10 Best Games Like Prodigy That You Should Know Update 05/2024

Games Like Prodigy

Prodigy Math Game is an educational, learning, and one-on-one video game developed by SMART Teacher Inc. The player must solve math questions in order to progress in the game. Mathematical tactics can be learned while playing the game.

In the game, the player is presented with a variety of arithmetic questions, and the correct answer is rewarded, while the incorrect response provides an opportunity to improve. If a player’s arithmetic skills are lacking, he or she can nevertheless benefit from the game’s content by playing it.

The player can learn 1400 new math skills by playing the game. The game’s levels progress in difficulty, with the easier ones requiring only a basic understanding of counting. Features such as Levels, 1400 Skills, Instructional Design, and Rewards are all part of Prodigy Math Game’s main functionality.

#1 Code Karts Pre-coding for kids

Code Karts Pre-coding for kids

For Android and iOS devices, EDOKI ACADEMY has developed Code Karts Pre coding for kids, an educational, puzzle, and single player video game. Puzzles in the shape of raceways are used to teach the gamer about pre-coding. You may learn the basics of computer coding by playing through 70 stages of the game.

As a result, it adds two distinct gameplay modes: classic and competition. While in the classic mode, the player is required to accomplish each level, they must compete against a computer to learn basic programming. The game teaches the user how to troubleshoot errors, keep track of sequences, and create loops.

After completing a level, the player will be rewarded with coins, which they may use to further customize their vehicle. Players from around the world can enjoy the game because to the game’s ability to support over 20 languages. More than 20 languages, 70 levels, two game modes, virtual currency, customization, and learning gameplay are just a few of the game’s notable features.

#2 SpriteBox: Code Hour


A Puzzle Platform, Educational and Single Player video game created by Sprite Box LLC for Android and iOS. Programming codes are learned by solving challenges in the game. As the player progresses through the game, their programming abilities improve.

Players with great programming skills can accomplish all 20 riddles and 150 stars in the game. Formally, it’s a game about learning Java codes, because that’s what people want these days. With practice, players learn how to use sophisticated loops and command sequencing while completing tasks in the game.

As the game progresses, the player gains a deeper understanding of Java. Characters behave identically when players utilize syntax to implement the written code. SpriteBox. The finest game for a programmer is Code Hour, which features 20 puzzles, 150 stars, Java programs, skills, and addictive gameplay.

#3 Meet the Numberblocks

Meet the Numberblocks

One of Blue Zoo’s most popular apps and games for iOS and Android is Meet the Numberblocks. Players must position blocks in specific locations to achieve the game’s objectives. Children must be taught the basics of counting, and a game like this is an excellent way to do just that.

Using a video system, players can sing along to the music in order to learn the song’s lyrics by memory. The numbers will become more apparent to the player as they continue. When a new number is learned at each stage, the player is given a new block to work with. To complete the shapes, the user must drag the blocks to the appropriate locations.

For children ages five and up, it’s a good fit, because they’re growing and learning quickly at this age. Core features of the Numberblocks game include Drag and Drop, Stages, Learning Gameplay, Counting Figures, and a Video System.

#4 Lightbot: Programming Puzzles


An educational, puzzle and single-player video game developed by Sprite Box LLC for the Android and iOS platforms. Using the game’s principles, the user picks up programming concepts along the way. It’s an ideal environment for rethinking the fundamentals of programming.

The game’s levels allow the player to have a better grasp of fundamental concepts including methods, loops, and conditionals. Completing all of the levels using an educational approach will allow the player to advance. Players can choose from a wide range of languages, including English and many others, in order to participate in the game.

There are three stars on each level, and the player can go back and get them all by replaying the level. Players can team up with pals in multiplayer mode to take on tasks. It is possible to use hints to help the player get through any difficult stage.

The player’s understanding of the game’s programming improves as they progress through the game. The game’s key features include multiple levels, multiplayer mode, challenges, hints, multiple languages, and learning gameplay.

