10 Best Shows Like Quantico That You Should Watching Update 05/2024

Shows Like Quantico

There have been a number of thriller-drama series over the years that have explored themes such as terrorism, betrayal, and international politics. Quantico, despite being a large-scale project, stands out from the crowd.

There is a massive terrorist attack in New York City and Alex Parrish becomes a prime suspect and gets arrested for treason. It all starts with him being one of the FBI’s most recent recruits.

It’s a classic whodunit in that each character has a dark secret from their past that makes it exciting to piece everything together and figure out what motivates them. However, things are more complicated than that in this instance.

The attack is much more complicated than it appears. In this perfect whodunit, everyone seems to have something hidden in their past that makes it difficult to figure out why they did what they did.

However, the series’ excitement comes from piecing them together to discover the answers. There’s a lot of focus on the FBI’s agents — their goals, their dark secrets, their passions — and how they deal with them. It’s a suspense thriller that heavily relies on the characters’ emotions.

Here are some other shows like Quantico that will keep you on the edge of your seat:

1. Designated Survivor

Designated Survivor

the designated survivor becomes president after a terrorist attack on the nation’s capital during a state of union address in the film Designated Survivor. Right after the attack, Thomas Kirkman takes office as HUD Secretary and is immediately sworn in. But he doesn’t realize that this is just the beginning.

Tom Kirkman is undoubtedly unsuitable for the position of president, and there are hints of betrayal and deception from time to time.

Spying, drama, and lots of action abound in this political thriller drama. If political intrigue and conspiracies excite you, then you’ll love Designated Survivor.

2. Homeland

A television show that dealt with war, POW’s, and the military in a thrilling way that left viewers speechless was Homeland.

To put it another way, the series revolves around bipolar CIA officer Carri Mathison, determined to take down US Marine Corps Scout Sniper Nicholas Brody, whom she believes has been compromised. The problem is that he’s a veteran of a previous conflict. It takes a toll on her personal and professional life as her investigation progresses, putting the agency, her loved ones and herself in grave danger.

Homeland is a thrilling spy thriller, but it’s also a fascinating look at human nature. It’s an impressive attempt to redefine what war’s aftereffects mean and how they affect people’s lives.

3. Criminal MindsCheckout More Series Like Criminal Minds

Criminal MindsCheckout More Series Like Criminal Minds

Criminal Minds was one of the most popular cable shows for 15 years. In addition to being well-received by critics, the series has been seen all over the world.

Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) cases follow-up procedural FBI drama is fascinating to watch. The show features everything from serial killers to terrorists to other grave threats to society. These detectives use a variety of investigative techniques including pathology, statistics, and pattern recognition to solve crimes. They do, however, rely on instinct and experience, as do all good detective shows.

Criminal Minds builds a healthy appetite in its viewers with each new episode thanks to a winning combination of wit, speed, and deep intelligence.

4. Blindspot

One of the cases that appears to be at a dead end as it is discovered and only on closer inspection can clues be uncovered is Blindspot followed on.

There’s a naked woman in Times Square in the show’s premiere episode. The only part of her body that isn’t covered in tattoos is her face. She has no idea who she is or how she got there. This leads the FBI to believe that a criminal activity is about to take place, or even helps them solve a crime that has already taken place.

With its intriguing mystery of Blindspot, baffling plotline, and exciting action, this show is well worth your time.

5. Sleeper Cell

Sleeper Cell

The series Sleeper Cell is nothing if not daring.

The show portrayed the country’s nightmares as prime-time entertainment and introduced the first Muslim hero to address post-9/11 anxiety.

Sleeper Cell is a thriller about an al-Qaida cell in Los Angeles and the FBI agent who breaks it up. 30 year old American undercover FBI agent Darwyn Al-Sayeed converts to Islam. He’s been tasked with infiltrating a terrorist cell plotting an attack on Los Angeles while they’re still dormant.

Faris al-Farik, an Arab extremist posing as a Jew, leads the cell. Fascinatingly, the cell’s members are diverse in terms of race as well as temperament. According to the show’s premise, the members of the cell claim to be Muslims, but they engage in behaviors that are sinful according to Islamic law. Despite this, these individuals aspire to be Muslim martyrs.

