8 Best Deadpool Comics That You Should Reading Update 05/2024

Best Deadpool Comics

Mother-lovers, come face-to-face! Deadpool 2 came out a few weeks ago, and we’re still reeling from Wade Wilson’s comeback to the big screen. We thought it was about time to give him the hard-hitting, deep dive analysis that you all love. The best Deadpool stories have been ranked by us, so sit back, get ready to tell us why we’re wrong, and try to have a good time in your mom’s basement once in a while! Make the chimichangas.

1. The Circle Chase

The Circle Chase

After being a regular part of X-Force for a while, Deadpool got his first miniseries in 1993. The writer was Fabian Nicieza and the artist was Joe Madureira. At the time, the X-books were very popular. The plot is very connected to what was going on in those books, but Joe Mad’s art still makes the series worth reading even today. Intense muscle-bound, gun-slinging action from the 90s is still going on, but with a little more skill in the hand. Wade Wilson wasn’t as wisecracking as he was when he worked with Joe Kelly, but Nicieza’s mercenary is still worth reading.

2. Dead Presidents

Gerry Duggan has written more Deadpool than anyone else, and the start of his run with co-writer Brian Posehn and artist Tony Moore proves it. This is why. To kill the now-resurrected former Presidents of the United States who are trying to destroy the country, Ol’ DP teams up with the ghost of Benjamin Franklin. This is the one from Steve Englehart’s run on Doctor Strange, right?

It’s just crazy and stupid enough to make for a really fun Deadpool story that has a lot of action and a lot of weirdness. Tony Moore is a great fit for this story because he’s very good at portraying the crazy violence in this story. Like Deadpool, he makes the guts and gore a lot of fun, just like that.

3. Healing Factor

Healing Factor

Gail Simone’s run on Deadpool was short, but Healing Factor is proof that Wade is a smart person. Sometimes, the best thing he has is something that no one else would think of as a good thing – his mind.

You usually don’t want to do this when you’re fighting an assassin who can read minds, but Wade does. He lets Black Swan into his brain. It turns out that Wade’s broken mind is too much for the treacherous telepath to handle, which allows our hero to win the day.

4. Night of the Living Deadpool and Return of the Living Deadpool

Anyone who doesn’t like George A. Romero will love him. As a horror fan, I’m all in on the idea of Deadpool being turned into a zombie. Technically, Deadpool could be a kind of zombie because he can quickly heal and stay alive. Assassin Deadpool doesn’t like to eat other people’s flesh. Until Night of the Living Deadpool and Return of the Living Deadpool put the goofy assassin in a zombie world. In the morning, Deadpool wakes up in his favorite Mexican restaurant and finds out that the staff had locked him in the restaurant for his own safety. From what? In this case, the zombies can talk. Yes, the zombies can talk. In a nod to Romero’s use of the zombie genre as a political tool, the zombies say the same things they would have said if they were “productive humans” in the real world. They say things like “Oh my God, I am so sorry, but I am so hungry.” It’s nice to see zombies walking around and saying things like that.

Filled with tacos, Deadpool makes his way through the zombie-infested world. He meets two young kids and “Grandma” along the way. We see Wade’s emotions come out in this series, especially when it comes to the guilt he feels over having eaten people. Everyone knows that even though Deadpool has a lot of flaws, he can be a good person if he works very hard. Really hard.

5. Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe

Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe

I’m a big fan of revenge stories that go a little too far. This one is the best. After getting a crazy job, Deadpool turns into a homicidal maniac. This Deadpool does not seem to be very “charismatic.” He is also very, very angry. Even though Deadpool is naturally violent, we are a little less shocked by what he does because he talks so much. In this arc, he’s almost unrecognisable as he tries to kill Marvel’s best. But it isn’t as smart or funny as it used to be. This is a little surprising to me because they let Deadpool shoot Peter Parker (in the head)! This comic isn’t very easy to read, but it’s a good place to learn more about Deadpool’s darker side, behind his wit and sarcasm.

This may be too much for people who aren’t very brave, but in retrospect, it’s refreshing to see Deadpool get back at everyone who has tried to change him.

