8 Best Games Like Angry Birds That You Should Know Update 05/2024

Games Like Angry Birds

Whatever people, for some reason, don’t consider mobile games to be actual games at all. These games are almost often merely a way to earn money off of players who have been addicted to the gameplay and numerous in-game rewards systems.

Many mobile games, on the other hand, are not only amusing and cute, but they also provide pleasure that goes beyond the cost of the game.

One such game is Angry Birds. When it first came out, it was just an arcade puzzle, but after a few months, it had grown into a global phenomenon with a devoted fan base.

There is no doubt about it: Angry Birds is still an immensely popular franchise that continues to offer joy to millions of people across the world.

Some players are ecstatic about the game and cannot wait to unleash furious birds at pigs to wreak havoc on their idyllic towns. It’s possible that you’ll look for a new game with the same mechanics.

Angry Birds may be the most adorable and original game ever made, but there are plenty of other titles out there with similar features that will keep you entertained for hours on end.

Here are 8 games that are similar to Angry Birds that you should play right now.

1. Fling Monster

Fling Monster

Users of both Android and iOS can play the game at the same time. In order to free your fellow monsters from their prisons, you’ll have to solve puzzles and destroy portions of the level.

To ensure the safety of your comrades, you must exercise creativity and judgment when selecting trajectories. You can always get to the end of a level without banging your skull on the wall in real life since Fling Monster has unique gameplay and a well-thought-out level design.

The game’s visual design is its weakest point. It’s bright and vivid, and there are some fascinating visual features, but the artwork lacks a certain oomph. The animations may appear choppy, and the characters may lack the individuality necessary to pique the interest of gamers.

If you want to pass some time, this is a fun puzzle to keep on your phone. You’ll have a blast hurling monsters through flimsy barriers and bizarre contraptions designed to keep your comrades in prison!

2. Fragger

Projectile-based destruction is once again required in this game. Frag grenades will be your weapons of choice this time around.

The game’s scenery, stage design, and numerous skins for the main character, a grenade thrower, all contribute to its striking visuals.

Once a level has been completed, you’ll be given a set number of explosives. Additional explosives, such as crates of dynamite and red barrels, may be found in some levels.

It is planned that a specific goal will be established for each stage. In most cases, you’ll need to find a character who’s hidden in an apparently impenetrable edifice. You may clear the level by destroying all of the walls and doors using grenades that are well-placed. The good news is that if something doesn’t work, you can always start over.

Fragget has a bright and colorful visual style, yet parts of the game’s mechanics are just ridiculous. However, compared to other games, like Angry Birds, it appears to be more grounded and simplistic.

3. Blosics


In Blosics, a projectile-based game, the goal is to clear a level using only projectiles. The behavior of these missiles varies based on the surrounding environment. When submerged, for example, they will be slowed down and lose a lot of momentum much more quickly.

The design of each level is extremely straightforward.

The screen’s other side is bordered by a wall. It must be destroyed. It will be challenging to create the wall because of many sorts of blocks and other difficulties.

Even though mastering the game takes some time and effort, it’s a fun distraction for individuals who spend a lot of time commuting. Like Angry Birds, except with a dark blob instead of birds, this game has a similar sensation.

In addition to gravity fields, teleportation holes, explosive objects, and a variety of walls, each level has its own distinct feel.

4. World Of Goo

Only a select few of the billions of puzzles in existence become a stand-alone game with all of its features. World of Goo is one of those puzzle games that became popular and enthralled dedicated gamers.

Liquid mechanics and how various items interact with each other are the primary emphasis of the game. To move from one part of the level to another, you’ll have to construct bridges. The material is going to be goo blobs.

The graphic aesthetic of World of Goo is unique and can’t be mistaken for anything else. It’s a fun game with a wide variety of challenges to overcome.

To dodge the traps and obstacles, you must build your unstable bridge on each level. Blobs come in many varieties. In certain cases, you can employ various physics to clear the level; in other cases, you’ll need to be more aggressive.

This game is incredibly addicting and memorable thanks to the level designers’ innovative use of gaming mechanics. There are a lot of levels to pick from in the game, which is always being updated. It’s going to be a great time for you!

5. Cut the Rope

Cut the Rope

It’s a fun and addicting puzzle game that has created a name for itself. All of the levels are just difficult enough to test your skills, but not so difficult that you can’t get past them if you put in the effort.

Your favorite monster pet and its favorite snack are separated by a series of barriers in each level. All you have to do is feed your pet after delivering the treat. It’s impossible to describe the feeling of elation that comes with watching the little creature begin to eat the candy.

Puzzle games like Cut the Rope and its sequel are extremely addictive.

After you’ve completed all the levels in a game, you’ll be able to download more. When you finally beat the game, you’ll want more, but clearing it takes a long time.

The artwork is simple and geared specifically toward children. It’s funny how making adorable dogs the game’s main protagonist can make even the most jaded adults swoon.

6. Plants VS Zombies

Each level of this game, although though it’s a tower defense game, nevertheless feels like a puzzle that you must solve. Players and reviewers appreciated the game’s art aesthetic, gameplay, and character design once more.

Zombies roam the Earth looking for brains in this post-apocalyptic world. They have a thing with brains for some reason.

Zombies can’t get to your house because there’s only a garden between them and it. Fortunately, you may cultivate combat plants that harness the power of the sun (or moon) to fire various projectiles at zombies guarding your home from Dr. Zomboid’s creations, which triggered the apocalypse.

In time, you will progress from the garden to the backyard to the roof. There is a sequel, as well as an online multiplayer team shooter, due to the game’s widespread appeal.

7. Siege Hero

Siege Hero

If you’ve ever wanted to play a challenging puzzle game, this is it! Your wraith will have to attack castles where adversaries are hiding from your wrath behind sturdy walls and robust doors.

The good news is that you’ve got everything you need to take down every single fortress and win the war!

In spite of the game’s many different differences, Siege Hero is frequently referred to as a “Angry Birds” clone.

Like in a first person shooter, for example, you will be aiming at castles. Using the catapult, you can hurl a large stone straight at your foes. It’s a great time.

Because of this, there are only a few hundred stages in the game, each of which features a different castle from one of three distinct historical periods.

Is this the game you’ve been seeking for to put an end to your Angry Birds itch? If so, this might be just the ticket.

8. Pandas VS Ninjas

This game, Siege Hero, isn’t an exact replica of Angry Birds, even if it has many similarities. Angry Birds-like games such as Panda VS. Ninjas are also available, although they’re not nearly as fun to play as Angry Birds.

This time, you’ll be launching adorable pandas towards evil ninjas who are trying to kill pandas?