15 Anime With The Best Fights That You Should Watching Update 07/2024

Anime With The Best Fights

When it comes to anime battles, you have to remember that the creators often go above and beyond to produce the best possible fight sequences that would enthrall their audience.

Perhaps one of the classic battles from shows like Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Dragon Ball, or One-Piece or one of the more recent shows like My Hero Academia or Attack on Titan is the greatest anime fight ever?

15. Naruto vs Sasuke Final Fight – Naruto Shippuden

Naruto vs Sasuke Final Fight – Naruto Shippuden

Naruto’s last showdown with Sasuke is a major plot point in the manga and anime series.

Their long-standing rivalry has now compelled them to band together despite the overwhelming odds. They were able to go head-to-head without murdering each other because of their superior combat skills, and this should be viewed as a solution for both of them rather than a quarrel that escalates into violence.

It’s a turning point in the story since it signifies the transition from boyhood naivety to maturity responsibility. Finally, they reconcile their disagreements and become friends again.

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14. Ichigo vs Ulquiorra – Bleach

This is going to be the greatest fight of all time between Kurosaki Ichigo and Shirogane Ulquiorra! The general consensus is that Ulquiorra is more powerful than Ichigo in terms of raw power.

Ichigo triumphs over Ulquiorra because he is motivated by a desire to save lives, whereas Ulquiorra has been using his strength for the purpose of destroying them.

The fight between Ichigo and Ulquiorra has been hailed as one of the greatest anime fights of all time.

13. Garo vs Heroes – One Punch Man

Garo vs Heroes – One Punch Man

During the second season of One-Punch Man, Garou was introduced as one of the greatest villains and his combat abilities were shown off to the best of his abilities.

When the eight heroes ambush Garou, still recuperating from a previous battle, he proves how strong he is. Garou always impresses everyone with his abilities.

This method might work against any other villain, but against Garou it just served to highlight his immense power and the extent to which he can go.

12. Escanor vs Estarossa – Seven Deadly Sins

The Holy Knights and other Seven Deadly Sins were called upon to defend the kingdom of Liones when the Ten Commandments invaded.

When Estarossa’s commandment of love rendered Ban and the other Holy Knights helpless, it appeared that all was lost.

It was a good thing that Escanor had finally demonstrated his ability to defy the mandate by pushing Zeldris back. As one of the most grueling anime battles ever, Escanor emerged victorious.

11. Gon vs Neferpitou – Hunter x Hunter

It’s a well-known shounen manga and anime series. The manga has been running for more than two decades and is still going strong. The manga began in 1998, and the most recent chapter was released in August of this year.

In the series, one of the most memorable moments is the Gon vs. Neferpitou showdown. It’s been called one of the best anime combat sequences ever.

This duel pits Gon against Neferpitou’s smart plan and impressive fighting skills in his adult form.

As a huge chimera, Neferpitou is more than capable of taking on a large number of opponents at once. Against Pitou, Gon has a big amount of Nen that gives him incredible physical strength, speed, and agility.

10. Levi vs The Beast Titan – Attack on Titan

Levi vs The Beast Titan – Attack on Titan

Levi’s battle with the Beast Titan was one of the most significant moments in Attack on Titan. The survey corps, led by Erwin Smith, had made numerous sacrifices in order to win this battle.

Levi is hailed as a hero of humanity and a beacon of hope in this season of Attack on Titan. As he battles to maintain his determination, he must contend with both external and internal forces working against him. At the same time, though, his struggle demonstrates that he is more resilient than most people who were born and reared in this world.

The Beast Titan, on the other hand, was a significant foe for Levi. Their power struggle began at the beginning but only came to a head after a long period, thus Levi easily vanquished him when he got past his defense systems when they met face-to-face.

9. Gintoki vs Takasugi – Gintama

Hideaki Sorachi is the author and illustrator of the Gintama anime and manga series. More than 80 million copies have been printed since its serialization in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump in 2005. After his master dies, samurai Gintoki Sakata is left to fend for himself.

As students of their teacher, Katsura, Gintoki, and Takasugi were killed by Gintoki, and Takasugi begins loathing Gintoki and awaiting his revenge.

As one of the most memorable battles in the Gintama series, Gintoki v. Takasugi featured a hard contest illustrated with numerous samurai techniques and magnificent sword abilities.

Well, don’t you dare miss this ferocious clash between two long-time adversaries!

8. Saitama vs Lord Boros – One Punch Man

Saitama vs Lord Boros – One Punch Man

Due to his ability to defeat any foe with only a single punch, Saitama has long been regarded as one of the world’s most powerful characters. The problem is that he’s grown dissatisfied, and he often defeats opponents using the smallest amount of his strength or in simple ways.

This duel between Lord Boros and Saitama at first demonstrates how similar they are in terms of power and combat style. They each have their own distinct fighting styles, but they both rely heavily on speed to win battles. When Saitama gets serious, we’ll see an unexpectedly powerful punch that will knock out his opponent in a matter of seconds.

