emperor Jaldabaoth and his legion of wicked henchmen in order to conquer the new planet they have been thrust into. Although 39 episodes have been produced since 2015, no information on a Season 4 comeback has been released.

2. Blue Exorcist (2011 – 2012)

Fans of Demon Slayer should not miss the 25-episode run of Blue Exorcist from 2011-2012. Even though he was raised by Father Fujimoto, Rin Okumura (Nobuhiko Okamoto), a young exorcist, he discovers that he is descended from Satan (Kirk Thornton).

In order to combat the evil that runs through his veins and become an exorcist, Rin joins the secret True Cross Academy after learning that his father is the devil incarnate.

3. High School DxD (2012 – 2018)

High School DxD (2012)

Issei Hyodo (Yuki Kaji), the protagonist of High School DxD, is transformed into a demon as a means of self-improvement in the popular anime series.

Issei, a sex-crazed high school sophomore, is murdered by a girl he wronged on their first date. It turns out that Rias Gremory (Yoko Hikasa), an all-powerful demon who happens to look like the most beautiful girl in school, has Issei working for him as a demon. The show is also a worthwhile morality drama in addition to its bizarre demonic symbolism.

4. Nura: Rise Of The Yokai Clan (2010 – 2011)

Nura: Rise of the Yokai Clan, based on Hiroshi Shiibashi’s manga series of the same name, is the ideal animated companion to Demon Slayer. It is a common theme in both series that the protagonists are divided between their human and demonic roots.

Rikuo Nura (Darrel Guilbeau) is a troubled adolescent who is trying to hide the fact that he is half-human, half-demon. In the daytime, Rikuo tries to control his demonic impulses while leading demons at night, while maintaining the appearance of a regular life.

5. The Devil Is A Part-Timer! (2013 – )

The Devil Is a Part-Timer! (2013)

Eight years after it ended its run, the creators of hit 2013 anime, The Devil is a Part-Timer!, have just announced that they are working on the second season. IMDb says the show will resume on February 5, 2022.

There is no such thing as a full-time devil! puts Satan on Earth, takes away his evil abilities, and has him work as a fast food employee in modern-day Japan, subverting the demonic anime paradigm. Fans of Demon Slayer will enjoy this program because it has a more lighthearted tone than the others.

6. Black Butler (2008 – 2010)

Demon Slayer fans are sure to enjoy Black Butler, which is based on the Yana Toboso manga series. Cites Phantomhive, a 13-year-old who sells his soul to an evil force in order to avenge the murder of his parents. The plot follows him.

Ciel’s demonic bodyguard, a black-clad household butler, protects him in exchange for his soul. Aside from battling for his life, Ciel is also in charge of his family’s toys business.

7. Claymore (2007)

Claymore (2007)

Claymore’s 26-episode run is one of the most captivating and unusual demonic anime programs ever produced, despite its brief lifespan. Medieval-era motifs are woven into the show’s plot in some of its most fascinating ways.

Claymore, based on the Norihiro Yagi manga series, tells the story of Clare (Houko Kuwashima), a young soldier tasked with teaching half-human, half-Yoma hybrid warriors how to defeat the scourge of demonic shapeshifting humanoid Yoma creatures ravaging their medieval island home.

8. Inuyasha (2000 – 2004)

Inuyasha is one of the best-known and most terrifying demon anime of all time. If they haven’t already, Demon Slayer fans would be advised to catch up.

As Kagome Higurashi (Satsuki Yukino) is transported to Feudal Japanese Japan, she must save Inuyasha (Kappei Yamaguchi) and battle hordes of demonic creatures in order to save her friend from being possessed by demons.

9. Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost Files (1992 – 1995)

Yu Yu Hakusho Ghost Files

Despite its age, the anime on this list is still highly recommended for true Demon Slayer fans everywhere. Yu Yu Hakusho: Ghost Files aired for three seasons and 112 episodes from 1992 and 1995, the first of multiple spinoffs.

One of the central characters of the novel is Yusuke Uramashi, a 14-year-old who died after trying to save a newborn from approaching traffic. Reincarnated as a “Underworld Detective” and given a second chance at life, he is tasked to investigate a series of supernatural murders that involve ghost, demon and hellish entities.

10. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba (2019 – )

Since Mugen Train is the official big-screen sequel to the beloved anime series, it stands to reason that Kimtesu No Yaiba is the first stop for fans to attend.

Natsuki Hanae plays Tanjiro, a young man who discovers that his younger sister Nezuko (Akari Kito) is also transforming into a demonic creature while their family is attacked by an army of demonic monsters. Tanjiro decides to transform into a demon in order to battle fire with fire in order to save his sister from the curse once and for all.