6. Deadpool VS Carnage

Deadpool VS Carnage #2, cover art by Glenn Fabry, written by Cullen Bunn, art by Salvador Espin and Veronica Gandini, lettering by Joe Sabino

Cullen Bunn is the best person to ask about Deadpool because he knows him best. In Deadpool vs. Carnage, Deadpool follows the signs of the universe to kill the bad guy, Carnage. To get away from Ryker’s Island, Cletus Cassidy and his friend have a symbiote and go on a rampage. They leave a trail of bodies behind them. Because Cletus and Wade are both crazy, it makes sense that they would go up against each other. When Deadpool wants to find Cletus and fight with him, he “listens to the signs.” I find it interesting that when I think of “conscious” characters, Wade isn’t the first person I think of, but he is. Mysticism and Marvel also don’t come to mind when you think of this, but it works really well together. To make things even worse, they compare it to having a mental illness, which is something Cletus and Deadpool both have. Symbiotes are actually living organisms that live inside people’s bodies. The idea that anything that helps us in life is like being sick in the head is ridiculous because there are real symbiotes on the planet. Everything is possible, even that weird feeling you get in your gut that tells you what to do (intuition).

As a result, when Deadpool learns where Cletus is by watching TV, Shriek comes to his aid. There is a love fest between Deadpool and Carnage, which spreads to the freeway and eventually to the Mercury Team’s secret hideout. This is what happens: This story is full of Aliens references and perfect Wade BanterTM. It will make you laugh and give you a healthy dose of gore to eat. All-out war and death.

7. Black Panther VS Deadpool

Black Panther VS Deadpool

Black Panther VS Deadpool, cover art by Rain Beredo, written by Daniel Kibblesmith, art by Ricardo López Ortiz, and Felipe Sobreiro, lettering by Joe Sabino

With all the people in the Marvel universe that Wade has fought (and killed) he should have made it to Wakanda at some point. When Deadpool rescues a school bus full of kids from The Wrecker, he goes on a search for vibranium to help a local postman who was hurt while Wade was “rescuing” kids (and destroying a neighborhood).

There is a lot of demand for vibranium, which is why T’Challa isn’t willing to give it to Wade, who has already made a name for himself in Marvel. T’Challa, after cutting off Wade’s arm with a new contraption that he made, found out that Wade doesn’t have “healing” abilities. Instead, Wade’s cancer just keeps growing and growing. That means that Deadpool is nothing more than a tumor that walks around. The irony is lost in the first few minutes of hearing the news. So, in typical Deadpool fashion, after being kicked out by T’Challa, Deadpool tries to get the vibranium and save the Fantastic Four’s mailman. Jack O’ Lantern also wants to visit Wakanda because it’s a cool place, so T’Challa and Wade join forces to fight evil! Certainly! I didn’t see it coming.

8. Cable and Deadpool: If Looks Could Kill

Cable & Deadpool: If Looks Could Kill, cover art by Rob Liefeld, written by Fabian Nicieza, art by Mark Brooks and Shane Law, lettering by Cory Petit

Cable and Deadpool, oh my gosh. Their friendship is so strong that they even made a movie about it! The Minister in If Looks Could Kill wants to make everyone blue. Deadpool was hired by the Minister and he wants to make everyone blue, too. Deadpool has to go to France and then Germany to get a bioweapon called the “Façade Virus.” Cable tries to stop the plan once, but he gets infected by it in the end. In order to save themselves and the rest of the world, the two have to work together.

Deadpool and Cable are like oil and water. They work well together, and their dialogue is very funny. Professor Xavier shows up to give Cable some friendly “Daddy of the Mutants” advice. Lightmaster shows up to be the real bad guy in the story. In this comic book series, “Anarchists” who call themselves “Spammers” are one of the things that are made fun of. After taking the virus, it turns out that it isn’t stable, so the kids melt as they carry out their plans of doom and destruction.

Children are stopped by Cable in typical centrist fashion. He tells them to stop yelling at the machine. The person is such a loser. Throughout the 6 book series, there are themes like authoritarianism, cults, time travel, and Professor Xavier being forced to stay neutral even though the world is trying to kill mutants. There is no right way to live in the world, but we can stand up for people who think they can’t do anything. Not becoming “one race,” but accepting people for who they are. Even though they’re obnoxious mercenaries with an odd love for The Golden Girls.