10 Best Anime About Monster Girls That You Should Watching Update 07/2024

Anime About Monster Girls

A variety of monsters exist in the world. Caricature monsters of all shapes and sizes have appeared on our screens—even ones with beautiful faces and curvy frames!

In the past, monsters were seen solely as frightening creatures. That, however, has changed dramatically throughout time. These titillating monster chicks, for example, are armed with looks that will make any man eager to die at their hands.

“Looks can be deceiving,” as the saying goes, and the following group of monster chicks is no exception. So, be on the lookout for your sixes… the ten sexiest anime monster girls have been revealed.

Top 10 Anime Monster Girls

10. Mitsuyo Akechi — A Centaur’s Worries

Mitsuyo Akechi — A Centaur’s Worries

Mitsuyo Akechi, the formidable ram-horned Akechi, begins our list of the best Anime Monster Girls.

In addition to being one of the few LGBT anime characters still in existence, we’re in love with her sarcastic nature. Even though Mitsuyo is constantly flirting with other girls, her boyfriend, Inukai, is an alicorn-horned girl who cares for her very much.

9. Miya Asama — Sekirei

Miya Asama, Sekirei’s ‘Hannya of the North,’ is the most powerful woman in the town, and you don’t want to even come near her bad side! Karasuba is afraid of her because she claims to be from an other dimension, which is generally known about her power.

The shock wave from her blade alone is powerful enough to sink many battleships, not to mention her superhuman speed and strength. We also appreciate how she keeps her identity a secret from others in order to lead a tranquil and serene existence.

8. Lala Satalin Deviluke — To Love-Ru

Lala Satalin Deviluke — To Love-Ru

Our admiration for Lala Satalin Deviluke is primarily based on her unwavering enthusiasm for her work.

For Lala, it’s a passive exploitation of “I reject your reality and substitute my own,” and we’re all for it!

Lala, on the other hand, is pure and innocent, never judging or looking down on anyone else. We consider Lala an animedeity for monster females because of her unfailing optimism and compassion.

7. Himari — OmaHima

Here’s one of our all-time favorite anime monster girls… actually plunging her teeth into life!

With her plump physique and hip-length black hair dyed blue (or tied back in a ponytail and decorated with an adorable pink bow), Himari Noihara commands the admiration of both men and women.

Cat-like skills (such as superhuman strength, agility and endurance) as well as considerable knowledge and the infamous “berserker mode” make even the best unconventional warfare specialists look like one-hour-old pups, but she is still a formidable swordswoman. And if someone hurts a loved one, she will kill them in cold blood, unreservedly, without remorse.

6. Haruna — Is This A Zombie?

Haruna — Is This A Zombie

We love anime because of characters like Haruna (thus the gif!). With top of all that, she appears to be fixated on making perfect fried eggs (and really, who doesn’t enjoy fried eggs?).

Harunalikes loves to label herself a ‘genius,’ despite the fact that most of the things she does don’t work out. Our favorite thing about it is how self-assured and unconcerned she appears. Honestly, aren’t we all like this to a degree in some capacity? Her honesty is something to be applauded.

5. Koneko Toujou — High School DxD

Koneko Toujou is our fifth-place pick because she is able to withstand difficulty or suffering without exhibiting her emotions or complaining. I mean, who doesn’t want to be like that! In addition, she is the one who punishes Issei the most severely when he engages in depraved behavior.

Her monster-like strength, despite her diminutive stature, is why she’s our hero..

She takes offense when people refer to her as a midget or a “flat” (with reference to her chest size).

Issei frequently refers to Koneko as a “work in progress” (referring to her petite bust), which often results in a harsh thrashing.

4. Sakie Satō — Interviews With Monster Girls

Sakie Satō — Interviews With Monster Girls

Sakie Sato, a demon disguised as a woman, is a math instructor.

Aphrodisiacs in her body make it difficult for her to avoid unintentionally attracting the attention of her male classmates, so she wears a tracksuit to hide her physique and takes earlier trains to avoid crowds.

So, now you know why we chose Sakie for this list!

In spite of the fact that she attracts numerous men, she solely has feelings for Tetsuo, the one man she believes is resistant to her aphrodisiac effects. *snicker* You know what I mean, ladies.

3. Kanna Kamui — Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

Kanna Kamui’s picture should be next to “cute” in the dictionary.

Besides her brilliant purple hair, expressive blue eyes, and prankster-styled personality—and her wicked sense of humor—she also has four horns that look like bows, and the cutest puffy ball tail!

She has the face of an elementary school student, complete with a huge bow in her hair, and she rarely shows any emotion.

When she weeps, she has the power to sway the entire universe to her desire… We think she’s the coolest monster female anime character because of this.

2. Mizore Shirayuki — Rosario + Vampire

Mizore Shirayuki — Rosario + Vampire

In spite of being a little odd, Mizore Shirayuki is an absolute joy to watch!

For humorous purposes she hides in various places (such as shrubs and furniture), as well as stalking, in various areas (e.g. under tables, in bushes). We, too, enjoy the ridiculous debates she and Kurumu Kurono get into.

The ice projectiles she throws at Tsukune and Moka, or the unexpected appearances she makes in the most unlikely places, Mizore governs and rocks (synchronously, of course).

1. Papi — Monster Musume

To put it another way, Papi is an airhead who elevates bird intelligence to a whole new level. To suggest that she’s as old as the rest of them is utterly ludicrous. Her wet hair, racy tube top, and booty shorts reveal the sensuality hidden beneath her infantile exterior. ‘ (harpies have evolved with slimmer, smaller bodies to allow flight and broadly have a much less mature manner than other races).

Her relationships with individuals younger than her and Suu are all babyish and maternal. Her early appearances in the series include some of the series’ funniest situations, including ice cream, a full moon, the restroom, and the egg laying. In the end, Papa is the greatest!