8 Best Romance Comics That You Should Readingcs Update 07/2024

Best Romance Comics

What did Jeff Lemire, who wrote The Essex County Trilogy, The Underwater Welder, and Green Arrow about? While I was hoping to hear about Lemire’s personal history with cupid’s arrows, what he said was more practical: there aren’t many great romance comics. “I think there haven’t been a lot of great love stories in comics,” Lemire said. All kinds of music have been mastered in one way or another. There have been a lot of great crime comics, sci-fi comics, and superhero comics in the past. But it’s hard to think of great comic book love stories.

The term “comic book love story” can be a little vague. Joe Simon and Jack Kirby’s recent “Young Romance” collection proved that romance comics were a profitable and popular item 50 years ago. Marvel is even working on a romance line that will be out in June. There aren’t a lot of romance comics out there right now, but that doesn’t mean that love isn’t a big part of some of the best comics that have been out in the last few years.

Some of the best 3-D, vivid, and memorable pairings in popular media can be found on our shelves and in long boxes. Even though we’re excited about the comic industry’s future plans for this neglected genre, we only had to look at our bookshelves and boxes to find them. This list only includes characters who were made in the last few decades, like Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson, Archie and Veronica, and so on. It’s time to tell us which ones you like in the comments below.

1. Maya & Rob

Maya & Rob

Comic: RASL

Writer & Artist: Jeff Smith

For people who haven’t read this sci-fi thriller, RASL stands for Romance at the Speed of Light, but “romance” might be too optimistic to describe the relationship between scientists Rob and Maya. RASL stands for Romance at the Speed of Light. Rob has sex with his partner’s wife while working on a dangerous military project. He then tattoos her name on his bicep and quits his job to steal priceless art in another dimension. This happens only in physics-bending noir. Rob keeps traveling through time and space, and he finds other versions of Maya in his trips. (Does it count as cheating if you seduce your best friend’s wife in a different dimension? It’s a bad thing if you’re cheating on your best friend’s wife with his wife from a different dimension. Discuss this with each other. The real story behind this couple is far more complicated than what was first thought. Rob and Maya, on the other hand, have a chemistry that packs more electricity than a Tesla charge.

2. Harley Quinn & The Joker

Comic: Batman, Various

Writer/Artist: Various

Let’s not be too critical of Harleen Quinzel, who used to be a psychiatrist. These guys and girls aren’t likely to be sociopathic crime lords who try to poison entire cities with toxic laughing gas. We’ve all dated guys and girls we probably should not have. Probably. It was very bad for Dr. Quinzel to break the Hippocratic Oath and help The Joker rob banks, terrorize Gotham City, and hit people on the head with hammers that were very big. When Batman: The Animated Series was first made, Paul Dini and Bruce Timm came up with a character called Harley Quinn. She has been in comic books for a long time now. As a lesson, Harley Quinn’s puddin’ wears his severed face as a Kabuki Mask, but she still loves him. I guess that’s true. The heart wants what the heart wants.

3. Agent 355 & Yorick Brown

Agent 355 & Yorick Brown

Comic: Y: The Last Man

Writer/Artist: Brian K. Vaughan/Pia Guerra

It doesn’t matter that Yorick Brown is the last man on the planet. He has a lot of options. When it comes to finding love, Brown has a long-distance girlfriend in Australia, a short-term fling with a pretty blonde who later becomes his baby mama, and an S&M Queen who shows some very rough love. A dream at the end of the 60-issue Y: The Last Man run shows that Agent 355, the government agent who protects Brown’s body, may want to do more than just keep him safe. The romance never comes to fruition because 355 sacrifices herself to save a suicidal militant. The romance is hidden in the duo’s witty banter and suppressed desire (contrast 355’s stoic hero theatrics against Brown’s whiny Gen Y sensitivity – it’s gender role anarchy!). As a show-don’t-tell character, Brian K. Vaughan does a great job with this unique friendship.

4. Apollo & Midnighter

Comic: The Authority

Writer/Artist: Warren Ellis/Bryan Hitch/Various

Lois Lane or Wonder Woman? That’s a debate that has been going on for years. The real answer is: Neither. Warren Ellis tells the story of Apollo and Midnighter, two characters he thinks are like Superman and Batman, but who also happen to be a gay couple. They save the world, but they also show how to be a good gay couple. When they were in books like Stormwatch and The Authority, this couple was the star. They married and had a magical child, who is also called “the Spirit of the 21st Century.” When they were nominated for two GLAAD Media Awards in 2003 and 2004 for their work, they didn’t stop there.

5. Bigby Wolf & Snow White

Bigby Wolf & Snow White

Comic: Fables

Writer/Artist: Bill Willingham/Mark Buckingham

In Bill Willingham’s and Mark Buckingham’s postmodern fairy tale epic, Fables, the Big Bad Wolf and Snow White have worked together to become the heart of the story. It used to be a mystery who Bigby Wolf was. He retired from stalking grandmothers and pigs to raise the most beautiful princess of them all, who gave birth to a litter of magical human-wolf hybrids. It would be easy to talk about a lot about this married power couple, but Bigby and Snow are one of the most mature and stable couples in comics. They don’t have drama in their relationship so they can focus on the Grimm threats their magical community faces every day.

6. Lore Olympus By Rachel Smythe

if you want to see modern Greek gods fall in love. This is the place for you. The webcomic is based on the story of Hades and Persephone, the first goth boy who met a soft girl. Besides these two, you can see all the big-name gods (Zeus, Poseidon, and Ares) making chaos and drama as well. We love to read about that, though.

The first season is done, and the second season starts this month! So it’s a great time to start it if you haven’t already, right? If you like comics, this one will make you feel good and break your heart at the same time.

7. Nice To Meet You By Wishroomness

Nice To Meet You By Wishroomness

If you’re an accident-prone college student like Mew, you might find a student ID on the ground one day. Because she doesn’t want to do the right thing, she exchanges it for her own ID and leaves with his. The reason is: In her case, she’s bored and wants to see how everything turns out.

Afterward, Daze can’t stop meeting Mew. They say he isn’t very friendly. He spends most of his time with a little puppy that’s very cute. Then there’s something about Mew that makes Daze want to get close to her.

8. Brass & Sass By Antlerella

If you look at Camilla’s face, you can see that she has a lot of energy inside of her that she wants to use. She doesn’t stay around to finish what she starts, but she does her best. As soon as she sees and hears about the band class, she decides to sign up right away, even though she doesn’t play a single note. One of the reasons she wants to join band class is Victor, a handsome musician who makes her want to dance. But when she meets him, he isn’t at all like she thought. As for Camilla, Victor doesn’t seem to want her to be a part of band class.

Because Camilla is so small, Victor doesn’t need a whole lot of sunshine in his life. Victor is very tall. A perfect match is what you need to meet!