12 Best Chinese Anime That You Should Watching Update 04/2024

Best Chinese Anime

In Japan, animation is referred to as “anime.” Every country has its own anime if we take the literal sense of the term literally. It has taken me a while to figure out that the term “anime” refers to a particular type of Japanese animation. A Chinese anime is an animation produced in China or an adaptation of a manga or Manhua produced in China (Chinese comics). Please be aware that the voices of the characters will seem unusual at first if you are coming from a Japanese to a Chinese anime, but they will grow on you if you are patient. With that out of the way, here are the best Chinese anime of all time. Crunchyroll, Funimation, Hulu, and Netflix are all places where you may find some of these Chinese anime.

12. Quanzhi Gaoshou (2017 -)

Quanzhi Gaoshou (2017)

Starting off the list is ‘Quanzhi Gaoshou,’ one of the best Chinese anime ever made. Anime focusing on online gaming is what you’ll find in this series if you like it. The show is based on a multiplayer online game called Glory. Many people consider Ye Xiu to be the best player, which is understandable given his ten-year commitment to the sport. Ye gets work at an internet cafe when he is forced to retire and leave his team.

A few days after Glory’s 10th server was added Ye Xiu’s return to the gaming arena was noticed by other top-level players who had no idea who he was or what he stood for. Although Ye Xiu has a lot of expertise and skills, the game has evolved over time. He faces an uphill battle to become the best in the business if he doesn’t have a sponsor. Is he going to be able to get back into the swing of things and wreak havoc like he used to? You can watch the anime online right now if you click this link.

11. Wangpai Yushi (2014)

Ye Yan and Xiaoyan Huang are the central characters of the supernatural anime ‘Wangpai Yushi.’ Censorates in China are the highest-ranking supervisory agents tasked for keeping the country peaceful and harmonious. As darkness and day blend, the animation takes place. The yin-yang equilibrium has shifted, and now monsters and humans coexist peacefully. However, there will always be a few wild beasts who enjoy wreaking devastation. These beasts must be tamed by the young censorates if they are to keep the world secure.

10. Xiyouji Zhi Dasheng Guilai (2015)

Xiyouji Zhi Dasheng Guilai

“Xiyouji Zhi Dasheng Guilai” is an action-packed, fantastical anime film. Legendary warrior Monkey King is the focus of this story. In addition to the three realms of Heaven, Earth, and Hell, he was extremely powerful and could freely traverse between them. Ultimately, he causes the Gods to get enraged and suffer as a result of his acts by transgressing certain heavenly laws. His fate is sealed when he is placed in the confines of a frozen chamber, chained and imprisoned there for years.

A lost youngster eventually reaches the cave where the Monkey King is imprisoned. When the boy touches the ice pillar, the curse is broken, freeing the Monkey King from his prison cell. An wicked creature who wants to sacrifice the souls of children to attain eternal life is pitted against the Monkey King in this beginning of an adventure. Here, you may stream the show.

9.  Yao Shen Ji (2017 – )

Nie Li’s determination to become the strongest Demon Spiritist is inspired by a tragedy that occurred early in his life. When he was killed in the battle with the Sage Emperor, he had only just begun to enjoy the results of his labor. When Nie Li’s soul is returned to the time when he was 13 years old, he uses the memory of years of training to climb in the martial arts world. His homeland is under siege from the demon beasts who pose an existential threat to his city, and he intends to kill the Sacred family, which has renounced all of its responsibilities in order to achieve personal wealth.

8. Lan Mo De Hua (2017)

Lan Mo De Hua (2017)

‘Lan Mo De Hua’ may be just the anime for you if you’re seeking for a romance series. Lan Mo and Lui Yi Feng are the two main characters of the show, and they receive most of the attention. Lui only views her as a friend, which is frustrating to the former. A mystical hairpin that Lan discovers later grants her the ability to alter her appearance. She decides to use this to make Lui fall in love with her, but she quickly understands that any attachment earned via the use of magic is not worthy of respect. She is devastated. Will her loyal friends be able to find what they actually desire in their lives while she deals with her internal conflicts?

