10 Best Anime Like Hakuouki That You Should Watching Update 07/2024

Anime Like Hakuouki

Chizuru Yukimura, 16, is the daughter of a doctor in Edo, Japan, in the 1860s. The only means by which Chizuru may stay in touch with her father while he is working away from home in Kyoto’s capital city is through the letters he writes to her. Upon discovering that the letters are no longer arriving, Chizuru feels extremely alarmed. She goes to Kyoto to look for him in disguise as a man for her own safety, but when she arrives, she is attacked by samurai and a weird, nearly inhuman man. As a result of what she witnessed, Chizuru is taken to the Shinsengumi’s base of operations to be probed and maybe silenced permanently. After discovering Chizuru’s father, the Shinsengumi and their secretive clan of warriors spare her, explaining that they, too, are on the hunt for him, but for different reasons. With her newfound companions, Chizuru must continue her hunt for her father, while also forging ties with gorgeous young men that will permanently affect the path of their life.

10. Hiiro no Kakera

Hiiro no Kakera

Isn’t it true that gods and ghosts can only be found in stories? So far, Tamki Kasuga, a high school student, has felt this way before she leaves for the little village of Kifumura to live with her grandmother. Upon her arrival, she is informed that the blood of the Tamayori Princess, who has the obligation and power of securing gods and spirits from harming the ordinary populace, is found in the female members of her family. When Tamaki first hears this, she has a hard time believing it, but having five attractive young guys following her about as her guardians helps.

When Tamaki first begins her new profession, she isn’t aware of how dangerous and perilous the route ahead of her is. Will she be able to carry out the responsibilities entrusted to her?

9. Diabolik Lovers

Yui Komori moves into an isolated estate with the Sakamaki brothers, a family of vampires: Shuu, Reiji, Ayato, Kanato, Laito, and Subaru. While initially perplexed as to why the girl has arrived, the siblings quickly come to learn that she is to be their new “sacrificial wife,” not to mention their other, more sexual plans toward her. Yui begins to question her father’s decision to bring her here, as well as the source of a weird new discomfort in her chest. Yui’s existence as a slave in her new house takes a horrific turn when each of her brothers becomes more twisted than the last. Every night becomes longer and longer as Yui’s days morph into unending nights, and each of her brothers vows to claim her as his own.

8. Brave 10

Brave (2012)

Her temple has been destroyed and the people within slaughtered by an evil band of ninja, leaving the young Izumo priestess, Isanami, with little choice but to flee into the forest. Saizou Kirigakure, a masterless ninja from the Iga school, is found by chance. Upon their arrival at Ueda Castle, they seek the assistance of Yukimura Sanada. She has a peculiar and destructive ability, and Sanada promises to help her by bringing ten strong warriors to her side.

Set in the Warring States era, Brave 10 opens with this. In the war-torn territories of Yukimura, Saizou and Isanami search for strong warriors to serve under Yukimura’s banner, each with a powerful skill of their own. All the while, they’ll be fighting off others who want to take the evil power she holds and use it for their own ends.

7. Otome Youkai Zakuro

Otome Youkai Zakuro is set in a different time period than the Meiji Restoration in Japan. Humans and spirits coexist peacefully in this alternate timeline. The old Eastern beliefs, which had long ruled Japan, are being challenged by a growing number of Japanese who prefer the more Westernized Western religions. As a result, tensions between humans and youkai are rising.

The Ministry of Spirits, a group of male soldiers and female youkai, is formed in an effort to alleviate tensions. Things don’t go quite as planned for the troops, Kei Agemaki, who is frightened of youkai, and Zakuro, a ghost that despises humans who follow western practices and traditions. In the near future, these two will have to learn to work together with their greatest adversaries!

6. Vampire Knight

Vampire Knight

At Cross Academy, each student is assigned to a day or night class based on his or her academic ability. On the surface, Yuuki Cross and Zero Kiryuu are the academy’s prefects, tasked with maintaining order among the pupils during the nightly lectures that rotate. As the Night Class is filled of awe-inspiring elites, this can be a challenge. Vampires are the “elites” in this case, thus it’s necessary. Night Class secrets are protected by Yuuki and Zero while their morning colleagues remain oblivious.

