5 Anime Characters With Wings That You Should Know Update 02/2024

Anime Characters With Wings

Many anime characters have wings, and for some reason they always end up looking cute. It was difficult to pick only five anime characters with wings.

Maybe I’ve been binge-watching too much TV. To be honest, I’d forgotten how much I love anime characters with wings until The Rising of the Shield Hero and Filo reminded me of how much I love them. Which order do you think I should have given these characters? A lot of it is based on how much I enjoy their wings. It’s not deep or objective, to put it mildly. However, if you have a favorite winged anime character, please feel free to share it in the comments section below.

Honourable Mentions:

Filo from The Rising of the Shield Hero is adorable in her human form with her two tiny wings, so I thought I’d bring her to your attention this week. Then there is Ryuk from Death Note, who has a fantastic look to his wings, and he deserves a mention.

Number 5: Holy Bell from Ah My Goddess

Holy Bell from Ah My Goddess

It’s a sight to behold as Belldandy summons the might of Holy Bell through his magic spell. As a result, despite the sometimes stupid story points and the eventual formulaic nature of the show due to its repetitive presentation of the same drama, I found myself thoroughly enjoying Ah My Goddess. It’s still worth it to catch a glimpse of Belldandy and Holy Bell in action, though!

Number 4: Jibril from No Game No Life

Jibril from No Game No Life

Is she a bookworm and a beautiful avian? What a great character Jibril would be if she were less wild. When she expands her wings and falls, she leaves a lasting impact. I hoped we had seen more of her flying around in the anime, and her entrance was one of my favorites.

Number 3: Kurama from Kamisama Kiss

Kurama from Kamisama Kiss

Kurama knows how to make a statement with a cloud of smoke and the playing of his own theme music. The beautiful wings that he possesses as a tengu who has down the mountain to study in a human school and become a singer come in handy often.

Number 2: Tachibana from Angel Beats

Tachibana from Angel Beats

As a little cheat, Tachibana doesn’t have wings despite being referred to as an angel until she uses a computer program to create them. She uses them only once since they are so beautiful, but they are almost exclusively cosmetic. You know I couldn’t leave it off.

Number 1: Yue from Cardcaptor Sakura

Yue from Cardcaptor Sakura

The first time I saw Yue with his wings was always a treat, and I developed a crush on him when I was younger. It made me squeal with joy every time he appeared on screen, and it persisted even when Clear Card returned. There should be more of those wings, please.