9 Best Zombie Comics That You Should Reading Update 04/2024

Best Zombie Comics

People love Zombies as a type of movie or TV show, and that’s been true for the last 30 to 40 years. With big movies like Train to Busan and World War Z, and big TV shows like The Walking Dead and Z Nation, it’s clear that a lot of people enjoy zombie-themed entertainment. Even comic books have zombies in them, just like movies and TV shows.

Zombies have been used by a lot of big comic book franchises over the years. It’s thanks to great comic book writers like Robert Kirkman and Christopher Ryall that zombies have been a popular genre in the comic book world for a long time now.

1. Marvel Zombies Is A Dark Marvel Tale

Marvel Zombies Is A Dark Marvel Tale

To be part of the comic book zombie world, Marvel Zombies has to be one of the best-known zombie comics. Legendary characters like Captain America, Hulk, and Hawkeye were used in a violent story by author Robert Kirkman. In it, the world’s most powerful heroes die from an infection brought to Earth by an unknown person (supposedly from another dimension). In the past few years, Marvel Zombies has been made into an animated movie as part of Marvel Studio’s “What If?” series. This new interest has led to more people reading the book itself.

2. iZombie Is About A Living Zombie

Chris Roberson’s book, iZombie, was originally called “I, Zombie.” It tells the story of a gravedigger named Gwen who turns into a zombie and is still able to live in the world. In simple terms, she does things like go to work and hang out with friends. However, she also has to eat a brain a day to stay alive, which, as you can imagine, causes a lot of problems for her and the relationships she tries to keep.

In iZombie, a fun noir-like story is mixed with a lot of things that are used in romantic comedies. It was made into an actual live-action show on Netflix in 2015, and it ran for five seasons before ending in early 2020, when it will be over in early 2019.

3. The Goon Fights All Kinds of Monsters

The Goon Fights All Kinds of Monsters

If you like dark comedy and horror, you’ll love The Goon. It’s a comic book series that does a great job of mixing the two together. Goon and Franky are two of the main characters in the show. In their small town, the two small-time crooks have to fight zombies, vampires, and rats that are bigger than tigers. A lot of violent imagery is used in The Goon, which gives its readers an action-packed story that keeps them coming back for more. A lot of people have tried to turn The Goon into a big Hollywood movie, but they haven’t worked at all.

4. 28 Days Later Continues The Story Of The Cult Classic Film

The comic book series, 28 Days Later, is a direct sequel to the movie, 28 Days Later. It was written to help fill in the gaps in the story between the movie 28 Days Later and its original sequel, 28 Weeks Later, which was never made. Selena, one of the main characters in the original movie, is on her way to London to act as a guide for an American journalist who wants to go there. The series has all the suspense, action, and violence of the movies, but it also uses scary and graphic images to show how dangerous the characters are.

5. DCeased Transformed The DC Universe

DCeased Transformed The DC Universe

After Marvel came out with Marvel Zombies in December 2005, many people wondered if or when DC Comics would come up with their own version of the dark, zombified storyline. That idea didn’t come to fruition until May 2019. DCeased is a six-issue miniseries written by comic book writer Tom Taylor. In it, the anti-life equation, which is usually linked to Darkseid and Apokolips, turns into a virus that spreads around the world.

A Good Day To Die, Unkillables, and Hope At World’s End are all spin-offs of this series that DC made. After Dead Planet came out, a full sequel came out the next year.

6. Night of the Living Dead Tells Preceding Events Of The Classic Movie

The comic book series Night of the Living Dead is a prequel to the 1968 hit movie Night of the Living Dead. It tells the story of the events that led up to the movie. Is a movie that was written by the movie’s original co-writer. Night of the Living Dead does a great job of matching the movie’s tone and pace. The book also shares a few places with the movie, like the farmhouse and the diner, which are both in the movie. Fans of the comics think they are an important part of the series because they were written by one of the movie’s co-creators and co-writers.

7. The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead

Written by Robert Kirkman, art by Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard.

Most people who read this article will have heard of The Walking Dead, either from the TV show or the popular comic book series. It’s worth reading. While it is a zombie comic, the zombies are just a background. The bigger threat is the survivors themselves. The Walking Dead uses your typical zombie ideas, but as the show goes on, it starts to add some interesting twists to them, especially when it comes to becoming a zombie.

8. The New Deadwardians

Written by Dan Abnett, art by I.N.J. Culbard.

One of the things the New Deadwardians does is make fun of the English class system, especially in that time. George Suttle is the Chief Inspector in a world where the upper class are vampires and the lower class are zombies and humans. George has to look into a string of murders in the upper class, which is weird because everyone has already died. A lot of people don’t know what’s going on in the show, but it also uses zombies and vampires in a way that has never been done before.

The New Deadwardians was an 8-part miniseries that has been put together in one book.

9. Zombies Vs Robots

Zombies Vs Robots

Written by Chris Ryall, art by Ashley Wood.

The title of this zombie comic gives you a good idea of what it is all about. There is a war going on. Why did we do this? To keep the last living human baby safe This zombie comic has made a very interesting world with weird robots and a dark post-apocalyptic landscape. Robots that can be put back together at the push of a button to Zombietaurs are also used in the show (a zombie Minotaur).

Zombies vs Robots is available in a trade paperback collection that includes all the books.