10 Best Supernatural Anime That You Should Watching Update 05/2024

Best Supernatural Anime

Any of these creepy but amusing anime should appeal to anyone with an interest in the paranormal or even just a passing fascination with spirits and otherworldly beings.

Two kinds of anime exist: those in which the world is stable and governed by established laws of physics, and those in which the world appears stable but is in fact unstable. who have the good fortune to disregard the extra reflection and the will-o’-the-wisp lazily swaying just above the water’s surface.

To be a protagonist in a novel that ranges from whimsical to terrifying is a great honor for those who dare to follow their intuitions. The supernatural is the appropriate genre to combine urban stories and folklore from all around the world with Japanese culture and Western animation. A list of 10 Supernatural Anime wouldn’t be complete without adding one of the funniest straight imports to date.

1. Supernatural, the Anime Series

Supernatural, the Anime Series

A spiritual offspring of X-Files and Buffy, Supernatural follows the adventures of Sam and Dean Winchester as they brave demons, angels, ghosts, and other supernatural beings on the road for pitiful wages. Meanwhile, they’re delving into their own past, present, and a slew of frighteningly different futures. Supernatural was given an anime remake in Japan for some inexplicable reason. Supernatural: The Animated Series is a two-season show that covers the first season of the show and adds a few more episodes for die-hard fans of the original series.

In spite of the dark undertones of the program, Supernatural is not a grey morality universe, and it reflects in the design choices made by Miya and Ishizuka, who kept this anime extremely close to Western animation by employing comparable proportions and color palettes as Death Note.

2. Midnight Occult Civil Servants

Everything’s the Japanese answer to Supernatural, X-Files, Rivers of London, and the video game The Secret World: every fairytale, urban legend, and myth is genuine and there is a government department that handles it. First-half POV character Miyako Arata is a newly assigned Shinjuku Ward Office Nocturnal Community Relations Division civil servant.

While the plot is dark and full of twists, there is a decent dose of office humor to keep things from becoming too depressing. For Psycho-Pass fans, the pace and character design will be a delight.

3. Ghost Hunt

Ghost Hunt

It’s also known as Ghost Hunter and follows a group of high school kids who work as Ghost Hunters at Shibuya Psychic Research Center. After Kazuya’s assistant, Lin, is injured, Kazuya quickly recruits Mai Taniyama as a replacement, despite her lack of experience.

Ghost Hunt is a great companion series to Haruhi Suzumiya (below), as it explores the diverse exorcism and cleansing powers of various religions.

4. Haruhi Suzumiya

In the Haruhi Suzumiya series, we see Haruhi’s life through the eyes of Kyon, a jaded high school student. Mostly due to the fact that she’s quite bored at the moment. Kyon, on the other hand, readily breaks out of her routine and joins in the investigation of these strange occurrences. After Haruhi’s “cases” start exploding around them, most of the students think that Haruhi’s “cases” are the funniest thing they’ve ever seen.

However, this series is so full of spoilers that the episodes were aired in reverse chronological order. Let’s call this a more upbeat Steins version: Starter wheels on the gate mean less terror of the cosmos and more levity. (The soundtrack is also fantastic.)

5. Mushishi


Mushi are the fundamental building blocks of life and are found in all living organisms. They aren’t nasty people, but whenever they meet humans, bad things happen to hapless humans. Throughout the two seasons, the OVA and the film, the protagonist Ginko, a Mushishi (a kind of Mushi detective), walks across nature in search of strange natural phenomena and ultra-natural phenomena.

It’s beautiful, episodic, atmospheric, well-paced, and wonderfully unique… yet it’s not particularly thrilling. As a fan of Japanese folklore, Shintoism or art and nature, it’s a must-see, but those looking for slapstick comedy, dazzling magical powers and action scenes should avoid it.

6. Noragami

Yato, a god-of-calamity who believes in himself but has no temple or followers, is the focus of Noragami, an Adachitoka manga based on the same name. The story begins when Hiyori, a bored high school student (there seems to be a protagonist pattern here…), saves Yato from being run over by an oncoming bus and gains the dangerous ability to separate her soul from her body. When Yato goes to aid her, he must find a new Regalia, which is essentially human souls changed into weapons, and he does discover one in the guise of Yukino, a recently deceased child who hasn’t yet accepted that he is dead and used as an instrument by an impoverished God.

He wants to be remembered by as many people as possible, just like in Terry Pratchett’s Minor Gods universe, where gods only exist if people believe in them. He wants to be remembered as the popular hero he once was, before he changed himself. As with Taku Iwasaki’s work on Black Butler and Soul Eater, you can expect high quality music from this album.

7. Black Butler

Black Butler (2008-2014)

The dystopian 19th-century setting of Black Butler relates the macabre tale of Queen Victoria’s youngest Lord Enforcer, Ciel Phantomhive, and Sebastian, his demon butler, who will devour Ciel’s soul once he exacts vengeance on those responsible for the murder of his family.

The Black Butler’s outlook is ultimately optimistic, beautifully stylized with all the hypocritical trappings of Victorian life. This is a juvenile version of Batman with a Satanic Alfred and the Queen’s blessing to wreak havoc on the lives of anybody who annoys him. Besides Brina Palencia as Ciel and J. Michael Tatum as Sebastian, who recently starred in Ouran High School Host Club and directed Romeo x Juliet respectively, the Funimation English dub also incorporates their portrayals of these characters.

8. XXX-Holic

In order to deal with seeing strange creatures, Watanuki’s only recourse is to become afraid. Yuko, a powerful and languid witch who grants him the wish to cease seeing these ghosts in exchange for working at her store, greets him on his lucky day.

Yuko’s business is granting wishes, and she will assist anyone who approaches her with a request for assistance in exchange for something priceless (to them). Tsubasa Chronicles and XXX-Holic are both Clamp works. This series, like Yuko the smoking witch, will draw you deeper and deeper into its quicksand, so don’t be put off by the overly stylized nature of the artwork.

9. Death Note

Misa Amane – Death Note

Every list of the best anime ever published includes Death Note because of its many facets. “Best villain,” “best diabetic hero,” and “best noir” all make the list. “Best horror,” “best mystery,” “best anime,” and “best anime” all make the list at the same time. Except for romance, Death Note has a little something for everyone.

Light Yagami, a brilliant and bored-til-tears student, uncovers a black notebook that has the capacity to kill everyone who has their name inscribed inside. The only catch is that it’s tied to Ryuuk, the apple-obsessed shinigami who “accidentally” threw it to Earth because he was bored to death. Despite Ryuuk’s warnings, Light begins killing the most dangerous criminals using the notebook’s abilities. A cult-like following, a manhunt, and a wave of panic ensue. Check it out if you liked the series “Code Geass” and characters who are just a little bit smarter than they should be are your thing.

10.Spirited Away

Chihiro, a 10-year-old girl, whose parents are transformed into pigs and confined in a kami onsen, is the protagonist of Spirited Away (a traditional bathhouse for Japanese spirits and gods.) It is her goal to discover a method to rescue her parents and escape from this world, and in classic fairytale fashion, she manages to find allies in the most unlikely places.

To begin with, Spirited Away is an excellent introduction to the realm of supernatural anime because the storyline is short and there are only a few characters to remember, but the film still incorporates enough of Japanese folklore that will show up in later anime.