12 Best Movies About Crocodiles That You Should Watching Update 04/2024

Movies About Crocodiles

Alligators and crocodiles are two of the most prominent predators featured in creature feature horror films, which are rarely seen in the genre.

Since movies like Jaws and The Shallows have become so successful, sharks are now the most feared aquatic predators. But the truth is, you have very little probability of being attacked by a shark. On the other hand, a crocodile or an alligator is a different matter.

With crocodiles and alligators, the chances of attack are substantially higher. And much like with sharks, Hollywood has used these cold-blooded animals to terrify viewers. As a result, the SyFy channel is flooded with garbage, yet for every few duds, there is a startling good gem that IMDb can’t seem to get its hands on.

Melody MacReady last updated this on June 25th, 2021.

It’s hard to find many films on crocodiles and alligators that stand out. Asylum and SyFy channel originals that either rip from Jaws or have some big monster crocodile fighting another monster; this results in a low-budget film that clearly cannot manage such an ambitious subject. As an example, the Lake Placid and Anaconda franchises have collided, creating a muddled monster movie. However, every now and then, a solid gem manages to slip through the cracks in order to demonstrate how effectively this principle may be put to use.

12 Crocodile (2000)

Crocodile (2000)

This one is better suited for the SyFy channel. Atrocious CGI and stilted acting mar an otherwise entertaining story. As a typical monster/slasher film, it follows the deaths of a slew of incompetent college students.

Crocodile, on the other hand, has some decent kills when using a practical animatronic crocodile.

As an example of a poor popcorn B-movie that is at least entertaining, see Crocodile. You can currently watch Crocodile on Tubi, Crackle, Amazon Prime and Vudu, all of which offer it for free.

11 Alligator (1980)

As the name suggests, Alligator is a film about an alligator that lives in a modern city’s sewer. As a result, the action sequences in which humans investigate bizarre crimes are now at most good or decent.

The villain is where Alligator shines the brightest. Alligators hunting humans in the sewers or the city can be stressful and exciting, but they can also be fun. However, even in 1980, the alligator’s impacts were not that awful. It’s not a classic, but it had its share of high points as well. The film is now unavailable on any streaming service.

10 Crocodile 2: Death Swamp (2002)

Crocodile 2 Death Swamp (2002)

As compared to Crocodile, the sequel shows greater care and effort. Crocodile 2: Death Swamphas It more ambition than a standard slasher with a crocodile. The story revolves around a group of people who survived a plane crash and have been stranded in a huge swamp with a killer croc.

Death Swamp, on the other hand, is more atmospheric, has a darker tone, and is more serious in its approach to being a horror film overall. Even if the gore is over the top at times, Death Swamp is more of a genuine scare than a movie that is so terrible it’s excellent. On Tubi, Crackle, Amazon Prime, and Vudu, you may watch it for free.

9 Eaten Alive (1976)

Tobe Hooper, the man behind such classics as Texas Chain Saw Massacre and Crocodile, returns with a new spin on the crocodile movie genre.

Eaten Aliveis more of a slasher than a killer animal film. Is about a hotel owner who falls into the habit of murdering his guests, and he disposes of their remains by feeding them to a croc.

People who visit his hotel become more like food for his pet as the number of visitors grows. The concept of combining the two distinct types of horror is an interesting one, and the performance of the film’s villain, Judd, is top-notch, serving as a sort of lynchpin. You can watch Eaten Alive for free on Vudu or for a little fee on Amazon Prime if you’re interested.

8 Rampage (2018)

Rampage (2018)

There are three separate creatures in this one: a gigantic ape, a gigantic wolf, and a gigantic crocodile. Rampage, which is based on the video game franchise of the same name, isn’t quite an Oscar-worthy epic, but it’s still great family entertainment. Dwayne Johnson, as always, is a lovable lead as the trio of monstrous creatures wreak mayhem.

While the crocodile danger doesn’t get much screen time, her presence is gradually built up throughout the film. Lizzie, the crocodile, is a real show-stopper and a dangerous foe. You may watch it for free with an HBO Max subscription or for a fee on most streaming platforms if you just want some Kaiju action.