Since she is the adopted daughter of the academy’s chairman, Yuuki has a serious and energetic approach to her employment. It also gives her a chance to engage with Kaname Kuran, the president of the Night students’ dorm, whom she secretly admires and regards as a savior. Unlike Zero, who has a deep-seated loathing towards vampires, Zero is willing to kill at times.

5. Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan

Hitokiri Battousai, a notorious assassin from the Bakumatsu period, spent out his final years in the country. He was feared across Japan as a terrible killer, yet he inexplicably vanished at the height of the Japanese Revolution. Since then, Battousai has remained a terrifying name for war veterans, despite the fact that ten years have passed. Kenshin Himura, a roaming swordsman with a pleasant demeanor and a strong will, has taken Battousai’s place in his blood-stained lifestyle in an effort to repent for his sins. To keep his promise to defend the defenseless, Kenshin vows he will never kill again. He meets Kaoru Kamiya one day at her kendo dojo, where an impostor posing as Battousai threatens her. Kaoru allows Kenshin to stay at the dojo when he receives assistance from the former assassin. In Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan, Kenshin is depicted as a hero who works tirelessly to save the lives of those in need. The repentant killer faces foes from the past and the present, but will he be able to preserve his new values when new threats emerge?

4. Gintama


The Amanto, extraterrestrial invaders, have occupied feudal Japan. As a result, the samurai of Japan are considered with disdain because of a prohibition on swords.

Gintoki Sakata, on the other hand, is a samurai with a sweet tooth and a job as a yorozuya, which could lead you to believe otherwise. Shinpachi Shimura, a youngster with glasses and a strong heart, Kagura with her umbrella and a seemingly boundless stomach, and Sadaharu, their huge pet dog accompany him in his jack-of-all-trades work. Inevitably, they have run-ins with the authorities, ragtag rebels and assassins during their odd jobs, resulting to amusing but terrible outcomes.

3. Peace Maker Kurogane

While Ichimura Tetsunosuke had witnessed the murder of his parents by a Choushuu, his desire for vengeance drove him to seek power. Tetsunosuke approached the Shinsengumi at the age of 15 with the goal of joining the organization. Tetsunosuke, on the other hand, lacked the ability, will, and mental fortitude necessary to slay anyone who stood in the way of peace and the Shinsengumi. Little did Tetsunosuke know, even with the support of his brother Tatsunosuke and his newfound companions of the Shinsengumi, the blood and anguish he would have to confront as a member of this famous organization of men.

2. Saiunkoku Monogatari

Saiunkoku Monogatari (2006)

As a child of a noble family, most people assume that they would lead a comfortable and wealthy life. Shuurei Kou, on the other hand, could not be further from the truth. It’s unfortunate that the Kou family has fallen on bad things despite their long and distinguished lineage. In the Imperial library, where Shuurei’s father works as an archivist, he holds an honorable post, but one that does not pay much. When Shuurei isn’t teaching young children or performing live music in a restaurant, she’s doing odd jobs to make ends meet.

Then, one day, Shuurei receives an offer from a court advisor. Become the emperor’s concubine and educate him how to be a good king, and she’ll get 500 gold pieces in reward. Shuurei accepts the offer because she’s never one to turn down a good deal. Because the new emperor is solely interested in men, she feels safe in her morality.

In the palace, she rekindles her desire to become a court official by spending more time there. Sadly, she’s a woman, and as you may be aware, women aren’t typically appointed to positions of power in government. However, would she have to sacrifice her personal ambitions in the process of making the emperor a better ruler?

1. Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto

Yojiro Akizuki, a roaming mercenary in the closing years of the Bakumatsu, wanders the length and width of Japan. And while he utilizes his blade in the traditional manner, he also uses it to assist him locate supernatural artifacts, which he chases with single-minded dedication, often with bloody consequences. When he’s on his mission, he meets up with a troupe of actors who are all on the run from something sinister. Is it a coincidence or the consequence of an as-yet-unknown plot?