The Similar Movies Like The Perfect Storm (2000) Update 06/2024

Tears Of The Sun 2003

If you enjoyed The Perfect Storm, you’ll enjoy these even more. The following is a list of films that you may enjoy if you like The Perfect Storm.

1. Three Kings 1999

Three Kings 1999

After the Gulf War, a group of American soldiers stationed in Iraq discover a map that promises to lead them to a large cache of stolen Kuwaiti gold. They set out on a mission that will forever alter their lives.

2. Con Air 1997

Con Air 1997

It’s a recipe for disaster when the government flings all of its rotten criminal eggs into the air. Immediately, the crooks, led by creepy Cyrus “The Virus” Grissom, have control of the plane. Cameron Poe, who was recently released and prefers to be with his family, is keeping tabs on his every move.

3. Tears Of The Sun 2003

Tears Of The Sun 2003

As a result, Navy SEAL Lieutenant A.K. Waters and his elite team of tactical specialists are faced with a moral dilemma: do their jobs while ignoring the raging conflict around them, or find the courage to put their duty before humanity and defend a group of innocent refugees?

Dr. Dr. Waters, a hardened veteran and fiercely loyal soldier, is sent on a routine mission to retrieve the doctor from Doctors Without Borders when Nigeria’s democratic government falls and the country is taken over by a ruthless military dictator.

4. The Last Castle 2001

A Court Martialed general gathers 1200 inmates to oppose the system that imprisoned him and forced them to serve time.

5. The Guardian 2006

One of the best swimmers in his class, who has a troubled past, enrolls in the ‘A’ School of the United States Coast Guard, where he learns from legendary rescue swimmer Ben Randall about loss, love, and sacrifice.

6. Vertical Limit 2000

Vertical Limit 2000

Annie Garrett is stranded near the top of K2, the world’s second-highest mountain, when she sends a distress call to K2’s base camp. Brother Peter is alerted to Annie’s distress call and quickly gathers a team to help save her and the rest of her party from the brutal elements of K2. As Annie lies injured in a frozen cavern, several terrifying events threaten to derail the rescue effort and put the rescuers’ lives in jeopardy.

7. Pearl Harbor 2001

A love triangle involving ace fighter pilots Rafe McCawley and Danny Walker, as well as stunning Naval nurse Evelyn Johnson, puts the friendship of Rafe and Danny McCawley to the ultimate test. When Japan launched its devastating attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, tensions between the two friends-turned-rivals were put on hold.

8. The Patriot 2000

The Patriot 2000

Benjamin Martin prefers the simple life of a farmer after proving himself on the battlefield during the French and Indian War. Ben reluctantly returns to his old life to protect his son Gabriel after he enlists in the army to defend their new nation, America, from the British.

9. Apollo 13 1995

It’s the true story of the Apollo 13 lunar mission in 1971, which was doomed by technical problems, putting the lives of astronaut Jim Lovell and his crew in jeopardy. The astronauts are frantically working with the ground crew despite being over 200,000 miles away from Earth to prevent a catastrophe.

10. Outbreak 1995

Outbreak 1995

After making its way across the Atlantic, a deadly airborne virus decimates the population in the United States. To keep the virus from spreading further, Col Sam Daniels is tasked with containing a small town that must be quarantined, as well as preventing a White House overreaction.

11. Flight Of The Phoenix 2004

An aircraft crew is dispatched to Mongolia’s Gobi Desert to shut down an unproductive oil rig. However, a major dust storm forces them to crash their C-119 Flying Boxcar in an unknown part of the desert on their way to Beijing..

12. The Rock 1996

Gen. Francis X. Hummel is attempting to launch chemical weapons from Alcatraz Island toward San Francisco when FBI chemical warfare expert Stanley Goodspeed and a former British spy, John Patrick Mason, are dispatched on an urgent mission to stop him.

A $100 million war reparations demand has been made by General Hummel for the families of servicemen who have been killed in covert operations. Stanley and John are left to deal with the soldiers after the SEAL team is wiped out.

13. Enemy At The Gates 2001

During the Battle of Stalingrad in WWII, a Russian and a German sniper engage in a cat-and-mouse game.

14. The Devil’s Own 1997

Assassin Frankie McGuire brings an American family into the midst of a terrorist act, the result is chaos and terror for the entire family.

When Frankie is sent to the United States to buy weapons, he stays with the family of Tom O’Meara, a New York police officer who is completely unaware of Frankie’s secret identity. Frankie is forced to make a life-or-death decision because of their unexpected friendship and Tom’s growing suspicions.

15. A Few Good Men 1992

Assigned with a murder case, cocky military lawyer Lt. Daniel Kaffee and his co-counsel, Lt. Cmdr. JoAnne Galloway uncover a hazing ritual that could implicate high-ranking officials like the dubious Col. Nathan Jessep.

16. A Time To Kill 1996

As a result of a young lawyer’s efforts to defend a black man accused of killing two men who raped his 10-year-old daughter, the Ku Klux Klan has reemerged.

17. Cast Away 2000

Chuck, a FedEx executive, and Kelly, a Ph.D. student, are head over heels in love and engaged to be married. Then, during a terrible storm, Chuck’s plane to Malaysia makes an emergency landing in the middle of the ocean. He’s the sole survivor, and all he has when he washes ashore on a tiny island is a few bits of the plane’s cargo.

18. Face/off 1997

A counterterrorism agent undergoes a gruesome procedure to capture a terrorist’s likeness and learn more about a bombing plot. Terrorists who have managed to get out of jail have had plastic surgery done to make them look like the agent’s family members.

19. The Bone Collector 1999

In order to catch a brutal serial killer known as ‘The Bone Collector,’ rookie cop Amelia Donaghy reluctantly teams up with paralyzed former top homicide detective Lincoln Rhyme after suffering a spinal injury. The murderer’s signature move is to leave cryptic clues in the form of the corpses he has left behind.

20. Flight 2012

Whip Whitaker, a commercial airline pilot, has a drug and alcohol problem, but he has completed all of his flights safely so far. When a catastrophic mechanical failure sends his plane careening toward the ground, his good fortune runs out.

Whip manages a miraculous crash-landing with only six people on board being killed. After the crash, Whip vows to get clean, but when the investigation reveals his drug use, he finds himself in an even more precarious position than he had before.

21. Armageddon 1998

NASA chief Dan Truman decides that the only way to stop an asteroid from colliding with the Earth is to drill into its surface and detonate a nuclear bomb there.

This leads him to Harry Stamper, a well-known driller who agrees to take the helm of the risky space mission in exchange for the ability to bring his own hotshot crew along with him. Another is cocky A.J., who Harry thinks is unsuitable for his daughter until the mission proves him wrong.

22. Black Hawk Down 2001

After their Black Hawk helicopters are shot down, US Rangers and an elite Delta Force team try to kidnap two of a Somali warlord’s lieutenants, but they suffer heavy losses in the ensuing battle with militia forces.

23. Valkyrie 2008

Claus von Stauffenberg, a Nazi general who was wounded in Africa during World War II, returns to Germany and joins the resistance in an attempt to create a shadow government and assassinate Adolf Hitler. When the cards fall his way, he’s put in a position where he must both lead the coup and assassinate the Führer.

24. Empire Of The Sun 1987

When the Japanese invade Shanghai, Jamie Graham, a well-to-do English boy, is forced to flee to a concentration camp. During their time in captivity, Basie, an American sailor, watches out for Jamie.

With his dignity and youthful spirit intact despite being separated from his parents and forced to live in a hostile environment, Jamie serves as a lighthouse for the other prisoners who are also being held captive with him.