10 Best Superman Animated Movies That You Should Watching Update 04/2024

Best Superman Animated Movies

Over the years, Superman has appeared on television numerous times. We’ve compiled a list of 10 of the best Superman cartoons ever made.

In recent years, Batman has received far more attention than Superman. Despite this, Big Blue has a following of his own. Fans around the world believe that Superman’s pure image and message is a positive influence. You get weird adaptations that try to make him as dark as the Dark Knight because of this. Because Superman is supposed to be the best of us all and more, that approach hasn’t worked one bit in the DCEU.

The tiny screen has provided us with some excellent animated flicks that have gotten the man of the future correct. Here are the greatest 10 animated Superman stories of all time, whether it’s a DCAU movie, episodes from the mid-nineties program, or some other version of Superman.

1. The Fleischer Cartoons

The Fleischer Cartoons

When it comes to cartoons, you owe it to yourself to learn more about the people behind them. During its heyday, Fleischer Studios was the preeminent animation studio. When the Fleischer brothers tackled Superman in 1941, they used huge monster robots to set him against a crazy scientist.

You may check out the cartoons on YouTube and discover how they have affected a number of animators over the past few decades.

2. JLA: The New Frontier

Darwyn Cooke, a comic book artist and writer, created DC: The New Frontier, which depicts the Golden Age of Superheroes in comic books. The DC animated adaptation is handled with a lot of care, which is not a surprise.

To face The Center, an alien lifeform out to exterminate us all, the Justice League of America assembles in JLA: The New Frontier. As a light of hope, Superman is rarely more idealistic and humanitarian as he is in these stories.

3. All Star Superman

All Star Superman

Having been exposed to too much solar radiation, Superman is now in a critical condition. He gets to work right away because he has a lot of saving to accomplish before the conclusion.

A day of being Superwoman is all Lois has to do to get her hands on some of Clark’s magic potion. Lex Luthor, of course, makes an appearance as the couple works together to repel both domestic and extraterrestrial invaders.

4. Superman Vs. The Elite

The heroes of our favorite comic books have evolved as the world has changed since Superman first appeared. When it comes to comic book heroes, Superman is still the best. It’s challenged by the upstart group of Elite in Superman Vs. The Elite.

With Manchester Black as their leader, The Elite employ techniques that aren’t up to scratch when it comes to righteous and true practices. In the end, Superman and the Elite will face off in a philosophical duel. The Elite have no qualms about assassinating the bad guys, and that will never sit well with Superman.

5. Worlds Finest, Parts 1, 2, & 3

A lot of people aren’t as enthusiastic about Batman: The Animated Series, yet it is a fantastic representation of the source material. It was Batman who arrived to town for the “World’s Finest” trio of episodes to wrap up the show’s second season.

Joker offers Luthor a deal after stealing some Kryptonite. For a billion dollars, he’ll take out Superman. They use their abilities to figure out each other’s identities. This is the Batman vs. Superman that film fans have been waiting for.

6. Death Of Superman

Death Of Superman

Doomsday or “SuperMan #75” are quickly recognized as a reference to the 1992 “Death of Superman” storyline if you mention them to a Superman comic book reader.

Superman/Doomsday was one of the first DCAU movies, but it wasn’t until years later that the narrative was properly told. Doomsday is stopped by Superman in this version of the story, who accomplishes what he set out to achieve. However, he has already done a great deal of harm before Superman can intervene, including destroying the Justice League.

7. Reign Of The Supermen

We poor mortals would glance to the heavens if we lived in a world without Superman in the hopes of seeing another source of hope that we might cling onto.

Superboy, Steel, the Eradicator, and a Cyborg who looks and acts like the actual Steel were all included in Reign of the Supermen. When it comes to Darkseid and Clark Kent, he’s actually the farthest apart from them all.

8. The Main Man, Parts 1 & 2

The Main Man, Parts 1 & 2

One of the most popular DCU antiheroes is Lobo, a figure who isn’t one of the regular heroes. In the two-parter, “The Main Man,” The Main Man made his debut in the DCAU.

As a result of what was allowed on television, the Last Czarnian is still a formidable opponent for Superman. That’s what the Preserver offered him when he grabbed Superman. In the end, the two of them link up to escape because they understand they’re being hunted as endangered species.

9. Legacy, Parts 1 & 2

It will be released later this year. If Kal El had crashed in Soviet Russia instead of Kansas City, the tale would be very different.

The same question was posed in the show’s finale. However, Superman was deceived into believing he crashed on Apokolips, the home of Darkseid, rather than the Stalingrad. Until he returns to Earth and slowly regains his memory, he aids Darkseid in taking control of the galaxy.

10. Public Enemies

Public Enemies

Everyone in the country is in a trance after electing Lex Luthor as president. Batman and Superman aren’t convinced by Luthor’s government-approved superheroes, despite the country’s economic recovery.

And for good reason: after convincing the public that Superman murdered a guy (Metallo), President Obama suggested that the military use nuclear missiles to destroy a Kryptonite asteroid that was traveling toward Earth. In order to clear Superman’s name and uncover Luthor’s intentions, the duo is now being chased.