8 Best Of Image Comics That You Should Reading Update 06/2024

Best Of Image Comics

In the world of indie comics, Image Comics is the biggest name. These series are the best of the label’s best, and they are the best of all time.

In the three decades that Image Comics has been around, they have tried new things with comic book art. With a wide range of different types of stories, Image publishes stories for all kinds of people, and they stay on the cutting edge of the medium.

For 30 years, Image Comics has made some of the best comic books. They’ve made everything from antiheroes like Spawn to horror favorites like The Walking Dead. Even in the Image imprint, some series have risen above the rest, and those are the ones that people remember the most.

1. The Department Of Truth (2020-Present)

The Department Of Truth (2020-Present)

One of the best Image Comics of 2021 was The Department of Truth. Even though it was only a small part of the Image imprint, it had a big impact on comics in general and was one of the best. The book tells the story of a government worker who is brought into a secret operation known as the Department of Truth. Conspiracy theories can come true if enough people believe in them. That’s why the group wants to stop them.

A comic called The Department of Truth is one of the weirdest comics ever made. It combines all kinds of conspiracy thought with the occult and real crime. What makes the book unique, besides its concept, is that it tells its story through text and different art styles each month.

2. Youngblood (1992-1994)

Rob Liefeld and Image Comics are inseparable, even though they have split and reunited many times over the years. They are superheroes who fight bad guys, but they also get to be celebrities in a world that loves them.

In the modern world, there are many different versions of superheroes. Youngblood, on the other hand, was ahead of its time with its clever idea. Though Youngblood eventually left the Image Comics imprint, the first run was the best that the series ever did, and it set the young imprint on the right path to what it would become today, even though it didn’t stay there long.

3. Jupiter’s Legacy (2013-Present)

Jupiter's Legacy (2013-Present)

Superheroes are a big part of Jupiter’s Legacy, but it’s also a snarky comment on how things are going in the United States right now. The book tells the story of how superheroes from different eras fight with each other and how the younger generation of heroes is put under a lot of pressure to do as well as their elders did, too.

People who make comic books are very different from people who make other kinds of books. For example, Mark Millar writes very clever stories for Image. While superhero stories can be complicated, Millar found a way to mix modern political issues into a story about generational conflict that will never go out of style. This is how it worked: Netflix made the comic into a TV show. There were a lot of changes from the book, so people didn’t like the show very much.

4. Witchblade (1995-2015)

In the early days of Image Comics, a lot of their comics were about superheroes, but they added a lot of clever twists to the idea. Witchblade is the story of an NYPD detective who gets the Witchblade gauntlet, which gives her the power to fight a lot of supernatural enemies.

Witchblade was a good asset for Image because it ran for two decades. It was made into a TV show and an anime. For example, by having a different female hero than the bigger comic book companies had, the book set itself apart from them. The comic was resurrected for a short-lived second volume, but it doesn’t look like it will ever leave Image.

5. Kick-Ass (2008-2014)

Kick-Ass (2008-2014)

Kick-Ass was first published by Marvel Comics under their Icon imprint. It was then picked up by Image and became a big hit for them. The book is about a teenage boy who becomes a vigilante hero and inspires other people to do the same thing. Once more would-be heroes want to take down a powerful mob family. Soon, he gets in trouble with them, too.

Kick-Ass went up because it showed real heroes in a rough way. Kick-Ass, on the other hand, showed what it would be like to be a superhero in a real-life situation. A lot of the book’s cleverness comes from its writer, Mark Millar, who is well-known in the world of comics.

6. Saga (2012-Present)

Moving away from the superhero comics that made them, Image has had a lot of success with a lot of interesting stories in other types of genres as well, too. People from two alien species that are at war try to raise a child together while fleeing the authorities on each of their home worlds.

Star Wars and epic fantasies like Lord of the Rings were mixed together in a way that made Saga unique. Though the idea is simple, the comic is great because it has a lot of great characters who live in the world of the story. Though the book took a long break, it is still one of Image’s most popular series right now.

7. Invincible


When people think of Robert Kirkman, they think of horror books. Invincible is another great series that has a lighter tone, but still has heart-wrenching moments. Invincible is a great story about a young superhero named Mark Grayson. It starts out as a great coming of age superhero story. However, as time goes on, Mark starts to find out things that change the course and tone of the show in a big way.

This was a fun title for families at first, but by the end it became much more adult. Invincible is still a good story, even though the tone has changed. It has interesting characters and makes fun of other comic book heroes. Any fan of the superhero who doesn’t look like the other ones will love this book.

8. The Wicked + The Divine

Kieron Gillan’s The Wicked + The Divine quickly became one of the most popular Image books on the store shelves, making it a lot more popular than other books. Because it had interesting characters, a strong story, and a mix of pop culture elements, it’s easy to see why it had so many fans. When a deity dies, it comes back every 90 years in a different body, where it lives with humans for up to two years before the cycle starts again. This is how the story works:

Gillan uses this idea to ask a lot of questions about life and death, beliefs, and many other things. In general, the first arc is the worst. If you get past the first few episodes, you can start to enjoy all the things that made the show great.

9. Monstress


Marjorie Liu’s book, Monstress, is sure to be a hit with anyone who likes fantasy books. In the beginning, Liu talked about how the series came to be as a character idea. To make the world around her main character, Liu built everything else. She thought it was a good idea. Liu’s game, Montress, is one of the best fantasy games on the market. Even though it may be a little unconventional for some people, it worked out for him.

With just a touch of steampunk, the world of Monstress is like no other. As a result, the story only gets more interesting when the character sees how the world changes around them. Monstress is a fantasy book with beautiful art by Sana Takeda. It’s a book that almost any fantasy fan will enjoy.