10 Best Punisher Comics That You Should Reading Update 07/2024

Best Punisher Comics

People who made Amazing Spider-Man #129 called the Punisher a bad person called him the Punisher at first. However, Spider-Man soon found out that Punisher wasn’t a good person, but he also wasn’t a bad person. A lot of heroes have seen him over the years because he killed bad guys. This also gave him a lot of great story lines.

A lot of people liked the Punisher so much, so he got his own show. Punisher has been remade and re-examined many times in his comic book history. One of the best things about Frank Castle is that he has a lot of interesting stories in Marvel Comics.

1. The Exchange (2011)

The Exchange (2011)

Punisher Vol. 5 took place during a dark time in Frank Castle’s Marvel history, in terms of storyline. Before this issue, Punisher had a lot to do with superheroes and was part of the Dark Reign event. Frankencastle was built after Daken killed Punisher and cut him into pieces in that show.

Greg Rucka’s new solo series was better than I thought it would be, and almost anything was better than that. He brought Punisher back and made him fight new bad guys in a group called The Exchange. A good thing about this series is that it wasn’t about Punisher. Instead, it was about how his actions affected other people.

2. Valley Forge, Valley Forge (2004)

Some rules even Frank Castle lives by. He will not fight a real hero like Captain America. He also won’t kill American soldiers, even if they might be good people. “Valley Forge, Valley Forge” is a story about this.

It’s been a long time since Frank served in Vietnam, but he has a great deal of respect for people who serve in the army. The army sent special forces operatives out to get rid of Punisher once and for all. This put him in a bad situation. People were amazed when they saw Punisher stop a group of elite soldiers and not kill any of them.

3. Up Is Down, Black Is White (2006)

Up Is Down, Black Is White (2006)

During Garth Ennis’ Punisher MAX run, “Up Is Down, Black Is White” is a book. It puts Frank Castle in a lot of dangerous and real situations. When Ennis wrote “In the Beginning,” it was one of his best stories. This was the sequel to that, with the mob trying to get back at Frank after he crippled their group.

As a result, Punisher gets angry when Nicky Cavella tries to destroy the graves of Franks’ family. To get out of this one alive, he needs help. It is dark and disturbing in the way that fans of the Punisher have come to expect from Ennis, who wrote the book.

4. Punisher: Barracuda (2006)

There were six stories in Punisher MAX by Garth Ennis and Goran Parlov called “Barracuda” that were written by both of them. People loved this story because it put Punisher against a villain who was just like him in the mercenary Barracuda, so it was very important. However, it was more than just a story about two great predators fighting each other.

Punisher usually fights mobsters and drug dealers, but in this series, he tried to fight corporate criminals, which was something he usually didn’t do very well at all. Castle had to come up with a new way to get rid of bad guys that bullets couldn’t stop.

5. Circle Of Blood (1986)

Circle Of Blood (1986)

When “Circle of Blood” came out in 1986, it was one of the first great Punisher stories. It was written by Steven Grant and Mike Zeck. There was only one solo issue, but it showed that not only did Punisher deserve a series but that Marvel could go dark at a time when it was rare.

In the book, it talks about prison violence and shows how people who go to prison can leave more violent than when they went in. This is when Frank figured out that his fight against crime would never end because it kept getting bigger.

6. The Slavers

In the movie, Frank Castle kills a group of Albanian men who were trying to get a young woman. It’s not on his radar at all. Until she tells him her story.

People in Moldavia know the young woman as Viorica, and she comes from that country. She tells Frank a story about the men he sent out, but more important, the people who work for them. After a while, the killing really starts, and Frank takes the fight to some people who are really bad. This is how it works:

7. Born


There are some more details here. The Punisher was born at or near the end of WWII. The year was 1971, and the number of deaths and anti-war sentiment isn’t making the fight any easier for the soldiers on the ground.

Captain Frank Castle has a pair of these boots because he works at the Valley Forge Fire Base on the Cambodian border, which is very far away. Find out how Castle learned to fight and have the temperament he used to become the Punisher in this amazing story by Garth Ennis.

8. Welcome Back, Frank

This is what you need to know: Frank Castle has come back from the dead, and he’s going back to basics. He’s in New York City, where he does his best work, killing bad guys and taking on crime on his own.

The Punisher is back in an all-new series for Marvel Knights. He’s going to clean up the city he knows best in the series. As the writer, Garth Ennis is back. This is an amazing maxi-series that talks about some of the basic things that have made the Punisher one of the best comic book characters of all time.

9. In The Beginning

In The Beginning

A lot of information: Writer Garth Ennis and artist Lewis LaRosa jumped on the Frank Castle train. They wanted to steer him in a new MAX direction with as much explicit content as the Punisher needs.

There are a lot of crimes in the city where the Punisher lives, so he’s been running for his life. Of course, it’s not who you think it is. Micro is back in town, and he has an offer for Frank that he wouldn’t be able to refuse.

There is a lot of sexual content in the new MAX series for mature readers. Ennis’s writing gets right to the heart of what makes Frank Castle the Punisher we all live in fear of getting into a fight with.

10. Circle Of Blood

Details “Circle of Blood” is the Punisher’s new solo title. It starts right after Frank Castle broke out of prison and started a gang war. Now that he’s back, he has to fight both sides of the law again.

One side may be conspiring against the other and Frank is in the middle. To start with, how could he know who to trust. Then, more important, who should he use to his advantage, and who should be killed off?