10 Best Movies About Fairies That You Should Watching Update 07/2024

Movies About Fairies

One of the best-known fantasy creatures is the fairy. Which of the many films featuring fairies do you think is the best?

Fairies have appeared in innumerable stories and folklore for as long as anybody can remember. Since time immemorial, fairies have been reinterpreted numerous times on the big screen, from adored icons to twisted monsters.

With their vibrant, larger than life personas, some of the best fairies in movies nonetheless adhere to the usual image of an insect-winged humanoid. Others have gained notoriety and adoration for their imaginative reinterpretations of traditional fairy tales, whether fanciful or nightmare in nature.

10. Fairy Godmother (Shrek 2)

The fairy godmother is a well-known fairy tale character. The Fairy Godmother from Shrek 2 is far superior to the cherubic shrouded character from Disney’s Cinderella.

Main antagonist and a brilliant one, Shrek’s Fairy Godmother is voiced brilliantly by Jennifer Saunders in Shrek the Third. Only her one-liners, relatability, and two extremely catchy musical performances make her substantially more likable than a low-key Dolores Umbridge from Harry Potter—but she’s still a manipulative charlatan. The Fairy Godmother is one of Dreamworks’ best villains because of its novel take on the stereotype of a good person.

9. Kira (The Dark Crystal)

Kira (The Dark Crystal)

As a Gelfling, Kira from Jim Henson’sThe Dark Crystal has a fairyland appearance, especially when her insectoid wings are shown (something that is demonstrated further by the female Gelfling characters inthe prequel TV series,The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance.)

The film’s protagonist, Kira, is one of the last surviving members of her species. In addition to being amicable and friendly, she is also resourceful and a lot more versed about Thra and its history than Jen is. Without Kira, Jen’s mission would have been a failure.

8. Flora, Fauna, And Merryweather (Sleeping Beauty)

If it weren’t for Maleficent, the three good fairies from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty would definitely be the show’s stars. Besides being the movie’s main source of humour, Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather are a major driving force.

It being Merryweather’s job to ease Maleficent’s curse, the three protect and raise Aurora from infancy, and they rescue Phillip and give him the magical weapons that destroy the dragon Maleficent. That doesn’t stop them from making Aurora’s birthday unforgettable. Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather, in fact, are the film’s true protagonists.

7. The Green Fairy (Moulin Rouge!)

The Green Fairy (Moulin Rouge!)

The Green Fairy from Baz Luhrmann’s bright blockbuster musicalMoulin Rouge!has become a famous and iconic fairy in the movies despite her brief screentime.

First and foremost, she’s voiced and portrayed by Kylie Minogue, a global music star. Ozzy Osbourne’s scream can be heard coming from the Green Fairy when she sings “The Sound of Music” in the film’s second half. In one of the film’s most famous and odd scenes, the movie takes off on a roller coaster journey.

6. Tooth Fairies (Hellboy 2: The Golden Army)

As one of today’s top directors of monster movies, Guillermo del Toro is revered for the unusual and aesthetically disturbing creatures he creates. The tooth fairies from Hellboy II: The Golden Army are only one example of his creations of horrific fairies.

Despite the fact that they only appear for a brief period of time, these savage tiny critters are certainly unforgettable movie fairies. Sleeping with one of these sucking on your teeth is not an option.

5. Toothiana And Her Team (Rise Of The Guardians)

Toothiana And Her Team (Rise Of The Guardians)

It’s safe to say that Rise of the Guardians’ Tooth Fairy (also known as Toothiana or Tooth) and her charming hummingbird-like fairies are among the most unusual fairy designs to date.

Tooth’s beauty isn’t the only thing that makes her a compelling character. During the night while the other Guardians are collecting teeth, her enthusiasm is contagious. One of the most heartbreaking moments in Rise of the Guardians is when Pitch steals her fairies.

4. Crysta (FernGully: The Last Rainforest)

In FernGully: The Last Rainforest (1992), Robin Williams’ zany Batty and Tim Curry’s spine-tingling yet sensual performance as the villain Hexxus make this animated film noteworthy.

Crysta, the protagonist, is the fairy in question. As a character, she’s endearing since she’s so naive and curious, but also likeable. Crysta is a worthy protagonist, even if she is overshadowed by Williams and Curry’s superb performances.

3. Fairies (Pan’s Labyrinth)

Fairies (Pan's Labyrinth)

In addition to Pan’s Labyrinth, del Toro has a slew of other magical fairies in his repertoire, including the Faun’s companions in Pan. Ofelia’s first impression of the creatures is that they resemble enormous insects. Until later, they appear to be a little more typical of the fairy archetype—small and ethereal with strange leafy wings—but they’re still a little of a mystery.

Pale Man is one of del Toro’s most recognizable monsters, yet the two fairies who meet a terrible end at the hands of the Pale Man’s hands are not the movie’s most remembered characters.

2. Cherlindrea (Willow)

An ’80s fantasy film with Warwick Davis as Willow is called Willow. Cult classic: Despite its mixed reviews, it has become something of an anticipated television series.

Cherlindrea, the Fairy Queen, is a figure that many fans hope to see reappear in the Disney+ series. Her wand is given to Willow and he is sent out to find the enchantress Fin Raziel in the movie. One of the strongest characters in the movie is a supporting character, but it would be interesting to learn more about her past in the series.

1. Tinker Bell (Disney’s Peter Pan)

Tinker Bell (Disney's Peter Pan)

Disney’s Tinker Bell is an essential part of any film fairy tale.

No other portrayal of Tinker Bell has come close to Disney’s portrayal of the character on the big screen.

Tinker Bell, despite her diminutive stature, has one of the most recognizable characters in the entire film.

It’s impossible not to like her, despite the fact that she’s been a bit of a jerk to Wendy in the past.

As one of Disney’s most recognizable characters, Tinker Bell has been given her own movie series and franchise.