9 Best Darkseid Comics That You Should Reading Update 04/2024

Best Darkseid Comics

Every comic book has had Darkseid of Apokolips, who is one of the most powerful bad guys. He always comes back with a plan that is worse than the last one, no matter what the Justice League does.

A lot of bad things Darkseid has done over the years have made him known as one of the biggest bad guys in DC Comics. However, because of his long history, some parts of the character can be a little hard to understand. When we looked at some of the most important Darkseid stories from his time in comics, we came up with this list.

1. Forever People #1

Forever People #1

In fact, many people may not even know about them. But Darkseid’s very first issue is still a big deal because it marks a big change for the entire DC universe. It was Darkseid’s first official appearance in this issue. It set the stage for what he would become in the future.

It doesn’t matter that Darkseid had been in another issue before this one. This one is still one of the most important in the character’s history. Also, with the great Jack Kirby at the helm, this issue alone is one of the most important in DC history because of him.

2. Mister Miracle

However, even though Darkseid himself does not show up very often in any of the recent Mister Miracle maxiseries, it is still a very important part of the character’s history. Scott Free is still the main character in the book, but Darkseid is still the main source of the outside conflict in the story.

Darkseid’s future is also in question because of the way the series ends. Tom King, the author of the series, has said that it will come back a little later on down the road. This is still one of the best Darkseid stories, and it shows just how evil he can be. There are still a lot of important Darkseid stories out there, but this one is still one of the best.

3. Superman/Batman #8-13

SupermanBatman #8-13

During the process of making Kara Zor-El a part of the main DC universe, Darkseid played a big part. After Batman and Superman find Kara, Darkseid kidnapped her in the hope that he could get a Kryptonian on his team.

So, the DC Trinity goes to Apokolips, where they fight a lot of other bad guys to get her back. The character Darkseid is so bad that by the end of this arc, he has become part of the source wall, a barrier that marks the physical boundaries of DC’s world. Even though some people have forgotten about this story, it is still a great read and Darkseid’s character has been changed because of it.

4. Crisis Between Two Earths

In a story about two different groups of heroes, Darkseid really takes the lead as the main bad guy in this story. In order to keep the gods of New Genesis under control, both the Justice League and the Justice Society need to be present to free them.

Even though this Crisis event is often overlooked by DC’s other Crisis events, it still has a good story even years after it was first written. This story is also a great example of how powerful Darkseid can be when he’s left alone. As a good thing, the Justice League has been there to stop him at every turn. The villain, on the other hand, can still do some pretty scary things.

5. Rock Of Ages

Rock Of Ages

To this day, JLA: Rock of Ages is thought to be one of the best Justice League stories ever. A future in which Darkseid gets the Anti-life Equation is what the story is about. This is what the future of the DC universe would look like.

This shows how much power Darkseid has. Of course, the current team can take steps to make sure this doesn’t happen. Given how dark and twisted this future is, “Rock of Ages” does a great job of making Darkseid the personification of evil in this movie. People thought the character was a little silly before this point in the story; he was still very silly. After this, Darkseid would become a much bigger and more dangerous threat to the DC universe.

6. Justice League #1

To start with, Darkseid was the main bad guy who helped get the Justice League together for the first time in DC’s New 52. Darkseid didn’t play a role in the formation of the League, but this story changed the canon to make him a member.

In an attempt to invade and enslave Earth, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Flash, Green Lantern and Aquaman must come together in order to take down a threat so massive. Because this story set the stage for the new continuity, even though Darkseid has had a bigger impact on Earth both before and after this story, it is still important. In light of all the things Darkseid has done to change the world, forming the Justice League must be one of the most important things he’s done.

7. The Great Darkness Saga (1982)

The Great Darkness Saga (1982)

There is a new group of superheroes in this story: the Legion of Super-Heroes. This story is set in the 30th century and takes place in a different time. A great darkness, which had been asleep for a thousand years, now spreads across the universe. Growing stronger, Darkseid is back, and the Legionnaires may not be able to handle him here, as he returns.

This book is mostly out of print, but it’s worth looking for a trade. The Great Darkness Saga is one of the best Legion of Super-Heroes stories that has ever been made. It’s a mix of classic Kirby mythology with the dense work of Paul Levitz and Keith Giffen on Legion. The story is well-paced, full of mystery, and a great read all around.

8. Legends (1986)

The first thing that happened after the Crisis on Infinite Earths. It had to be done by Darkseid because he was in charge of it. This is a meeting between the Justice League and Darkseid, but there is a lot of help from people who are loyal to Darkseid, like the TV evangelist G. Gordon Godfrey, who wants to help Darkseid. He and his followers use their powers to make things happen in a way that shows people on Earth how dangerous it is to have superheroes in the world. Most clearly, Captain Marvel is shown with Billy Batson, who was just a little boy.

Legends isn’t very long. It only lasts for 6 standard-sized issues. If you want to learn more about how the Justice League and Darkseid work together on a small scale, this story is interesting.

9. JLA #10-15 Rock of Ages (1998)

JLA #10-15 Rock of Ages (1998)

A big part of Grant Morrison’s JLA run, Rock of Ages gives us a lot of ideas about what he might do with the character some day. The Justice League is in a future where Darkseid has figured out how to make the Anti-life Equation work. Taking over not only Apokolips and New Genesis, but also Earth. People are kept in submission because of the constant broadcast.

A lot of comic book fans love the story. The story is very well-paced and powerful in how it deals with its twists and turns. If you want to know why Superman looks the way he does in this scene, you might need to do a quick Google search.