#6 Pango Storytime

Pango Storytime

Storytime is a single-player educational game created and released by Studio Pango for mobile devices. The game’s narration is top-notch, and it’s geared toward young players. In each of the game’s various stages, the adorable creatures urge the user to participate in a variety of activities that each tell a different story. In order to progress through the story, the player must first comprehend the message and then interact with the graphics. For free, there are a plethora of fantastic adventures that may be explored and completed in order to become a master. To get started, the game offers a variety of stories and characters to engage with. Help Pango, Touching Situations and Mini games are just a few of the fundamental aspects that can be found in Pango Storytime. Pango Storytime is a delightful game for young fingers to enjoy with engrossing gameplay, exciting characters, and brilliant graphics.

#7 Little Fox Animal Doctor

For mobile platforms, Fox and Sheep’s Little Fox Animal Doctor combines role playing and educational gaming aspects. Taking the role of a doctor, the player is placed in the role of a treehouse in a jungle. The player, in the role of a doctor, must tend to animals in order to treat them and engage in minigames in order to accrue points. A total of seven little animals await the player’s care and attention. This begins with a fox that has a cold and is looking for the player to help him get better. To progress through the story, the player must treat a variety of ailments. Popular animals, such as the fox and the mole, can suffer from up to twenty-one different types of accidents, illnesses, and diseases. The player in the game can choose from a wide variety of treatments and medicines in order to cure the animals and make them happy in order to get access to new features. Features like seven animals, disease and injury cures, cute characters, and more are included in Little Fox Animal Doctor.

#8 Highlights Monster Day: Meaningful Preschool Play

Highlights Monster Day Meaningful Preschool Play

The purpose of Meaningful Preschool Play is to engage children in a variety of engaging activities. A smartphone version of the game for children ages five and under is available from Highlights for Children, Inc. The game will teach the preschooler the importance of friendship and introduce him to a lovely world where he can practice compassion, self-reliance, and kindness. In the beginning, the player can choose his favorite monster friend and then struggle to take care of him by following his daily routines, like brushing his teeth, feeding him bagels, and more.. Life’s routines can teach us a lot of valuable lessons. The game will help children develop their decision-making skills as they care for their monsters. Five friendly creatures and three cute adventure packs are available. Monster Day is a major event. Promoting caring values, developing motor skills, and more are all part of meaningful preschool play.

#9 Pango Disguises

Developed and marketed only for mobile devices, Pango Disguises is an educational, puzzle, and single-player video game from Studio Pango. The game immerses the player in a vibrant environment filled with adorable critters as they go on a completely new journey. It’s not hard to find a variety of fascinating personalities in the globe. This game is designed specifically for children who will embark on exciting quests to become a superhero, discover priceless artifacts, and return to the land from whence they set out on their adventure. Players can participate in fun-filled activities, play small games, and then develop their tale without any time constraints or tension in the game. It’s a great way to spend time with the family while still having a blast. The game has simple controls and is aimed at children between the ages of three and seven. This time around, there are five all-new stories for you to discover. Pango Disguises has a colorful world, a variety of puzzles, and a bonus game, among other things.

#10 Pango Imaginary Car

Pango Imaginary Car

Studio Pango for Kids created Pango Imaginary Car, an educational, puzzle, and single-player video game. The game gives youngsters the freedom to express themselves creatively while also providing several opportunities for them to discover new things and come up with original stories. Make your dream car out of a variety of parts with his help. In order to progress in the game, you can build a flying automobile, a tank, or a rolling house. In the game, you can use your imagination to create the vehicle of your dreams. There are fifty various items, including a truck horn, a tractor wheel, and more. To make the car of your dreams, you’ll need to mix them together during the game. However, the sky’s the limit when it comes to your creativity. Interact with the game’s assets and customize the game’s backdrop while you play. More than fifty models, five environments, and more are included in a simple-to-use application. Pango Imaginary Car is a fantastic game that’s well worth your time because to its interesting gameplay, excellent physics, and fun mini-games.