10 Best Shows Like Love Island On Hulu That You Should Watching Update 04/2024

Shows Like Love Island On Hulu

The gap left in your life by Love Island can be filled by a variety of other binge-worthy reality dating shows.

One of the most popular reality shows on television now is Love Island.

Cultural phenomenon in the United Kingdom is ITV’s Spanish villa dating competition, where singles are put together to find love. In the wake of its success, Love Island has spawned worldwide variants (including an American one that’s perhaps better than the U.K. one). However, the performance isn’t perfect. Love Island may not be a good fit for viewers who are searching for emotional connections or simply a sense of relatability.

There are a lot of other options out there if you’re looking for anything similar to Love Island.

There are numerous shows of this type that bring together singles under the guise of bringing them together for love, money, or celebrity. Moreover, some of these alternatives may even be better than Love Island for reality TV fans.

1. First Dates Hotel (BBC 4)

First Dates Hotel

Million Pound Menu, a British reality show featuring celebrity chef Fred Sirieix, deserves an American remake. First Dates Hotel, another show starring Sirieix, takes singles to a luxury hotel in the south of France for blind dates. This show, like Love Island, removes contestants from their daily life and places them in a luxurious setting. However, because each episode focuses on a single pair, it’s a lot more intimate. Participants that have dates that go well have a better chance of staying in the competition. Because the competitors aren’t just young individuals who want to make it big, the show is probably more relatable than Love Island.

2. The Bachelor (HBO Max)

As Love Island precedes The Bachelor by a year, it is safe to assume that the two shows share certain similarities.

However, the two performances are designed to be entertaining while highlighting the factors of romantic choice and allowing the audience to participate by voting on the results.

As a result of its notoriety in popular culture and the numerous spin-offs of the series, The Bachelor has bigger stakes than other reality shows. Love Island, on the other hand, doesn’t promise a long-term relationship because it doesn’t end with a marriage proposal.

3. Too Hot To Handle (Netflix)

Too Hot To Handle

In spite of its specialized appeal, Too Hot to Handleis one of the most popular reality dating shows on Netflix.

It brings together ten young, unmarried persons on an island where they have the opportunity to win $100,000. The catch is that they can’t physically touch each other while they’re connecting. There is a virtual assistant who hosts them, but they are not allowed to engage in any physical touch. When a player breaks this regulation, the prize money is decreased. Compared to many other shows, this one takes a different approach to modern dating. It’s a fantastic show for those who don’t like Love Island’s constant PDA.

4. Celebs Go Dating (Hulu)

Celebs Those who are fans of British reality television will enjoy Go Dating, which features a number of former contestants from Love Island and other shows. In 2019Eyal Brooker and Olvia Attwood appeared,Alik Alfus from Made in Chelsea and Chloe Sims from The Only Way Is Essex were featured on the show.

Members of an upscale dating service for British celebrities are matched with non-celebrities. As a result of its focus on the jet-setting lifestyles of celebrities and their dating habits, the show’s set-up and attitude are more dynamic and sleek than Love Island.

5. The Circle (Netflix)

The Circle

Like Love Island, The Circle’s contestants are confined to a room and must communicate only through virtual means. As a pandemic watch, the broadcast had a large audience because most people were hunkering down indoors and had no choice except to avoid socializing. In spite of the show’s stark architectural differences, The Circle and Love Island share a number of similarities, including the importance of preparing ahead and forming alliances. In truth, the gap between the shows reveals the universal realities of dating. Fans of strategic reality programs will enjoy The Circle because strategy is a major component of the game.

6. Bachelor In Paradise (Netflix)

When it comes to rose ceremonies and tropical locations, Bachelor In Paradise should be a hit with fans of both The Bachelor and Love Island alike. There are an unequal number of women and men at the start of the program, with more women than men most of the time.

This concept has often been criticized by fans because of the inauthentic chemistry that can be created when everyone falls in love with the same guy at the same time. Contestants can mix for seven weeks in BIP, where the options are more expansive. Additionally, the show serves as a wonderful filler between the seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette.

7. FBoy Island (HBO Max)

FBoy Island

When it comes to Love Island, FBoy Island has it all: a delectable mystery at the heart of its concept, a Caribbean backdrop, a comedy host, complicated storyline twists, and a better sense of direction than the original. In contrast to the “good gentlemen,” the “fboys” on the show are striving for the cash prize. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, creatorElan Gale said he came up with this structure to see if people can change for the right person. Viewers of Love Island may prefer it as a reality dating show set on an island.

8. The Bachelorette (HBO Max)

When it comes to Love Island, there is an air of superficiality. Seasonal competitors are supposed to choose mostly on the basis of their appearance. As a result, some fans have accused the show of promoting harmful behavior against women. The Bachelorette is a great show for those who are searching for a dating show that allows for emotional connection.

There has been an explosion of criticism against The Bachelorette, but the show has revamped its style and features former Bachelorette stars Tayshia Adams and Kaitlyn Bristowe as hosts.

9. Joe Millionaire UK (Channel 4)

Joe Millionaire UK

When the season’s grand prize winners are presented with their cash prizes, the chemistry between them is put to the test. You and your chosen partner are asked to split the £50,000. Joe Millionaire would be an excellent choice for moviegoers who enjoy watching the struggle between love and money. There were 15 ladies selected for the reality show in 2003, and they were each given the opportunity to court a wealthy suitor; however, it was later revealed that the man they were courting wasn’t actually worth that much money. If you’re a fan of the Love Island dating show, you might appreciate a show set in the ’90s, before the rise of social media.

10. Dating Around (Netflix)

It’s safe to say that Dating Around is a step up from Love Island in certain ways. It’s easy to relate to the show’s structure because each episode features a single person embarking on five blind dates. For those who find Love Island’s heteronormative dating patterns a touch tiresome, the show offers a glimpse into same-sex relationships. In contrast to Love Island, this show features people from all backgrounds, allowing viewers to see modern dating in action for people of all ages, occupations, and sexualities.