Top 9 Movies Similar To The Proposal That You Should Watching Update 04/2024

Movies Similar To The Proposal

The quality of American romantic comedies is unsurpassed. Unless you count Koreans, of course, but that’s another topic altogether. This genre has given Hollywood some real gems over the years. With romcoms ranging from sweet and sentimental to downright offensive, their library has something for everyone. The Proposal is a classic example of this subgenre’s appeal.

Before Ryan Gosling became Deadpool, Sandra Bullock and Ryan Gosling starred in this comedy, which was a blast from beginning to end. Andrew’s boss, Margaret, is a sexist bully who abuses her power. Moreover, she is a Canadian citizen who will be deported to her native country as a result of a visa violation at her place of employment. Only by marrying her assistant will she be able to escape this situation.

Soon after she’s succeeded in making Andrew comply with her demands, the two of them travel to his hometown and spend time with his family, which leads to some amusing interactions. The film was a foregone conclusion thanks to the presence of A-list actors like Bullock and Reynolds. The romance is kept to a minimum because there are so many punchlines and comical situations to keep the audience entertained.

It’s a must-see for fans of films like The Proposal to see these as well.

1. Green Card

Green Card

The plot of Green Card revolves around two people’s quest to obtain a green card, as implied by the title. Georges, a French illegal immigrant, asks Bronte to marry him in order to obtain a green card. But it’s all a show for the authorities, of course. However, if the United States government becomes suspicious, the two must continue to tell lies. Bronte eventually asks Georges to move in with her so that she can avoid being prosecuted by the federal government for this heinous crime. That which transpires when these two eccentrics share a house accounts for the majority of the story.

Like I said, the premise is very similar to The Proposal. Bullock was attempting to avoid deportation in that location, while Georges is attempting to obtain permanent residency in this one. However, the idea of a fictitious marriage remains. Gerard Depardieu and Andie MacDowell were lauded for their roles as Bronte and the Frenchman, respectively.

For his outstanding performance, Depardieu was honored with a Golden Globe nomination. Most of the way through, it’s a jovial, enjoyable classic comedy.

2. 27 Dresses

You never knew that being a bridesmaid could turn into an unhealthy dependence. Just ask Katherine Heigl’s character Jane Nichols, who has been a bridesmaid in 27 weddings. She is dissatisfied with her life as a result of being treated like a pushover and being despised by her peers. When she learns that her sister is getting married to the man she secretly likes, she experiences a major setback in her love life. Would she finally be able to defend her own interests if she felt threatened? If that’s the case, would she be a good sister and fulfill her bridesmaid duties as well? To find out, see the movie.

The character arc of Jane in this film is similar to that of The Proposal. She, too, transforms dramatically from a timid woman to a more self-assured character throughout the course of the film, much like Margaret. While it’s heartwarming to see her character grow and flourish, there are also some hilarious bits thrown in for good measure. There are no surprises in 27 Dresses; it’s a predictable chick flick that does everything right. This dramedy will appeal to those who enjoyed The Proposal and are looking for something similar.

3. Sweet Home Alabama

Sweet Home Alabama

Sweet Home Alabama is a timeless classic in the rom-com genre. A small-town girl from the South who makes it big in New York is played by Reese Witherspoon. Fashion designer, she’s engaged to be married to a business tycoon. The only problem is that she’s already married to someone else. She’ll have to go back to her hometown of Alabama and persuade her first husband to grant her a divorce before she can move forward. It’s hard to leave a charming old town and friends you’ve known your entire life.

Taking a girl out of Alabama will not remove her from her Alabama roots. Melanie is brilliantly played by Reese with a strong performance that carries the film. She’ll win you over with her sincere performance, priceless facial expressions, and witty dialogue delivery. Other than the leading lady, the supporting cast is strong, and the film as a whole is excellent. Also, the song Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynyrd, popularized by the band, appears in the film.

4. Just Married

Just Married is based on a real marriage, whereas The Proposal was based on a fictitious one. To all appearances, Tom and Sarah are a perfect match, and they appear to be very content together. Despite warnings from both sides of the family, the couple decides to get married just a few months after meeting.

However, for a variety of reasons, the happy couple is unable to tie the knot during their honeymoon. Soon, it’s revealed that the two have been keeping a dark secret from one another for quite some time. When the two find out the truth about one another, everything changes.

The movie is a rom-com, but it’s not as mushy as most of them are. These two bad apples, Tom and Sarah, are a major source of entertainment thanks to their strained but passionate relationship. Ashton Kutcher will also be in his most endearing mood. Ignore the naysayers and give this a shot.

