9 Best Anime Like My First Girlfriend Is A Gal Update 07/2024

Anime Like My First Girlfriend Is A Gal

Anime Series Like Sakugan

Even though he’s in the prime of his life, Junichi is having a difficult time finding a girlfriend, and this is in large part owing to his buddies’ brazen habit of reading obscene magazines in class. Junichi is now in the prime of his life. However, his virgin pals “helped” him by submitting a love letter in his name to Yame Yukana, the resident girl in his class. This tough-looking girl may dress like a lady, yet her heart is as white as snow.


My First Girlfriend Is a Gal exposes anime fans to the gyaru, an uncommon creature in the world of anime. Women with bleached hair and dramatic makeup are known as Gyaru (also referred to as “loose women”). Indeed, My First Girlfriend is a Gal and its advice prove that it is not so.

For Fans of Slutty-Looking Yet Pure Girls

1. B Gata H Kei

B Gata H Kei

Yamada is a stunning young woman entering her first year of high school, but she has a singular ambition: to engage in sexual activity with 100 different men. Her fear is that she will be teased for her virginity. She meets the soft-spoken (and also virgin) Kosuda by chance and realizes she has found the answer to her difficulty. Having no knowledge of sex, he is a shy gentleman when it comes to it.

To a person, My First Girlfriend Is A Gal is the closest thing to B Gat H Kei that they’ve seen. However, when it comes to love and anything more, Yukana is exactly like Yamada. Junichi’s attitude hides the nasty gags of the program, but in B Gata H Kei, Yamada sets them up.

2. High School of the Dead

It all happened in a flash. Japan was plunged into a state of anarchy when the dead resurrected. It became necessary for Takashi Kimuro in high school to kill his bitten best buddy and safeguard Rei’s girlfriend from the man’s enraged ex-girlfriend. Survival begins as they and a few others narrowly escape the school.

In each of these shows, the female leads are known for their obscenely large busts. While most of the girls in the program have a sexualized body, the main character does not, while some of the other girls in the show engage in sexualized behavior. Both of these shows deal with some aspect of school life, but one is about zombies, and the other is about a school that has been decimated by an alien invasion.

3. Please Help Me! Galko-Chan

Please Help Me! Galko-Chan

Three buddies with seemingly nothing in common: Galko, Otako, and Ojou. But despite being gyaru on the outside, Galko is a pure soul on the inside, Otoko is plain, and Ojou is a millionaire, their friendship works out.

The gyaru is what connects these shows. Despite the fact that both Yukana and Galko have bleached hair and stylish appearances, they are essentially quite pure females.

For Fans of Undeserving Harem Kings

4. Oreshura


Eita Kidou is wary of romance after been abandoned by his love-crazed parents. When Masuzu Natsukawa confessed her love, he was able to see right through it. Because of her constant declarations of love, she sought a partner in order to put an end to it all. She blackmails him into pretending to be her boyfriend, despite his initial reluctance.

My First Girlfriend Is A Gal and Oreshura are about a boy who obtains his first girlfriend out of the blue in both of these films. Of course, it shocks everyone who is close to him. Aside from the fact that it’s not your typical relationship, Even while Oreshura isn’t a story about women, it does have a strong female protagonist that isn’t wholly unlike a usual female character.

5. Rosario + Vampire

Tsukune Aono’s parents are ecstatic that Youkai Academy has accepted their son. Youkai Academy, on the other hand, serves as a boarding school for monsters, not human students. Tsukune’s humanity must be kept a secret if he wants to avoid being eaten by monsters. However, he gains an ally and, who knows, a romantic interest when the school’s most attractive girl and resident vampire becomes attracted to his blood.

In Rosario + Vampire, every female is a magical monster, yet that doesn’t change the fact that both series follow the same formula. It appears as if the entire court is drawn to a dull, undeserving harem king and his slew of attractive women for no apparent reason.

6. Nisekoi


Raku Ichijou made a promise to a childhood buddy ten years ago, and he kept it. While waiting for his friend’s return in the present day, this heir apparent of an imposing yakuza family tries to remain as uninvolved in family affairs as possible. When a rival gang encroaches on his family’s territory, the elders of the family determine that Raku should begin an affair with Chitoge, the daughter of the other head.

Two films, Nisekoi and My First Girlfriend Is a Gal, center on the story of two males who are coerced into a romantic relationship. Blonde women with strong personalities are in their first relationship in both shows. Yakuza and gyaru appear in both programs as well.

For Fans of Perverted Comedy

7. NouCome


Kanade Amakusa should have had a normal high school experience. Instead, he’s doomed to live with the consequences of his own free will. It’s a curse that forces him to make a decision every so often; unfortunately, the two options he has to choose from are both dreadful and public.

If you liked the sexually charged comedy of My First Girlfriend is a Gal, this is definitely the finest comedy show to follow up with if you liked NouCome’s choices. If you like a diverse group of women, NouCome has lots of them for you to choose from in its harem.

8. SYD

Takatoshi Tsuda is one of the first male students at Ousai Private Academy, which was previously an all-girls institution. To make room for more male students, the student president stops him on his way to class to get his viewpoint. As a result, she elevates him to the position of student council vice president. However, this supposedly respectable institution is not what it appears to be.

The dirty joke anime series king is SYD. My First Girlfriend is a Gal, on the other hand, focuses more on imagined scenarios. In this show, the gender roles are somewhat inverted, with the girl being the perverted one and the male being the normative one.

9. Prison School


As an all-girls private school, Hachimitsu Private Academy is known for its high academic standards and strict discipline. However, they are now welcoming boys as well. They consider themselves extremely fortunate to have even five guys enrolled in the schools. As long as they aren’t convicted of breaking the rules by peeking through the windows of the school’s terrible prison.


Prison School is what comes to mind when you think of wicked anime. My First Girlfriend, on the other hand, includes a few instances that are quite fantastic, but this is the way to go if you want something a little more graphic and humorous.