18 Best Websites Like Primewire For TV Shows Update 05/2024

Do you enjoy watching movies? Yes, you most certainly are! For those of you who enjoy spending their spare time watching some of the greatest films ever made, there’s good news: it’s completely free! There are a plethora of free movie streaming websites available; which one is the best? In the year 2021, how many different online movie streaming services will there be? What are the best Primewire alternatives for 2021 that you like?

Primewire is a well-known online movie streaming service, but with so many new websites popping up and disappearing on a regular basis, it’s hard to keep up with them all. The majority of people go with the first Google result they see, but this isn’t always the best choice. There are numerous Primewire substitutes to choose from, and many of them offer unique features that other websites do not. As a result, if you’re looking for a Primewire replacement, we’ve compiled a list of the most popular, highly rated, and cost-effective websites. Each streaming service has its own categories, movies, and TV shows to choose from, as well as the ease with which you can access them. Most users complain about these sites because of broken links and a plethora of steps, such as registration and log in. There are a lot of ads, and the video and sound quality aren’t great, and the video takes a long time to load. As a result, stay with us until the end to learn everything you need to know before watching your free movie or television show.

Here’s what we came up with!

1. Solarmovie


Online streaming movie websites like Solarmovies are hard to come by. With so many shows and films available to watch, it’s impossible to get bored. It’s easy to use and is constantly being updated, so you know your latest film will be included! If you’re looking for new teen TV shows, this could be a good option for you.

2. Popcornflix

There are numerous categories on Popcornfilx! If you’re stumped for entertainment options this evening, look no further! There’s no need to sign up; just pick a movie, relax, and enjoy it for free! There is a great deal of material for children and families to enjoy.

3. Cool Movie Zone

Cool Movie Zone

Cool Movie Zone lets you watch a wide range of free TV shows online! The video quality is superb, and virtually all of the videos play smoothly! There’s a “by year” option, which is great if you’re looking for something new or old quickly!

4. Putlocker9

Putlocker’s problem is that depending on where you live, you may not be able to use it. You can watch free movies online with Putlocker9 because the service providers created this Putlocker9 version for all of you! With it, you can watch as many free TV shows and movies as you want, just like with the original Putlocker.

5. 123movie


You can watch a wide range of shows for free on this streaming service. Most films are available to watch, and the video quality is usually quite good. Unfortunately, this provider’s drawbacks include an excessive amount of ads, which can be grating at times, as well as several broken links.

6. Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is the most well-known free video-on-demand service. It is well-known for the quality of its content and the ease with which it can be accessed. Regardless of whether you want it or not, the movie will download to your computer, and many of them take a long time to load! Popcorn Time’s connection to torrent links causes this issue.

7. Afdah


Afdah might not be the best Primewire substitute you can find on the internet! This streaming service offers a wide range of content, but it also asks that you disable your adblocker. Everyone knows what it means to use an ad blocker; a lot of annoying ads, a long loading time, and tedious “x” button clicks are the results. Even so, it’s possible that your favorite film or show is already available on this site.

8. Movie House

moviehouse.com has a movie calendar at the top of the page where you can see what movies are being aired on which day at various online streaming services. This service provider acts as a middle man! It’s possible to access a high-quality version of the movie by clicking on the title’s link.

9. Bmovies


According to the number of people who use it, Bmovies is one of the best sites for watching movies. Even better, there are a plethora of TV shows and films to choose from! Taken into account as a whole, this provider may be the best Primewire alternative in 2019! It’s easy to use and is constantly being updated, so you know your latest film will be included!

10. Viewster

For watching movies, Viewster is fantastic, but for anime it’s even better! Comedy is plentiful, and video games can be found as well! Older, lesser-known films that you may not be familiar with can be found on Viewster for free. In other words, if you’re looking for everything in one spot, Viewster is the site for you!

11. FMovies

If you’re worried that your region will prevent you from accessing a free online movie streaming service, you needn’t be. Region lock isn’t an issue with FMovies. It’s basic, but it offers a wide selection of free movies and TV shows to choose from! It is simple to use and has a dark mode.

12. Watchserieshd

You can watch a wide range of shows for free on this streaming service. While you can access most of the films on this website, it’s primary focus is on television shows. Unfortunately, this provider’s drawbacks include an excessive amount of ads, which can be grating at times, as well as several broken links.

13. CouchTuner

Similar to Watchserieshd, CouchTuner allows you to stream television shows. You can watch a wide range of free TV shows online on this website. The video quality is superb, and virtually all of the videos play smoothly! Try CouchTuner out and see if you like it.

14. GOmoviesfree

Watchserieshd and CouchTuner are the polar opposites of GOmovies. Movies that are regularly updated with new content are the most popular. Your favorite TV show may be available here, but the episodes are updated at a slower rate than at most other sites. For those who intend to binge-watch classic TV shows, this service may be a good Primewire substitute.

15. Vidics

In terms of movie streaming updates, Vidics is among the best options available! Vidics has a category called “TOP 100 movies” where you can find the most popular films and make a choice about which one to watch! There’s also a notification for when new episodes of your favorite TV show or movies will be available on Vidics.

16. Megashare9

Visit Megashare9’s various sections to see what you can find! This movie streaming service’s best feature is the ability to select the year of release! You’ll be able to see every film from that year that they have! There may be several lags and ads during the loading process.

17.  SeeHD

If you want to watch videos in high definition, use SeeHD. Free HD movies and TV shows can be found on this platform. You can also share your movie with other users by streaming it! SeeHD has a large following of happy customers who prefer it to any other online streaming service.

18.  Snag Films

SnagFilms is the best place to find new releases, high-rated films, and crowd-pleasers. See what your friends are currently watching by logging in with Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus. Not too many ads are running on this website!


There’s no way you won’t find your preferred free movie streaming service among the numerous Primewire alternatives! The options and qualities offered by each of the service providers vary slightly, so before settling on one, test them all out and see what works best for you! Streaming movie sites are great because they are all free and secure. The only drawbacks may be the lengthy loading time and the presence of advertisements. All that’s left to do is pick a movie to watch, pop some popcorn, and relax.