5. Just Friends

Just Friends

Ryan Reynolds excels at playing the underdog in rom-coms as well as Deadpool. Just as in The Proposal, where he trailed his boss at all times, in Just Friends, he follows in the wake of his high school sweetheart.

As Chris, Reynolds portrays an overweight adolescent who falls head over heels in love with Amy Smart’s Jamie, a classmate. As a result of his failed high school romance, Chris has gone on to become a wealthy businessman and notorious womanizer. On the other hand, his best friend Jamie, the one who escaped, will remain a source of fascination for him. What follows is Chris’s attempt to win over his old high school flame, who has grown up and become suave.

Aside from some witty one-liners sprinkled throughout, Reynolds exudes his trademark vigor in his performance. Because of his background in standup, he’d be a perfect fit for comedic roles like this. The fact that he’s dressed like an obese adolescent adds to the comedy, though. It’s worth catching for Reynolds’ performance as well as a lesson in how to stay in the friend zone.

6. License To Wed

There’s no sham this time, no mixed feelings, just two people who are madly in love and ready to tie the knot. This time, however, they’re being held back by an oddball priest. Ben and Sadie are eager to tie the knot at the church where Sadie grew up. Only one spot remains in Father Frank’s upcoming pre-wedding course, which is required for all engaged couples. Because it’s deliberately designed to irritate the other person, this course puts them to the test. Is the couple going to make it out of this ordeal alive? Who is this lunatic minister and what is his purpose? This and a slew of other queries will be addressed during the course of the comedy show.

Despite the fact that both leads give strong performances, the film ultimately belongs to Robin Williams. License to Wed is a treat for fans of the late veteran comedian. When it comes to Father Frank’s zany antics, he’s simply brilliant. While the couple grits its teeth in frustration, the rest of us laugh out loud at his antics.

7. Two Week’s Notice

Two Week’s Notice

One of the most famous rom-coms of all time features a boss and secretary who are up to no good. She’s a liberal lawyer and philanthropist working to save the community center from extinction. She joins forces with a multibillionaire businessman named George and his playboy.

This magnate is in need of an advisor and hires her on the condition that she will save his company from bankruptcy. The truth is, George wants Lucy to be his nanny, so she quits her job, furious at her former employer. In exchange for her two weeks’ notice, she begins to look for new employment. George, on the other hand, is unwilling to let her go. Unwillingly, they fall in love while plotting to ruin her job interviews in order to keep her.

Two Week’s Notice is a lot like The Proposal in that respect.

The characters in this film, with the exception of the boss-employee dynamic, all begin their journeys with selfish intentions before finding love. On top of a compelling storyline, Sandra Bullock and Hugh Grant deliver strong performances. Grant is a well-known actor in the rom-com genre, and Bullock shows her range as an actress in this film.

Two Week’s Notice will appeal to fans of The Proposal or other erratic comedies.

8. My Best Friend’s Wedding

Having best friends who are also romantically involved is a tricky thing to achieve. An intimate relationship between a male and female can frequently lead to complications, as this film will demonstrate in great detail. Don’t be fooled by the title, which makes it sound like the film is about a friend’s wedding.

Julianne and Michael were close in college and remain so today. They agreed to marry each other if they weren’t married by the age of 28. In any case, Michael marries Kimmy just a few days before she turns 28. As a result, Julianne decides to ruin the wedding of her best friend. Once she’s successfully separated the engaged couple, she realizes there’s still a chance.

She has built her career on numerous rom-coms like this one, and she is a well-known, legendary actress. Julianne is a petty, stubborn girl who won’t give up on the one she loves. She is convincing as Julianne. Although she’s determined, her complicated ways of expressing love often lead to amusing outcomes. Making it so interesting to watch is her sincere depiction of a flawed character like this.

9. Runaway Bride

Runaway Bride

This romantic comedy from 1999 featured Julia Roberts and Richard Gere, who were in the hit film Pretty Woman. When a girl is about to get married, she gets a case of the cold feet, as implied by the title. Upon leaving the altar, Maggie (Roberts) becomes a laughing stock in the community.

Her story piques the interest of a journalist named Ike, played by Richard Gere, as she attempts to remarry. He gets to know her right away and follows her story closely in order to write an insightful piece on Maggie for the magazine. He then meets her. The two become closer as time passes, and it looks as if the runaway bride has finally found someone with whom to settle down.

This pair is truly entrancing in person. Even with a Pretty Woman hangover, two make the most adorable on-screen couple in this film. Aside from the actors’ chemistry, the movie has all the essential elements of a classic rom-com. Furthermore, the film has multiple endings, which on paper may appear tedious but is actually quite exciting to watch..