10 Given Anime Characters That You Should Know Update 06/2024

Given Anime Characters

Since its release in 2013, Given has become one of the most popular shounen-ai or Boy Love manga series written and illustrated by Kizu Natsuki. After the series was animated in 2019, her skills as an artist became even more well-known. The Lerche studio’s production and Hikaru Yamaguchi’s direction made the anime a big hit, even though it was only 12 episodes long. In addition, a movie was recently released in 2020 as a prequel to the series, continuing the story of two of its supporting characters.

Mafuyu Sato, a high school student who has been through a terrible patch in his personal life, is the protagonist of the drama romance anime. Mafuyu can’t help but cling to the past since he can’t find a good method for expressing his feelings. Although this changes when Mafuyu meetsRitsuka Uenoyama, an accomplished guitarist, who manages to transform his view of both his emotions and his own identity. The more he tries to make Mafuyu understand that broken things are simply broken until they are fixed, the more his sentiments grow and the more the world shines.

The band founded by Mafuyu, Ritsuka, and his two older pals, Akihiko Kaji and Haruki Nakayama, is the inspiration for the anime’s name. When it comes to the soundtrack, Centimilimental’s opening and closing theme songs are really stunning. In addition to its superb integration of songs, it also showcases an artistically beautiful color palette to bring its characters to life.

While portraying real-life concerns, it also effectively catches the core of human emotions while guaranteeing that the viewers can empathize and get emotionally engaged to the characters.. To be honest, a one-sided love story isn’t difficult to construct given the characters’ distinct looks and individual characteristics. Here are the Top 10 Most Handsome Characters in Given Anime to assist you choose a one-sided healthy relationship with the highly fictional Given characters.

  1. Shogo Itaya 

Shogo Itaya

Itaya is a character we meet right off the bat. Ritsuka’s basketball-obsessed classmate is the orange-haired boy with matching eyes. Despite its striking similarities to Mafuyu’s color scheme, this energetic ball of sunlight has a completely different disposition. He is kind, curious, and good-natured in addition to being a supporting buddy to Mafufu and Ritsuka.

  1. Koji Yatake 

Unfortunately for us, Ritsuka’s sister, Yayoi, has snatched up this wonderful gentleman. However, we won’t let that stop us from discussing why this is a loss for everyone. In addition to being a musician and a great video editor, this tall, black-eyed beauty has a unique hairstyle that includes an undercut. He’s a great friend who is always concerned about Haruki, whom he studies alongside. Yes, a man who has a steady job that pays more than the bare necessities is indeed possible.

  1. Mafuyu Sato 

Mafuyu Sato

In the series, this shy, introverted infant cinnamon bun serves as the protagonist. His salmon-pink eyes and matching fluffy hair set him apart. Mafuyu, besides being a lovely infant with heart-stealing expressions, is a genuine charmer who has a deep love for music. A person’s dedication and hard effort can be shown by how quickly they can learn to play a song on the guitar after only a few weeks of training. It’s been a joy to watch him develop as a singer/song writer and as a human being in general.

  1. Ritsuka Uenoyama 

In spite of the fact that he is a typical “Kageyama print” figure (black hair and blue eyes), Ritsuka has a distinct personality. Ritsuka is a hard-working prodigy guitarist and a certified simp. His unwavering devotion to Mafuyu and his easily amused demeanor ensure that there will be minimal opportunity for comedic interaction, which only serves to increase your admiration for him. His non-judgemental and panicked yet accessible nature makes picturing him as an ideal special other a little too simple.

  1. Hiiragi Kashima 

Hiiragi Kashima

Hiiragi’s color scheme is the most colorful of the series. One can’t help but want to play nag with him because of his metallic gold eyes, dyed yellow hair with a brown tip, tsundere attitude, and facial expressions that show his emotions in plain view. He is the bassist and main vocalist of his band with his boyhood pal Yagi. He attempts to look badass with his piercings, but it’s rendered ineffective by the emergence of his lovely, worrisome disposition. In the recent manga chapters, he’s been the major emphasis with his relationship with Yagi, and we’re very sure Kizu Natsuki knows this, but fans are dying to see more of him.

  1. Shizusumi Yagi 

A mysterious’mature’ aura surrounds the austere, unreadable visage of Shizusumi Yagi. The blunt, brown-haired, hazel-eyed Yagi might be considered rude if you didn’t already know him. Despite this, Hiiragi and a few of his closest friends occasionally get a glimpse of his tender side. His role as the band’s drummer, though, makes you want to be his best friend and hope for the best.

  1. Haruki Nakayama 

Haruki Nakayama

This honey blonde-haired amber-eyed lovely soul has a personality to fit his pleasant honey-colored motif if you’ve seen the Given movie. When it comes to keeping the band together, Haruki is a self-sacrificing fool and a literal prodigy at the same time. Even though he’s awe-inspiring, it’s hard not to want to hold him forever. His hair is long at the beginning of the series, but he cuts it short in the front. His hair is chopped short during the film in which he and Kaji are the main focus, giving him a vulnerable yet unbreakable look that only enhances the attractiveness of his caring, pure-hearted spirit..

  1. Akihiko Kaji 

While Akihiko appears to be a mature man, he is actually an enormous dork. By virtue of having blonde hair and emerald eyes that seize the heart, the bi-icon has a bad boy look that’s been firmly established by his numerous bodypiercings. Musically speaking, his talents span the gamut from violin to bass to guitar to drums. What about a fictitious bandmate?

  1. Yuki Yoshida 

Yuki Yoshida

Throughout the series, Yuki, Mafuyu’s ex-boyfriend, makes a brief appearance. With his boyhood buddies, Yagi and Hiiragi, he started a band and was the band’s lead vocalist and guitarist. The reason why this character with messy dyed blonde hair takes the second place is that this cheeky, observant, caring, and affectionate character deserved better. Even with his mischievous dominant side, he was a treat to get to know because he was so nice and compassionate with everyone he encountered.

  1. Ugetsu Murata 

Ugetsu’s name would be at the top of any list of persons who deserved to rule the planet. Ugetsu could pass for a model with his dark brown hair and sunkissed brown eyes. Aside from his unfathomably attractive appearance, the world-famous violinist is renowned for the moving music he creates. It is precisely the prodigy’s inability to control his emotions that makes him the most relatable character. It is with our regret that we must notify you that this man is not even an unattractive crier.

An emotional rollercoaster ride awaits you in the Given anime, which is both painful and uplifting. So if you haven’t seen the anime yet, we strongly encourage you to do so so that we can all weep at the beauty of it. For those of you who are seeking for a braveheart challenge, here you go: the manga.

On the official Crunchyroll website, as well as on Netflix in some regions, you may watch the anime you are interested in. The manga can be found on the official Given Manga website, as well as on private websites such as Mangago, until the official websites publish it. To round out this list of anime’s most handsome characters, here are the top 10. While you’re waiting for our next piece, make sure to stay safe and excited for our return.