7. Doupo Cangqiong (2017 – 2018)

It follows nine-year-old Xiao Yan as he attempts to come to terms with the murder of his mother, Gu Wenxin. Xiao Zhan, his father, never really talked to him about his mother’s death. The martial arts training Xiao Yan undertook in an attempt to sharpen his combative abilities turned out to be a complete waste of time. This was due to his mother’s ring, which sucked up all of his development. Until the age of 15, he went through this ordeal for a total of six more years.

At some point in the future, Xiao Yan came into contact with an older adult called Yao Chen when he made contact with the ring. Xiao Yan’s martial arts prowess skyrocketed once Yao Chen became his teacher. In addition, he learns who was responsible for his mother’s murder and swears vengeance on those responsible. The show can be seen on this page if you so desire.

6. Douluo Dalu (2018 -)

Douluo Dalu

The elders of his clan consider Tang San to be one of their most gifted martial artists, and they believe he has a promising future ahead of him. However, he breaks his sect’s norms and obtains the prohibited information while honoring the values instilled in him since boyhood by killing himself. Tang, on the other hand, is resurrected as a blacksmith’s son because of his tenacity. To make a reputation for himself, he sets out to use his tremendous abilities for the greater good after learning about spirit power.

5. Shuangsheng Lingtan (2016 – 2017)

‘Shuangsheng Lingtan’ is a psychological thriller based on the short story of the same name by Chinese author Li Bai. The story has a few flaws, but they’re not too bothersome. Xiaotu and Xiaohu, identical twins, are the show’s central characters. Detectives, the two of them specialize in situations involving the paranormal because of their combined investigation skills and keen senses. When it comes to one of their cases, the twins find themselves in a dangerous situation at every turn. Can the dynamic duo, with their combined years of experience in the field of investigation, escape harm’s way and unravel the mystery?

4. Ling Qi (2016 – 2018)

Ling Qi (2016 – 2018)

The Chinese Manhua ‘Ling Qi’ served as inspiration for the spooky anime ‘Ling Qi.’ Yang Jinghua, a destitute guy, is the focus of the show when he is involved in a terrible accident. He’s ten years younger when he wakes up. He gets a sense of being reborn and is contemplating a new start in life. A white-haired man introduces himself as Tanmoki’s 13th Youmeshi and informs him that he is no longer alive. As the exorcist’s spirit shadow, you might grant him security in exchange for his own protection from humans. Their spiritual journeys are irrevocably altered as they accept their vow and take on new and unexpected challenges. The show can be seen on this page if you so desire.

3. Tian Guan Ci Fu (2021 -)

For the first time in his eight hundred year reign as the martial god, Xie Lian has no devoted followers since his third and final ascension to the heavenly realm. Although he has only recently begun to accept his new life, he is met by the Ghost king, Hua Cheng, who has the power to terrify demons and gods alike. A young guy with enormous knowledge, San Lang, joins Xie on his quest to learn more about his past and who he really is as an individual when he has barely figured out what could have inspired someone like him to meet with a Heavenly official. Here, you can watch all of the episodes.

2. Quanzhi Fashi (2016 -)

Quanzhi Fashi

The underprivileged high school student Mo Fan, whose father is a lowly laborer, vows to enter the prestigious magic college after being resurrected in a universe where magic has replaced the essence of science. The other students make fun of Mo’s lack of expertise with magic when he manages to get in, but Mo manages to control the lightning and fire components. A series of escapades begins in the magical realm, where he meets mythological animals and strives to rise up the social ladder to better himself and his family’s circumstances. Here is where you can watch the action-packed series.

1. Mo Dao Zu Shi (2018 -)

Most cultivators’ ultimate goal is to attain Xian, or immortality, which is also known as the state of immortality. While most people stick to the tried-and-true route, one man named Wei Wuxian is unable to resist the evil energy’s pull and ends up gaining unfathomable abilities through demonic cultivation. In the end, other farmers team together to take him down. Wei Wuxian is reincarnated as a psychotic maniac 13 years after he was murdered by a close ally. Lan Wangji, a loyal friend and former classmate, is missing, and he sets out immediately to find him in order to uncover the mystery behind his death. ‘Mo Dao Zu Shi’ is one of China’s most popular animated series, thus its inclusion on this list comes as no surprise. Here, you may watch the anime.