7 Dark Age (1987)

In Australia, a crocodile stalks and kills humans, inspiring a massive monster hunt. Dark Age sounds like one of the many Jaws sequels with a crocodile in place of the shark. Dark Age, on the other hand, presents a novel take on the crocodile as an animal. Humans are the primary villains in this story.

In order to stop the crocodile and its human hunters while also maintaining harmony with the townspeople, the main character must learn about the crocodile’s spiritual ties. In this situation, the hero is trapped between a rock and a hard place, which causes anxiety among both humans and crocodiles alike. Exceptional performances raise the overall quality of the film.

6 Black Water (2007)

Black Water (2007)

Black Water is based on a true incident about three persons trapped in a crocodile-infested swamp in Australia.

Isolation thriller Black Water is not your typical human-versus-animals film.

The majority of Black Water is comprised of three people desperately trying to get out of a swamp while clinging to a tree. The number of deaths is low, but each one is handled with care and attention to detail. Black Water is presently available for free streaming on Tubi and PlutoTV.

5 Rogue (2007)

Rogue is one of many crocodile films made in the late 2000s; it has a more basic plot than most of the others. A crocodile is stalking a group of tourists who are stuck in the Australian wilderness.

A fun thriller with some dedicated actors and amazing realistic effects by ADI Studios is delivered in Rogue, despite its lack of complexity. A 94% Rotten Tomatoes rating proves that Rogue is a simple but powerful film. YouTube and Google Play are the only places where Rogue can be purchased.

4 Black Water: Abyss (2020)

Straight-to-video movies rarely get sequels that even approach the quality of the first. When it comes to a sequel, Black Water: Abyssis is an excellent one. Black Water: Abyss, a sequel to The Descent, follows two couples and a friend as they venture into an unexplored cave in Australia. As expected, things don’t go as planned when they wind up in the home range of a hungry reptile.

Rather than relying on generic stereotypes, each of the five characters has a distinct personality to match. The characters, on the other hand, are a little bit smarter and don’t always make judgments that annoy the audience. A true threat to the characters’ predicament is skillfully matched with the claustrophobic terror, killer animal, and thalassophobia. If you don’t have a subscription to Crackle, you may still watch the movie for free by signing up.

3 Primeval (2007)

Primeval (2007)

Dominic Purcell and Orlando Jones star in Primeval, a film about a Burundian crocodile named Gustave that is wreaking havoc on the local population. In addition to dealing with a Burundian warlord, American journalists are tasked with capturing and filming the beast.

The terrifying crocodile Gustave is brought to life with stunning special effects. Even though Orlando Jones is playing a more serious character, he manages to inject humor throughout the film at precisely the appropriate moments to keep it from feeling forced. There is no way to purchase Primeval at this time.

2 Lake Placid (1999)

Lake Placid is clearly influenced by Jaws, right down to the point of view shots and the eccentric rich people that are brought in to hunt a sea monster. In spite of this, Lake Placid is a delightful horror/comedy that never feels like a total clone of the original.

In addition to Stan Winston’s superb real and CGI effects and the performers who play their characters wonderfully, two other factors make Lake Placid a cult classic.

In spite of the hilarity, the crocodile monster provides enough thrills to keep the audience on their toes. For many years, it was the only crocodile movie that couldn’t be tarnished by the shoddy quality of numerous straight-to-cable sequels. It may be streamed or rented on a variety of platforms, including Amazon, YouTube, Google Play, and Apple TV, through a Starz subscription.

1 Crawl (2019)

Crawl (2019)

Alexander Aja’s Crocodile Dundee is the definitive crocodile movie. When a hurricane hits, an alligator-infested house traps a woman and her father inside. Crawl, like the other films described, is a blend of genres: this time, it includes a natural disaster movie.

Because Crawl never stops, it’s the finest thing about it. There is a never-ending stream of danger for the characters from the minute they are forced into it. It is Kaya Scodelario and Barry Pepper’s performance that makes the film stand out in a good way. The gruesome bloodshed in Crawl is an added bonus, as the film makes full use of its R-rating. Hulu and Paramount+ subscribers may see Crawl, which is also available for rent on a wide range of platforms.