19 Best Games Like Resident Evil That You Should Know Update 04/2024

Games Like Resident Evil

We’ve compiled a list of games similar to Resident Evil that you should check out.

A broad variety of horror games are available in the gaming scene, and you can choose from them all. Although Resident Evil has refined every part of this genre, with the initial games being a blend of horror and action; Resident Evil 4, 5, and 6 leaned more heavily toward action with horrific twists, while Resident Evil 7: BioHazard reverted to horror but in a first-person perspective.

As a result, many players only play the games in this series, which is unfair to the many others that include the same blend of thrills, shocks, and fighting scenes. So, if you’re a fan of Resident Evil, then you’ll definitely enjoy these games.

Mark Sammut’s August 31st, 2001 update: Ethan and Lady Dimitrescu have been in Resident Evil Village for a few months now, so most people have probably had enough of them. In recent years, Capcom’s Resident Evil series has delivered the goods and scares with remakes and first-person entries, but there are many other outstanding horror games that are similar to Resident Evil. No matter if you like RE’s horror or action games, the gaming community has you covered there as well. While waiting for Capcom’s next release, gamers should take a look at these fantastic games.

19 Outlast 2

Outlast 2

Many first-person horror games are available for fans of the Resident Evil 7 series. Although Condemned has some similarities to RE7, the other two are excellent choices as well. Outlast is one of the most successful and influential films in this particular horror category.

Even if the first game’s killers are more memorable, Outlast 2’s gameplay and scare factor are both superior to those of Outlast. Outlast is a game that relies solely on the player’s ability to flee and hide in order to survive.

18 Prey

As a strong first-person shooter, Prey from Arkane Studios is an excellent sequel to its predecessor. Prey, which takes place on a space station that has been overrun by an extraterrestrial danger, successfully combines RPG and Metroidvania features.

Prey, although being a sci-fi shooter rather than a horror game, has a terrific atmosphere and a sense of dread. Player character is powerful but not overpowered, which allows the foes to feel real rather than just barriers to conquer.

17 Metro 2033

Suffocating is the best way to describe Metro 2033, a survival horror video game set in Moscow’s underworld. The first game is slower and scarier than Metro: Last Light and Metro Exodus, the scariness comes from the scarcity of ammo and the viciousness of the opponents. Playing as Artyom, players must escape mutants and hostile humans as they make their way through the game’s dank, dark tunnels. On the Metro, mistakes are not tolerated.

This is a story-driven and world-building focused game that explores the plight of humanity under the most extreme settings.

16 Alien: Isolation

Alien Isolation

Survival horror at its finest, Alien: Isolation is the best Alien game ever made. There are weapons available, but players must spend most of their time trying to dodge the Xenomorph. One of the most terrifying monsters in film history is brought back to life in Alien: Isolation, making this terrifying creature once again a force to be reckoned with. Alien’s Xenomorph, not Alien vs. Predator’s Xenomorph

Fans of Biohazard and Village will recognize Alien: Isolation as a step up from the first-person perspective of Resident Evil: The Final Chapter.

15 Shadows Of The Damned

When it was released, Shadows of the Damned went through a lengthy development process that almost made it a completely new game by the time it was finished. Comedic Resident Evil games, in which players guide a demon hunter through the dark underworld to save his fiancée, were used as inspiration for the final release.

Shadows of the Damned is a solid third-person shooter, excluding a few mediocre mini-games. However, it’s the game’s breathtaking landscapes and inventive monster designs that really shine.

14 Devil May Cry

Resident Evil 4 was the original inspiration for the Devil May Cry series. As a result, Hideki Kamiya’s team decided to take the project in a different path, which led to the birth of Devil May Cry in 2001.

In Devil May Cry, the action takes center stage as players try to master Dante’s different weapons and moves in order to take down a variety of foes. Devil May Cry, like Resident Evil, has a macabre setting and a lot of puzzles. Even though succeeding games in the series would add more combat variety to the formula, the original Devil May Cry is the most Resident Evil-like of the bunch.

13 Dino Crisis Series

Dino Crisis Series

Capcom’s popular Resident Evil franchise has been reimagined as a dinosaur-themed game called Dino Crisis. The original Dino Crisis has puzzles, limited inventory, tank controls, and confined spaces, and the dinosaur encounters are memorable even if they aren’t terrifying.

Compared to Dino Crisis 1, Dino Crisis 2 is a more straightforward action game. One additional major entry and a spin-off were produced for the franchise, but they weren’t very good.

12 Parasite Eve Series

Surprisingly successful, Square’s Parasite Eve combines RPG elements with survival horror. The game is set in New York City and follows NYPD officer Aya Brea as she tries to track down a lady who has transformed into something far more dangerous than an average human.

In fact, just for the story in Parasite Eve, which is well-paced and filled with intriguing characters, it’s worth playing. As a survival horror RPG, the combat is exciting yet awkward, and the upgrade system provides a level of strategy to combat. Parasite Eve and its sequel are both excellent, although The 3rd Birthday is a mixed bag.

