11 Gangsta Anime CharactersThat You Should Know Update 06/2024

Gangsta Anime Characters

TV animation Gangsta, produced by Studio Manglobe, is enjoyable in large part because of its unique and engrossing characters. The Gangsta anime’s characters are, in my opinion, the best part! You may find anything in Gangsta, from ruthless mercenaries with shady pasts to endearing characters in a bleak environment. To wit: who’s your favorite character? How would you rate them in terms of importance? I sincerely hope that this list may be of use. My list of the 10 finest Gangsta characters was thus formed.

For the past two months, I’ve been diligently working on this list. Finally, it’s done! That may seem outlandish to some, but it’s nothing new for me because I take tremendous care in my job. But wait, there’s more. What we’re discussing here is the “Best Characters” list, which is a major deal, right? In other words, I don’t rush things and instead make certain that the order is rock solid in my opinion. Isn’t it fair to say that to each their own? Here are the 10 best characters from Manglobe’s Gangsta anime, without further ado!

10. Gina Paulklee & Ginger

Gina Paulklee & Ginger

Gina Paulklee and Ginger receive a “honorable mention” in the 10th slot, despite being largely inconsequential. It’s an oxymoron, I know! Gina, on the other hand, is a standout because she is an intriguing character with a melancholy demeanor. When she’s involved, she’s really enchanting, but unfortunately it doesn’t happen very frequently.

Quite the contrary is true when it comes to Ginger, though. While she’s a far cry from Gina Paulklee, she’s just as severe and tough. Her acts are also devoid of any hesitation on her part. Ginger is always calm and composed, whether she’s intervening in a brawl or protecting Gina from a fatal attack. Like Gina Paulklee, she’s a tough cookie. As a result, Gina Paulklee and Ginger will share the 10th slot on the list!

9. Joel Raveau

Comedic relief and old-school wisdom are Granny Joel’s main attributes. Since she has a tremendous heart and personality, she’s often seen joking about or teaching people vital lessons in life. Her gimmick has lots of expertise to back it up, and she’s swift with the stick. She’s also got a short wick.

In spite of the jokes, Joel Raveau is a valuable asset to the team. She’s a solid character, despite the fact that she’s boring and has no backstory to speak of. For my part, I’m happy to include her on this list since I believe she is deserving. To avoid ending up like Worick, do not disobey grandmother Joel’s orders.

8. Galahad Woehor

Galahad Woehor

Galahad Woehor’s healthy demeanor and vivacious demeanor caught me off guard. When Gangsta saw him, he was like a rush of taste. It’s okay, I’ll explain. Until we meet Galahad, the majority of Gangsta personalities are stoic and pensive. A character like Galahad is sorely needed on the program, and his loud and aggressive demeanor is refreshing. It wasn’t possible to leave him out, even though he didn’t make the top 10. Thus, he’s nabbing a good 8th place finish!

7. Nina

Nina is endearing in her simplicity. Nina’s caring personality or appealing demeanor contributes to Gangsta’s likability. This would make the show even more depressing, dismal, and dramatic. Nina, for example, serves as a sort of “glue” that connects the various people in the story. A “crutch” is a character who is employed to elevate others and draw attention to their strengths and flaws. A double-edged sword, Nina manages to pull this attribute off with ease. As a result, she comes in in an honorable 7th place!

6. Marco Adriano

Marco Adriano

Yes, Marco Adriano has a certain allure. As much as I love him in the manga (Gangsta: Cursed), I didn’t think Manglobe would do him justice. As it turns out, I was completely incorrect about him. He’s just as endearing in the anime as he is in the manga, and that’s saying something. Manglobe’s interpretation of Marco Adriano’s mannerisms and strong character make him immediately recognized. Make sure to keep in mind that Marco Adriano’s character is the most relatable in Gangsta. Thus, he’s one of the best Gangsta characters I’ve ever seen!

5. Loretta Cristiano Amodio

Just 14 years old, Loretta is head of the Cristiano family. She’s a supporting character, but she’s not a sidekick, and she grabbed my interest right away in the pilot. When it came to the second half, Loretta was the star of the show thanks to her steely will, obstinate demeanor, and charismatic personality. As a character, she’s both intriguing and uplifting because of her concern for her team and workers. Loretta, on the other hand, is a crucial character in Gangsta, and her function is to give even the most meaningless characters a sense of importance.

4. Doug


Doug is the most popular character in Gangsta. The rude and annoying man, who is sometimes mistaken for a child due to his diminutive stature and upbeat demeanor. Doug, on the other hand, is a well-adjusted young man with a likable personality and mature demeanor. As a result, he defies a simple stereotype because he’s rather multifaceted. Due to these characteristics, it’s easy for me to see why people admire and respect him so much. Thus, Doug is ranked as the 4th best Gangsta anime character by me!!

3. Alex Benedetto

Alex Benedetto is a multifaceted character who is attempting to lead a regular life despite his mental illness. In the face of the demons from her past, her journey is the most agonizing. The fact that she is unable to function without Barry’s help and the drugs she is addicted to makes for some unsettling sequences that I was unable to sit through. It’s heartbreaking to see her so obedient that selling her body has lost any meaning for her. The character you are most likely to feel sad for, but also to be genuinely glad for, is hers. Just like Worick and Nicolas Brown, she’s the show’s heart and soul.

2. Worick Arcangelo

Worick Arcangelo

What can you say about a complex individual? When it comes to “depth,” Worick Arcangelo has it in spades. He is written in such a way that makes every facet of the character fascinating. Is this just me, or does it play a significant role in what makes Ricky so fascinating and captivating? Because Worick’s past is so traumatic, he tries to escape it by immersing himself in his creative endeavors. So Ricky works as a hired gun during the day and as a gigolo at night to earn a living and avoid his own thoughts. To put it another way, we never have enough information about him while still wanting to know more about him!

Nicolas Brown and Worick Arcangelo are equals. Depending on the day, I could swap places with little hesitation, and I’m sure many others do the same. In the end, what’s Worick without Nicolas? Without Nic, Ricky wouldn’t be the same. As a result, they’re a dynamic duo that should be given the respect they deserve. In other words, it’s a dead heat between #1 and #2.

1. Nicolas Brown

There’s no character more entertaining and interesting than Nicolas Brown. He is Worick Arcangelo’s personal bodyguard and Worick Arcangelo’s blood-drenched, short-lived Twilight. As we discover more about his life, his endearing character traits and endearing demeanor take on even greater significance. When it comes to the Arcangelo family massacre or his father’s mercenary outfit, the narrative of Nicolas Brown is intriguing. As a result, he is the show’s heart and soul; without him, the show would be hollow.

Nicolas Brown’s blood-lusting tactics will not deceive you, so please don’t fall for it. Time and time again, his behaviors show him to be a nutcase with a golden heart. Subtlety becomes the character’s important ingredient when you consider that he is deaf. When other people don’t understand him, he prefers to deal with things by doing something rather than talking about them. Because of this, he is a man of action, good or bad.

Nicolas Brown has a look of anger and boredom on his face at all times. Even for a bloodthirsty Twilight, he’s seen, done, and endured much too much. As a result, he pushes himself to the edge, ignoring his own well-being by popping Celebrer. However, as spectators, we take notice since he is a direct result of his surroundings. It is impossible not to feel sorry for him because he puts his life on the line so carelessly.

Isn’t it time to wrap this up? I crown Nicolas Brown as the best character from the Gangsta TV anime! No, thank you. Let your voice be heard! What really matters is how you look at the situation.