10 Best Garfield Comics That You Should Reading Update 05/2024

Garfield Minus Garfield

In 1978, the now-iconic Garfield comic strip first aired across the country. The strip was made by Jim Davis, and it shows the daily lives of a cat named Garfield, his best friend Odie the dog, and their owner, Jon Arbuckle. But in 1976, the comic strip was first shown on a local level as Jon and focused on the show’s main human character.

A new Garfield Minus Garfield comic strip came out in 2008. It gave the strip a new lease on life. Other characters, such as Garfield and Odie, were digitally removed from the movie. This made Jon talk to himself and show how bad he was. Garfield didn’t tell Mr. Arbuckle anything about what was going on, so things got rough very quickly.

1. Jon Stares Into The Void

arfield Minus Garfield-1

The constant existential crisis that Jon is in has always been there, and it hasn’t changed. As it turns out, Garfield’s narration gave the fans of the show some humor to understand the gloomy things Jon said. In a weird way, Jon’s dark, introspective nature makes him both interesting and relatable to people.

In this comic, Jon looks into the coming void and tells the truth about what he sees. In this comic, the last panel is what makes it so funny. Afterward, Jon gives the reader a serious side-eye to let them know that this is true for them, too.

2. A Lonely Guy

Jon has been Garfield’s best friend for the whole run of the comic strip and in other media forms. But depression has been Jon’s main companion for a long time. The man has real mental health problems that have mostly gone untreated.

The issues came to the fore when Garfield was left out of the equation. Even though Jon’s dark humor also took a big step forward. Afterward, Jon walked away from the strip. Funny and poignant: The empty panel is both funny and sad.

3. Jon Really Likes That Burger

arfield Minus Garfield-3

One of the main jokes in Garfield is that the cat likes to eat. If Jon gives him something to eat, he’ll gobble it up. He’s best known for his love for lasagna. It doesn’t matter what Jon puts in front of Jon, Garfield will eat it.

In this strip, Jon made a burger for one of his pets, most likely Garfield, at first. Set the food down, then walked out of the room in an odd way. By itself, Jon is just announcing that the food has arrived, then leaving it alone on a table. Garfield isn’t in the scene.

4. That’s Just Sad

Even Jon Arbuckle likes to be the center of attention when people throw parties for him. It’s bad news for Jon that cats and dogs can’t plan a party, whether it’s a surprise or not. But, on the whole, Jon is a hard-working person who doesn’t like to give up.

In what seems to be the case, his plan is to surprise his own self with a party. However, without Garfield or Odie around, Jon is just making up stories about how he’s going to surprise himself with a party in front of an empty room. That’s also likely to be the whole guest list for the party.

5. Deep Thoughts

arfield Minus Garfield-5

Asking the hard questions about life can be hard for anyone, but even more so for someone like Jon, who has been having problems for a long time. A lot of the time, it’s something that comes up. Jon, on the other hand, seems to be able to deal with everything pretty well.

Before he began to think about failing, Jon may have opened the lid on a lot of bad things. That said, the last panel makes the reader wonder who he’s talking to. Leaving Garfield in the strip wouldn’t have made things a lot more clear.

6. Bad Date Follow Up

Jon went on many dates. In fact, that isn’t entirely true. In the beginning, Jon went on a lot of first dates. There were very few second dates. The man has very little game. Not very many women liked him.

When Jon tried to call a woman named Debbie, things went very wrong very fast. Garfield did something that made Jon angry. Debbie heard Jon say something that made her very angry. As in the Garfield-free version, the joke is almost the same, except that Jon is yelling at nobody.

7. But Why Are His Socks Wet?

arfield Minus Garfield-7

One way to get their mind off their problems is to look out the window on a cold winter day. It’s something that Jon and Garfield have done many times over the years. There’s still a good way to spend some time, even without Garfield.

But Jon throws a wrench into things. After two panels where he didn’t say a word, he says out of the blue that his socks are wet. Garfield may have given some background on why Jon’s socks are wet. If there was no narration, Jon would look like a weird man in wet socks without it.

8. Pep Talk

Any adult human being should go on a journey to become more aware of their own selves. In order to change your life, you have to step back and look at your whole life. So is telling the truth, which is something Jon doesn’t seem to have a problem with at all. The man is very honest with himself.

In the first panel, Jon tried to get himself going by telling himself that he’s not a loser. He did this to try to get himself going. Not at all. That isn’t true at all. By the end of the comic strip, Jon was much more careful with himself when he said something that made him feel good.

9. Party Animals

Garfield Minus Garfield-9

Some times, living life to the fullest means taking pleasure in the little things. And Jon’s life has been mostly filled with small moments, because he hasn’t had many big moments in his life.

That’s the way it looks this time. Jon is having a great time just eating cereal right out of the box. Garfield isn’t here to explain why he’s so excited about eating cereal right out of the box. That said, it’s hard to think of a good answer to that question, though.

10. Zombie Problems

When someone spends a lot of time alone, they can become a little afraid. Well, that’s just one of many things that can happen. Many of them happen to Jon Arbuckle on a regular basis.

In this case, Jon is very worried that his neighbor across the street from him might be dead. What makes the comic funny are the empty panels that open and close it. They make it even more fun. Jon just shows up and says something crazy, then disappears.