10 Most Loyal Anime Characters That You Should Know Update 05/2024

Most Loyal Anime Characters

To succeed in anime, heroes and villains alike sometimes depend on their strongest, most devoted sidekicks, but who are the most loyal of all?”

As a great commander, you need a terrific second-in-command. They’ll stand with their leader no matter what, whether if it’s for a good cause or bad. In Fullmetal Alchemist, Riza Hawkeye, or Robert E.O. Speedwagon in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure they may be so loyal because they truly believe in the boss’s cause, or because they deeply adore their master as a person.

As a result, anime characters who embody loyalty and resolve are frequently adored by fans. Although the people themselves are intriguing, it is safe to say that their bosses would be nothing without them.

10. Hak (Yona of the Dawn)

Hak (Yona of the Dawn)

Hak, the Thunder Beast of Kouka, has been Princess Yona’s best companion and bodyguard since he was just a baby. Su-won, Yona’s murderous cousin, is forced to flee with her to protect her from the king’s murderer, Hak.

But Hak isn’t just there to fulfill his duty; he cares strongly about Yona and will stop at nothing to keep her safe. He can take on hordes of foes and overcome life-threatening injuries to protect her, and he takes great delight in seeing Yona grow into a more capable leader as a result of his efforts.

9. Legato Bluesummers (Trigun)

Knives Millions had no intention of saving the life of a young Legato, yet he did so. Since then, Legato has devoted his life to Knives and his aim of eliminating all of humanity, including himself.

Legato, one of anime’s most underestimated villains, is in charge of Knives’ other henchmen while the real master stays hidden. When Vash, Knives’ brother, is forced to kill him in the episode “Sin,” he revels in the agony of seeing Vash suffer for his betrayal of his peaceful values.

8. Riza Hawkeye (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Riza Hawkeye (Fullmetal Alchemist)

Hawkeye is a member of the Amestris military, but her primary allegiance is to her superior, Colonel Roy Mustang. With Riza’s support, Roy plans to destroy Amestris’s corrupt regime and atone for what they both went through during the Ishvalan War.

After Riza handed Roy the array for his Flame Alchemy, the two of them formed one of the most heartfelt relationships in Fullmetal Alchemist history. She shields him both from danger and from himself, pledging to murder him if he succumbs to his own aspirations.

7. Nui Harime (Kill la Kill)

As a last option, Ragyo Kiryuin grew a human-Life Fiber hybrid in an artificial womb after failing to fuse her daughters with Life Fibers upon their birth. Because of Ragyo’s commanding influence over Nui, he has created a terrifyingly powerful entity that serves at his command. To Nui, her “mother” is everything. She revels in torturing and killing those who stand in the way of her devotion.

Ragyo is an exception to this rule, as evidenced by the episode “Tell Me How You Feel” in which Ryuko severs both of her arms from her body. A happy “Oui, Maman!” can be heard when Ragyo’s ultimate goal demands Nui to be killed and fused with the Primordial Life Fiber. “Alright, Mom!”

6. Joey Wheeler (Yu-Gi-Oh!)

Joey Wheeler (Yu-Gi-Oh!)

Yu-Gi-Oh! is built on the foundation of friendship, and Joey is Yugi’s most devoted companion. When Yugi stood up for Joey in the face of an even bigger bully to defend him, it prompted a total change of heart in Yugi. Joey now has entire faith in Yugi’s talents, and if he feels threatened, he will act immediately to defend him.

When Joey initially breaks free of Marik’s brainwashing in the episode “Friends ‘Til The End, Part 4,” he refuses to hurt his friend in one of the most innocent moments of Yu-Gi-Oh.

Even more impressive, he almost drowns while saving Yugi.

5. Konan (Naruto)

Akatsuki’s leader, Nagato, has a powerful and stoic right-hand lady in Konan. After training and fighting together as children, she became one of the organization’s founding members. She has been dubbed “God’s Angel” by their followers because she protects his body and follows his orders.

In the wake of Nagato’s death, she places all of her faith in Naruto to carry out his vision for world peace. She tells Naruto in “Hero of the Hidden Leaf” that she will believe in him since Nagato did.

4. Robert E.O. Speedwagon (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

Robert E.O. Speedwagon (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure)

Speedwagon began his criminal career as a thug in London’s roughest neighborhoods, killing and robbing people to make ends meet. When he attacks Jonathan Joestar, who defeats him in a battle and spares his life, everything changes. He is so moved by Jonathan’s noble qualities that he becomes his staunchest defender.

Speedwagon’s devotion to Jonathan endures even after his untimely demise. For Jonathan’s son George and grandson Joseph, the Speedwagon Foundation he formed is a lifesaver; in Battle Tendency he’s shown to be a beloved buddy.

3. Giriko (Soul Eater)

In Soul Eater, the majority of weaponry are self-sacrificial. Giriko, despite the fact that he doesn’t require a meister to use him (and is proud of it! ), isn’t an exception. His dedication has endured for eight centuries, and he is the only one who can claim this feat.

In the aftermath of Arachne’s death, Giriko kept her spirit alive by passing on his memories and soul to his numerous children. He is Arachne’s most powerful defender after her resurrection. When Maka and Soul irrevocably kill her, he dies trying to avenge her because he no longer has any reason to live.

2. Ja’far (Magi: Labyrinth of Magic)

Ja'far (Magi Labyrinth of Magic)

Magi’s Household Vessels, warriors who are fueled by loyalty to their king, are bolstered by the King Vessel’s many Household Vessels. Ja’far is the second-in-command of the entire kingdom of Sindria and one of King Sinbad’s Eight Generals.

Even when Sinbad’s techniques become more sleazy, Ja’far remains loyal to his king and is willing to kill anyone who threatens him. Ja’far takes over as leader when Sinbad leaves after he merges with the Rukh at the end of the manga. He waits patiently for Sinbad to return.

1. Nora (Noragami)

Yato’s “Father” adopted Nora as a stray Regalia and raised her with Yato. Her divine wielders have been numerous, yet she always comes to Father eager to share her knowledge of the gods and eager to serve him once again. Despite the fact that he sees her as nothing more than a means to an end, she is always striving to win his affection.

She enjoys working with Father to corrupt and isolate Yato, who is trying to break free of their influence. Yato’s only Regalia wants to recreate the “family” that the three of them once had, and she’s willing to embrace Father’s manipulative techniques in order to make it happen.