Innumerable arguments can be made for and against addingSleeper Cell to your bucket list. In spite of this, it stands out as a unique series that poses some important questions.

6. MindhunterCheckout More Series Like Mindhunter

Even if you’re not a fan of true-crime shows, you have to admit that serial killers intrigue you. While their heinous deeds may send shivers down your spine, it’s always fascinating to learn what’s going through their heads. Mindhunter is a program that does just that.

FBI agents Holden Ford and Bill Tench are at the center of Mindhunter, which also features psychologist Wendy Carr. The Behavioral Science Unit of the FBI’s Training Division at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia, is run by this three-person team. For this purpose, they interview convicted serial killers in prison and attempt to use what they learn to crack new cases.

Watching the killers’ interviews is incredibly compelling. Some people appear to be indifferent. Others appear to be unconcerned. Others are haughty and revel in the agents’ discomfort. The fact that the series is based on true events adds an extra layer of intrigue. While the show itself is exciting, it’s the psychology behind it all that will captivate you.

7. Scandal


The political thrillerScandal, which is set in the United States, has received acclaim from both critics and viewers. Because of its dark plot, the show has not only made it onto people’s television screens, but also into their hearts.

While the show is set in the city of Washington, D.C., it centers on Olivia Pope’s crisis management firm, Olivia Pope & Associates (OPA), and the people who work there as well as those at the White House and other political institutions in the area.

To see how Olivia is unrelenting in her pursuit of her goals while maintaining her impeccable appearance, her friends and coworkers close by and her enemies even closer is empowering.

Even so, Olivia wouldn’t be the same without the people in her life. Various characters, such as the steadfast O.P.A. team, David Rosen, everyone at the White House, and even Olivia’s family, contribute to the plot. Scandaliconic is the result of the story, characters, dialogue, and many other factors.

8. Absentia

Even after years have passed, what happens if a person you knew goes missing and then returns?

It’s no secret that Absentia struggles with the idea of absence.

Emily Byrne, an FBI agent on the case of a notorious Boston serial killer, goes missing and is never seen again in the series. After evidence linking her death to the aforementioned assassin is discovered, she is declared legally dead. This woman has been missing for six years and is discovered in a wooded cabin, barely alive and with no recollection of her previous life.

Upon her return, she discovers that she has a son who has become so close to his stepmother that he almost forgets about Emily. In addition to this, she’s soon linked to a new string of murders. There are numerous unanswered questions. Absentia has several suspenseful moments that keep you guessing.

9. Prodigal Son

Prodigal Son

If you enjoy shows about serial killers, dark drama, and dysfunctional families, then Prodigal Son is for you. When Martin Whitly, the notorious serial killer known as “The Surgeon,” kills again, Malcolm Bright inherits his son’s talent for crime solving. Malcolm was in charge of reporting his father to the authorities when he was a kid. After a long absence, he finally got the chance to see his father.

Malcolm, who is now a profiler for the New York Police Department after working for the FBI, is forced to confront his father after a copycat serial killer uses Whitly’s murder methods. Whitly’s insights help him and his father figure out the minds of psychopaths, which brings them back into contact all the time.

As the series progresses, we see a wide variety of assassins using increasingly bizarre methods of murder. However, the series’ death toll alone does not qualify as brutal. The PTSD that Malcolm is dealing with makes the story all the more compelling.

10. Stitchers

It’s impossible not to become addicted to Stitchers because of the unique combination of science and technology with a police procedural.

NSA recruits Kirsten Clark to join its top-secret Stitchers Program in Stitchers, a young woman named Kirsten Clark. In collaboration with brilliant neuroscientist Cameron Goodkin, he has developed a new technique for viewing the memories of the recently deceased by implanting a consciousness into the deceased’s brain.

In order to solve the victim’s death and other crimes, these memories are then used. Kristen is a natural choice for the Stitcher position due to her rare condition, temporal dysplasia.

This sci-fi police procedural has elements of both reality and fantasy woven into it; it appeals to a wide audience because of this. In this book you’ll find everything from comedy to mystery to action to science to romance to fantasy in one package.


As with Quantico, all of these shows will keep you enthralled while offering a unique perspective on the crime drama genre. We can guarantee that you’ll be on the edge of your seat as the series’ twists and turns play out in front of you. Rust Metal Getting Guide: The Ultimate Guide