8 Best Indie Comics That You Should Reading Update 07/2024

Best Indie Comics

An “indie comic revolution” has been taking place for more than a decade now. Books like Saga, Lore Olympus, and The Walking Dead have fans all over the world. There are superhero comics that are becoming more popular in the mainstream. Part of this is because superhero comics are becoming more popular. Even though Marvel and DC are well-known, indie comics are getting the same attention. But they are also unique in their own way.

There are a lot of indie comics that people who like them might have heard of: Monstress, Nocterra, Decorum, and Something Is Killing the Children. But there were a lot of great indie comics out there in 2021 that fans might not have seen.

1. Eat The Rich: Smart Horror That Takes A Bite At Real-World Evils

eat the rich

eat the rich by Sarah Gailey and Pius Bak is a comic that fits in with the modern world. There is a young woman who met her rich boyfriend at law school and is going to spend the summer with his family for the first time. She is called Joey. She already feels like she’s out of her depth. Her first night there, she learns a terrible secret when she sees a terrible crime.

This dark and brooding horror story really gets under your skin. It’s very clever. Eat The Rich isn’t afraid to look at how the rich take advantage of the less well-off. To make a story that is both emotional and intense, Gailey’s writing and Bak’s art work well together. Fans won’t want to stop reading the story.

2. Djinn Hunter: All-Ages Fantasy With An Anime Aesthetic

During this fantasy story by Jay Sandlin and Fabrizio Cosentino, a Magehound is released from prison by the very same Djinn Council that had kept her there for centuries. Zara is now free to roam the world. She has to find the same Elder Djinn who persuaded the Council to put her in prison. They have since been betrayed by the Elder Djinn, who killed every Magehound alive.

This fantasy story is set in a world that has elements of both Arabian and Japanese folklore. It is very well-illustrated. Cosentino’s art breathes new life into the anime-style battles, giving them incredible magic and dynamic action.

3. Stray Dogs: Imagine Lady And The Tramp Meets Silence Of The Lambs

Stray Dogs

Stray Dogs was written by Tony Fleecs and Trish Forstner. It’s a one of a kind book. In 2021, it’s one of the most exciting new comics. It’s also one of the most unique. It’s a dark and brooding story about an amnesiac dog named Sophie. In the end, Sophie moves to a new home without her human. She wants to find out what happened.

Image Comics has said that it’s like Lady and the Tramp mixed with Silence of the Lambs. Stray Dogs is a great comic for people who like dogs and mysteries, so it’s a good choice.

4. Barbaric: Hilarious Dark Fantasy Inspired By Conan The Barbarian

Michael Moreci and Nathan Gooden’s Barbaric is one of the few books that manages to be both bloody and smart and laugh-out-loud funny at the same time.

It is Owen the Barbarian’s goal to kill people, and he wants to do it. However, witches put a curse on him, making him do good deeds instead of bad ones. Armed with a sentient blood-thirsty ax, he goes on adventures to kill people who do bad things. The ax gets drunk on the blood it eats (and any witches that happen to cross his path).

5. The Boys

The Boys

They have become very popular in the last few years, thanks to the books written by Garth Ennis and drawn by Darick Robertson. The story takes place in a world where superheroes, who are called “supes,” are completely corrupt behind their celebrity personas. So Billy Butcher leads a group of people called “The Boys.” They get into a fight with the supes, which leads to some very violent fights.

For the comic book series as a whole, superheroes get a new look. The comic book characters like Superman and Wonder Woman get a new look, as well as riffs on how they are commercialized in the real world. Since Amazon Studios is adapting it into a TV show, it has become popular and gained new fans. The third season of the TV show is set to air this year.

6. East of West

I think East of West by Jonathan Hickman is a great book! The story here is about a Civil War that has turned the world into a dark place and split the United States of America into different groups. There are seven groups, and things start to get interesting.

The art in the story is great because it goes well with Hickman’s writing. In the comic book series, there are 45 issues that will keep you interested right from the start. There are twists that will make you want to read the next issue right away, and you’ll want to start the next issue right away.

7. Invincible


One thing Robert Kirkman is very good at is making comics that are really good. It’s about Mark Grayson, the son of Omni-Man, the most powerful superhero on Earth. Story: Mark’s journey to become a superhero and Omni-evil Man’s plans are told in this book.

The coming-of-age part of the story is well-examined in this story, which makes it very moving. Not only that, but Amazon Studios has done a great job adapting this comic to the screen.

8. 100 Bullets

Brian Azzarello’s comic, 100 Bullets, is one of the best I’ve ever seen. It’s a mature story that everyone should read. Agent Graves goes around the world and promises to get back at people who have been hurt. For people who want to use his service, he will give them information about the target, a gun, and 100 bullets that can’t be linked back to them.

It’s an indie comic that has a lot of dark themes and talks a lot about revenge in great depth. A lot of stories have dealt with the idea of revenge in a different way, but not this way. Having some really interesting character arcs, this is a book that everyone should read at some point.