7 Best Movies About Henry VIII That You Should Watching Update 04/2024

Movies About Henry VIII

Henry VIII is one of the most frequently portrayed historical personalities on television and in films. ‘ When you contemplate Henry’s extraordinary life, it’s simple to see why he’s so revered. At his command, he had more than 70 ships, a vast tapestry collection, more than 200 musical instruments, and more than 6,500 weapons. Despite this, not all actors and filmmakers who have attempted to portray Henry VIII have been successful.

Listed here are some significant performances:

1. The Tudors

The Tudors

Seasons one through four of “The Tudors” ran from 2003 to 2010, making it the longest-running television series based on Henry VIII’s reign. Henry, played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers, who is noted for his ability to immerse himself in a character, won an Emmy for his performance. Henry’s vigorous youth, his passion with Anne Boleyn, and the accident that finally led to his deterioration in health and physical size were all shown in the television show.

2. The Other Boleyn Girl

Henry VIII (Eric Bana) isn’t given as much screen time in this 2008 portrayal of the classic story as in past adaptations, but the film nevertheless offers a distinct perspective on the story.

In a 2003 television adaptation of Philippa Gregory’s novel, Jared Harris also portrayed Henry VIII.

3. Henry VIII

Henry VIII

Ray Winstone played Henry VIII in a BBC two-parter. Focused on Henry and his six wives, disregarding his earlier years and finishing with the pinnacle of his reign. I think this is one of the most popular TV depictions of the character.

4. A Man For All Seasons

At the height of Henry VIII’s reign, the film takes place between 1529 and 1535. Lord Chancellor of England Sir Thomas More’s latter years are depicted in both the film and the play, which both focus on his refusal to sign a letter asking Pope Clement VII to annul King Henry VIII of England’s marriage to Catherine of Aragon. Much like Thomas Cromwell, the play and movie versions of More show him as a tragic hero, driven by his fervent Catholicism and admired by those around him.

In the 1966 film, Robert Shaw portrayed a ferocious Henry, giving this version a more sinister feel than some of the others on the list.

5. Wolf Hall

Wolf Hall

Wolf Hall and Bring Up the Bodies, two of Hilary Mantel’s novels, were adapted for a six-part BBC series in 2015 that documented Thomas Cromwell’s rise to power in Henry VIII’s court and the killing of Sir Thomas More.

He portrayed Henry as an almost insane dictator who grins and laughs and then threatens to have you executed.

6. Carry on Henry

In the 1971 comedy picture, Sid James portrayed Henry VIII. Carry On films are notorious for being historically inaccurate, but James brought the King’s womanizing, carousing character to life.

7. The Private Life of Henry VIII (1933) and Young Bess (1953)

The Private Life of Henry VIII (1933)

The Private Life of Henry VIII received Charles Laughton an Academy Award for his performance as Henry Tudor. Henry, as depicted by many of us, is likely based on this rendition, which depicts a banquet-in-the-making Henry, leering at the ladies and sipping ale while nibbling on a drumstick.