20 Best Shows Like Medici Masters Of Florence Update 07/2024

Shows Like Medici Masters Of Florence

1. La Révolution (2020)

La Révolution (2020)

In 1787, France. Guillotin, the man who would go on to design the Guillotine, discovers an unidentified virus while examining a string of inexplicable deaths. It spreads fast among the French aristocracy, resulting in murderous rage and a rebellion.

2. Sisi (2009)

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3. Scandal (2012)


In order to safeguard and defend the public image of the elite, Olivia Pope has made it her life’s work to keep their secrets hidden. It becomes clear that the “gladiators in suits” who specialize in healing the lives of others have a hard time fixing their own.

4. Devils (2020)

Trader at a top London bank attempts to defend his name after being involved in a terrible scandal, but instead finds an international plot orchestrated by powerful forces acting in the shadows.

5. Ordeal by Innocence (2018)

An outsider claims Jack Argyll, the Argyll family’s notorious black sheep, is innocent of the murder of the family matriarch. The family must come to grips with this information and accept the possibility that the actual assassin is still among them.

6. The Spanish Princess (2019)

The Spanish Princess (2019)

Catherine of Aragon, a gorgeous Spanish princess, navigates the English royal lineage with an eye on the crown.

7. The White Princess (2017)

The narrative of the White Queen’s daughter, Elizabeth of York, and her marriage to Henry VII, the Lancaster victor. Based on the book by Philippa Gregory.

8. Glue (2014)

Overton, a small village in the English countryside, is mostly a farming and racing community. While the village’s youth may appear to have it easy, they often resort to risky pastimes like playing chicken with razor-sharp blades spinning atop agricultural silos in order to pass the time. Life in Overton suddenly gets a lot less monotonous. An entirely other kind of murder is exposed when the body of a teenager is found under the wheels of the tractor. In the wake of the murder investigation in Overton, the community’s secrets will finally come to light, and life in the little town will never be quite the same again.

9. The New Pope (2020)

The New Pope (2020)

Sir John Brannox, a moderate English aristocrat, takes the papal throne while Pope Pius XIII is in a coma and assumes the name John Paul III. “The Young Pope” spin-off.

10. Partners in Crime (2015)

Our beekeeping partnership stumbles into a world of murder, undercover operatives, and Cold War intrigue in a 1950s Britain rising from the ashes of the Blitz. Every mystery Tuppence takes on is approached with love and fervor, much to the chagrin of her more cautious husband Tommy. Tuppence sees adventure around every turn.

11. The Hollow Crown (2012)

History plays by William Shakespeare are featured in a British television series called The Hollow Crown. Richard II, Henry IV, Part I and Henry IV, Part II (a single film in two parts) and Henry V are all adapted in the first season of the Henriad, Shakespeare’s second historical trilogy. With relation to the series’ breadth, “The Wars of the Roses” serves as the subtitle for Season 2. Richard III and Henry VI: Part I, II, and III (presented as two films in the series) are based on Shakespeare’s first tetralogy: Henry VI: Part I, II, and III.

12. Game of Thrones (2011)

Game of Thrones (2011)

Westeros is fought over by a group of seven aristocratic houses. Frustration leads to a full-scale fight between the houses. Meanwhile, a long-dead evil is resurrecting in the far north. It is only the Night’s Watch, a forgotten military organization of misfits, that protects mankind from the icy horrors beyond.

This drama depicts Cromwell’s ascent to the position of clo

13. Wolf Hall (2015)

sest counselor to Henry VIII, based on the fact-based historical book of the same name. England in the mid-1520s is on the verge of catastrophe. A civil war could ensue if the King dies without a male successor. It’s been twenty years since Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn got married, and he’s ready to call it quits. He is opposed by the Pope and the rest of Europe. Thomas Cromwell, a fully original character, a charmer and a bully, idealist and opportunist, clever in reading people, and uncompromising in his goal, enters this impasse.” Henry, on the other hand, is quite erratic. Cromwell aids him in overcoming the opposition, but at what cost?

14. Devs (2020)

Lily Chan, a young computer engineer at a cutting-edge computing business situated in San Francisco, investigates the corporation’s covert development section, which she feels is responsible for the murder of her partner.

15. Kiss Me First (2018)

Kiss Me First (2018)

To get away from the actual world It’s 17-year-old Leila’s virtual sanctuary. When the lights go off in this digital paradise, she will begin her actual trip.

16. Dancing on the Edge (2013)

Dramatization of a jazz band in London in the 1930s during a time of great change.

17. Zen (2011)

British television miniseries Zen was created by Left Bank Pictures for the BBC and co-produced with the Masterpiece anthology series, Mediaset and ZDF by WGBH Boston. Based on the Aurelio Zen detective novels by Michael Dibdin, the film stars Rufus Sewell and Caterina Murino. In spite of the fact that the series was shot in Italy, the dialogue is all in English. The three-part series, each running for 90 minutes, debuted on BBC One in the United Kingdom on Sunday, January 2, 2011. Vendetta, Cabal, and Ratking were all based on literature.

18. Magic City (2012)

Magic City (2012)

The narrative of Ike Evans, the proprietor of Miami’s most opulent hotel, the Miramar Playa, is told in Magic City, a film set in 1959 Miami, Florida, just after the Cuban Revolution. By making a deal with Miami mob lord Ben Diamond in order to assure the success of his high-end restaurant, Evans is forced to make an ill-advised choice.

19. The Hour (2011)

Investigative news anchorman, producer, and journalist are all major characters in this Cold War-era spy thriller set in England.

20. The Shadow Line (2011)

The Shadow Line (2011)

After drug baron Harvey Wratten is assassinated, the lives of a diverse group of people get intertwined in this noir thriller. From the cop with a bullet in his brain, whose amnesia leaves him doubtful of his own moral compass; to the drug-lord driven by a profound personal tragedy, risking it all on one last deal; to the brilliantly lethal puppet-master who gradually emerges from the shadows to bring the story to its shocking climax The characters in The Shadow Line wrestle with moral dilemmas as they deal with the fallout from Wratten’s death and try to determine where the line between right and wrong should be drawn.

It becomes increasingly difficult to tell which side of Wratten’s operation they are on as the thread around his operation unravels. Thrill-seekers will be gripped by The Shadow Line, a six-episode conspiracy thriller that explores the complexities of human morality. When faced with a similar predicament, where do you think you’d lean in the end?