10 Best Disney Movies About Cats That You Should Watching Update 07/2024

Disney Movies About Cats

So many studios have attempted to make animated films about cats because they are so beautiful, independent, and fascinating.

They believe dogs are man’s greatest friend, while cats elicit a range of feelings. In some cases, they can bring good fortune or bad. Cats, on the other hand, aren’t all that different from us. Natural curiosity can get them into problems and they don’t allow strangers to treat them as if they were their friends.

Cats pique the interest of humans because of all they are and what we think of them. From comic books to the big screen, there are plenty iconic cat characters. It’s clear that cat films still have opportunity to develop. There are a few well-known cat movies, but cat fans are always on the lookout for new ones.

1. The Cat Returns (2002)

The Cat Returns (2002)

Studio Ghibli is the best place to go to get a sense of what cats are all about. This tale is about a young girl named Haru and her heroic efforts in saving a cat from an oncoming vehicle. It turns out that this cat is a prince, and the Cat Kingdom invites her to become his bride. She doesn’t say yes or no, so the cats interpret her silence as a yes.

Baron, a lifelike cat figurine, is hired by Haru in order to save her from this engagement. This film has some of the greatest cat content around. The entire Cat Kingdom is explored, and practically all of the characters are cat-based. Cat King himself appears as the major antagonist.

2. The Lion King (1994)

If you’re a fan of domestic cats, you’re probably a fan of huge, wild cats, too. Creatively, Disney’s The Lion King retells Shakespeare’s Hamlet in the jungle. There aren’t as many people killed in this retelling, of course.

Lions are the primary cast members. If you liked the movie, there are two sequels and a TV show starring lions. One of Disney’s best films because it was produced during the Renaissance period of the studio.

3. A Whisker Away (2020)

A Whisker Away (2020)

Have you ever desired that your crush would show you the same kind of affection and love that they show to their pet? In order to spend time with a boy she likes, the main character transforms into a cute cat.

Shape-shifting magic can have harmful implications, however. There is a scene in this anime film when the audience gets to see a world of supernatural cats. The animation in this film is stunning.

4. The Aristocats (1970)

This well-known Disney film is about a wealthy elderly woman’s collection of cats. Because she adores her cats so much, the majority of her possessions will be left to them after her death.

That upsets her butler, so he throws the cats under a bridge. There, an alley cat decides to help the luxury cat family find their way home. In this musical film, humans have only a minor role.

5. Cats Don’t Dance (1997)

Cats Don't Dance (1997)

That classic from the ’90s is called Cats Don’t Dance. Sadly, the film was a box office failure when it was released. But many critics and audiences have recently returned to the picture and found it to be a joy. Cats are the primary characters in this story.

The plot takes place in the late 1930s, and the main character, Danny, is a cat striving to make it as a movie star. To Sawyer, the more pessimistic and pessimistic cat, he is quite the antithesis of hope and optimism.

6. A Cat In Paris

Most of this film is concerned with those humans who are in close proximity to the cat’s life. Zoe, a young girl, is the cat’s daytime companion. Nico, a jewel thief, is the cat’s nighttime companion. One day, Zoe’s cat brings her one of Nico’s stolen goods, and she finds herself entangled in a shady criminal scheme.

Cartoon noir is exciting but never frightening. While the film focuses on people, their shared bond to the cat actually emphasizes the animal’s individualism. ‘

7. Oliver And Company (1988)

Oliver And Company (1988)

In comparison to The Lion King and The Aristocats, Oliver and the gang’s flicks at Disney quickly lost their luster. To some extent, this is because it was released on the same day as The Land Before Time.

Oliver Twist has been reimagined in this innovative way. Oliver is a homeless kitten instead of a human in New York City, not London. Dogs make up the majority of the cast, however there are three people to be found throughout the plot.

8. Puss In Boots (2011)

The studio decided to make a movie on Shrek’s snarky cat because he was so well-liked. Jack and Jill, for example, appear in the film, which takes place in the same fictional universe as Shrek.

However, Puss isn’t the only feline in the film. Kitty Softpaws, a female tuxedo cat and love interest, also exists.

9. Gay Purr-ee (1962)

Gay Purr-ee (1962)

Warner Bros. released their first animated feature in theaters with this film. Despite the fact that it received favorable reviews at the time, it was a flop at the box office. If you’ve never heard of Mewsette and her journey to Paris, you are missing out on a wonderful animated musical gem.

Since Harold Arlen and E. Y. Harburg composed the music for The Wizard of Oz, it’s no little issue that they composed the songs for this picture as well.

10. The Secret Life Of Pets

This is a film that was specifically designed for animal lovers. The main stars of the film are obviously dogs, but Chloe the cat plays an important role as well. Cat idiosyncrasies like trying to squeeze into an overly-small box and being motivated solely by food provide most of the humor in this obese blue tabby’s antics.

After Chloe, Ozone and Nitro head the alleycats, who are led by the hairless Sphinx. There was also a sequel to this film.