7 Best Intense Movies That You Should Watching Update 07/2024

Best Intense Movies

There are some films that enthrall you to the point where you can’t stop thinking about them even after the credits have rolled.

Such films are the focus of the following ranking. Please enjoy them, and we hope you’ll come back for more.

1. The Lives of Others

The Lives of Others

His love connection with a famous actress prevented Georg Dreyman from enjoying a trouble-free life as a great writer and playwright. A powerful secret police agent would have noticed if he hadn’t been so well-known. Dreyman’s bohemian lifestyle comes to an end with this.

2. This Must Be the Place

He sets out to uncover the Nazi war criminal who humiliated his recently departed father, a former rock star who is now a retired and bored retiree. On the other hand, this is a slow-moving drama about inner strength and secret predestination, and about the importance of being who you are rather than what you appear to be. Sean Penn’s image lingers in your mind for a long time.

3. Remember


Zev’s time is running out. His family was slaughtered in Auschwitz during World War II, and he now lives in a retirement home, but he still has one unfinished task: finding the Nazi officer responsible. But this isn’t going to be an easy mission…

4. Enemy

While watching a movie, Adam is astonished to find a character who looks exactly like him. Severe obsession sets in as he becomes hellbent on finding the doppelganger. Is he a doppelganger, though?

5. Perfect Blue

Perfect Blue

Mima Kirigoe, a young singer who aspires to be an actress, struggles to make the transition from the music industry to the big screen. There have been weird phone calls, faxes, and even an exploding envelope as a result of this revelation, but her supporters appear to have overreacted. In the meantime, she’s got a new online diary…but is it hers?

6. Where the Truth Lies

The hotel room of comedians Lenny and Vince is found to contain the naked body of a young woman. In spite of having a solid alibi, the murderer has still not been discovered. Because it was such a sensational story, Karen, a young journalist, is given the duty of interviewing Vince despite the fact that it has been several years. She meets Lenny by chance, but the details of their relationship and the identity of the killer remain a mystery.

7. The Dead Girl

The Dead Girl

Christa’s body is discovered by Arden. Her own inquiry brings Arden to Leah, a fellow at a law school who is searching for her sister.

Ruth, a woman who discovers that her husband was involved in Christa’s killing, finds herself in a difficult predicament.

A mother’s search for answers to the problems given by her wild daughter Christa’s turbulent existence is Melora.