7. Naruto and Sasuke vs Momoshiki Otsutsuki – Boruto

It has been said that the rivalry between Naruto and Sasuke is the most important in the anime series.

We examine what might happen if Naruto and Sasuke were forced to fight a third person to bring Momshiki down.

Although they prevail, what matters most is that this was one of the best fights ever, as judged by anime fans everywhere!! The fight scenes were not entirely superhuman, but we got to see Bruce Lee throw a one-inch blow. To watch the creator take his time with this was a pleasant surprise. The fight’s choreography was stunning, and we got a good look at Boruto’s jigan in the process.

6. Goku vs Jiren – Dragon Ball Super

Goku vs Jiren – Dragon Ball Super

Jiren is one of the most powerful characters in the Dragon Ball saga, ranking alongside the likes of Goku, Vegeta, and Vegeta. He was dubbed an invincible foe by characters like Goku, who would go on to defeat him.

The most difficult match in Dragon Ball history was Jiren vs. Goku.

This fight made Goku aware of his limitations and how far he can go at this point. To put Jiren to the test, Goku morphed into each of his transformations throughout this combat to see how fast and strong he was at blocking Goku’s attacks.

In the DB Super Universe, Goku’s victory over Jiren is a major step forward. As a result, it demonstrates that few creatures can equal his strength and speed, making him a fearsome adversary.

5. Itadori and Todo vs Hanami – Jujutsu Kaisen

This is one of the most exciting anime fights in recent memory, and one that is sure to send shivers down your spine.

Jujutsu High School students Yuji Itadori and Aoi Todo square off in this conflict. They are confronted by a demon known as Hanami, who curses those who encounter her.

Todo and Yuji’s on-screen chemistry is humorous and cool at the same time. Todo is also teaching Itadori how to use the Black Flash. Their friendship appears to be more fun and less serious than his other friendships.

In this epic battle scene, Yuji has done some fantastic black flashes while Todou’s battle tactics is also great, and I’ve appreciated the layout, artwork, and characters. Because of which they were able to win this fight.

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4. Netero Vs. Meruem – Hunter X Hunter

Despite their differences, the two main characters are equally formidable. Meruem, on the other hand, is more skilled in combat, while Netero, the antagonist, is more charismatic and has been shown to be able to easily defeat many great fighters.

Netero, the Hunter Association’s strongest fighter and president, is the only one capable of defeating Merum at this point.

Meruem appears to perceive their similarities and respects Netero for all he has accomplished in his life, which may explain why the fight was so intense.

As a result, Netero has no choice but to detonate himself and give his life to end Merum’s reign of terror.

3. Levi vs Kenny’s Squad – Attack on Titan

Levi vs Kenny’s Squad – Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan” is a military-themed story about a group of people who must battle giants to survive in a world where they have taken over.

Kenny’s henchmen are out to get Eren and Mikasa as the third season begins. Levi has to confront them. For the sake of his loved ones, he achieves an advantage over his adversaries with the assistance of Serena and Hange.

Spectators will be on the edge of their seats when Levi and Kenny’s teams go head-to-head in a spectacular duel.

2. Kyojuro Rengoku vs Akaza – Demon Slayer The Movie

The 2020 action-adventure dark fantasy anime film Demon Slayer: The Movie is on track to become Japan’s biggest grossing film ever at the box office.

One of the best fights in anime history was featured in this film! Outside the Mugen train, Kyojuro and Akaza engage in a titanic struggle in which Kyojuro uses Flame Hashira to stunning effect and Akaza displays his superhuman talents.

This conflict was ferocious and frightening. We’ve seen some of the best bouts in the series so far, but this one was by far the most skillful and fast-paced.

The Hashira is struck by Akaza’s tremendous strikes as our protagonist strives to keep up with his perilous and rapid moves. At the same time, our protagonist launches a series of lightning-fast sword attacks against Akaza, who fends them off with ease.

This is one of the best fights ever, so don’t miss it. This is a piece of art, and I don’t want to ruin it for you, so please watch it right away.

1. Kakashi vs Obito – Naruto Shippuden

Kakashi vs Obito – Naruto Shippuden

Naruto Shippuden’s most dramatic scene was the duel between Kakashi and Obito. Anime and manga fans see this battle as one of the best ever because of its grandeur, suspense, and emotional impact.

The showdown between Kakashi and Obito serves as the ultimate illustration of how difficult it can be to realize one’s aspirations.

The 4th Hokage trained Kakashi and Obito as buddies. During their six-minute struggle, they were so silent that they could express their sentiments in a number of ways, from punches to taijutsu to the use of Sharingan and Reingan. They are genuinely amazing ninjas.

Sadly, this great conflict comes to an end in defeat…

Fans around the world have been moved by this fight, which will go down in anime history as an all-time classic.