11 Deep Fear

Sega Saturn, despite its reputation for being disregarded, did generate some notable (and underappreciated) games. In spite of being released in the same year as Resident Evil 2, Sega’s Deep Fear managed to stand out on its own.

As a result of the game’s unique setting in a cramped submarine and the several stunning creature designs that draw from both horror and sci-fi, Deep Fear has held up better over time than many of its competitors from the late 1990s. It’s a must-see for fans of Resident Evil, which was released in 1996.

10 Silent Hill 1-3

Silent Hill 1-3

Resident Evil’s more action-oriented style had an eerie counterpart in Silent Hill, which was often regarded as the definitive alternative.

People who wanted to feel like they were stuck in a horror-filled world but didn’t want to be in charge of the action would enjoy Silent Hill games. Recalling the first Resident Evil installments, which favored the shocks above the fighting, Silent Hill games served as a reminder of the original Resident Evil games. The original three Silent Hill games are often regarded as the greatest, despite the fact that the series’ latter installments have their own merits.

9 Days Gone

This is for people who enjoyed Resident Evil 6, the most action-packed installment in the series. Despite the fact that Days Gone is chock-full of action, running from a horde of ravenous zombies is not the nicest sight.

Because of the open-world nature of Days Gone, those gamers who felt that Resident Evil 6’s large-scale action was reduced in quantity due to its separate story modes will feel as if they’re getting their full experience.

8 DayZ

The player character in the initial Resident Evil games was given weapons, but these weren’t powerful enough to deal with hordes of zombies, so the game felt more like a scavenger hunt. DayZ is here to expand that setting even further than you could have imagined.

Surviving in a hostile environment is the primary goal of the game here. DayZ is the closest simulator you’ll get to a zombie-infested world if you want to experience it for yourself.

7. The Walking Dead: The Telltale Definitive Series

The Walking Dead The Telltale Definitive Series

The Walking Dead series should feel like a throwback to the Resident Evil games’ early iterations, when the narrative was more crucial than in subsequent installments. Unlike the earlier Resident Evil games, when you can fight back but don’t have any hope of dominating these sequences, these games are reminiscent of the older Resident Evil titles.

Getting lost in the tale is an extra bonus, since The Walking Dead games have won Game of the Year awards for their mastery of blending engaging gameplay with an engaging narrative.

6 P.T.

Resident Evil 7: BioHazard may have been terrible, but if you thought P.T. was terrifying, you’ll never sleep again. As a demo for Silent Hill, this was meant to be a stand-alone work.

Just sit back and let your heart race, since the game’s terror is delivered at times when you least expect it. Compared to Resident Evil 7: BioHazard’s gameplay, it’s a cat and mouse pursuit with the vicious spirit. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to play this game because the publisher has revoked it, but you should still check out the gameplay online.

5 The Evil Within

The Evil Within was also released on consoles by Resident Evil’s director. There is a lot of violence in this game, compared to the previous series. The Evil Within, on the other hand, is all about ensuring your own survival at any costs.

But the game overdoes itself by showing every facet of gameplay you can think of, including melee fighting, shooting mechanisms, supernatural settings, traps and the use of stealth. It could very well surpass Resident Evil in playing value. It’s still possible to have a good time here, though.

4 Left 4 Dead

Left 4 Dead

Despite its lack of resemblance to Resident Evil in gameplay and presentation, Left 4 Dead is a must-have for zombie fans. A shooter version of Resident Evil 7: BioHazard is a good excuse to check out Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.

Using a four-person squad, the goal here is to take the fight to the zombies and win. Up to four players can join you in co-op mode, which increases the game’s replay value.

3 Dead Space

The over-the-shoulder innovative feature of Resident Evil 4 allowed many subsequent high-quality games to see the light of day, and this game shows the influence of that innovation. Like Resident Evil in outer space, Dead Space offers an intriguing look at what can be done with “zombies” in video games.

Reanimated bodies of his ex-coworkers are stalking him in space, and the protagonist must find a way to get away from them. Dead Space is both haunting and hard to get weary of because every foe has a different strategy.

2 Batman: Arkham Asylum

Yes, it’s true that Batman: Arkham Asylum and Resident Evil 4 share a lot of similarities. As a result, you’re stranded in the DC Universe’s most harrowing place, where summoning the Justice League is pointless.

Even though the adversaries appear to be human, they pose a greater threat than a typical zombie would present. All that’s left to protect Batman is himself in this horrific asylum, where everyone’s out to get his skull. It’s also well known how terrifying the Joker can be at his most terrifying.

1 The Last Of Us


This is Resident Evil 4 in a tragic sense, with zombies, violent sequences, and horrible fatalities for you to avoid. When the infection spreads, humanity is forced to fend for itself, leaving Leon, Chris, and Co. to deal with the zombies on their own.

When compared to Resident Evil 4, you’ll have greater room to move and jump, as well as a considerably more effective supporting character in Ellie, rather than Ashley, to help you out. If you haven’t already, you should get on your way to playing The Last of Us, which is the best addition to the zombie genre since Resident Evil 4.