10 Best Anime Like Kamisama Kiss That You Should Watching Update 05/2024

Anime Like Kamisama Kiss

All that ‘Kamisama Kiss’ has to offer is a light-hearted story with wonderful romance, lovely artwork and music with a smattering of the strange. You’ll laugh and cry with its endearing cast of characters, all of whom maintain their own characteristics throughout the course of the anime. There aren’t many better shoujo anime than “Kamisama Kiss,” which is set against the richly interesting backdrop of Japanese culture.

Nanami, a girl who somehow acquires the rank of a Kami, is the protagonist of the anime (Shinto Goddess). Nanami must now juggle her duties as both a human and a supernatural deity. In his human form, Tomoe, the spirit of a fox, guards and escorts her about at all times. As their interspecies romance begins here, one thing is for certain: It will not be an easy ride. Other ghosts and Tomoe’s own memories are continuously trying to break them apart and test their love for one another. However, love always triumphs in the end, and this will be no exception.

A newcomer to anime might find interspecies love stories to be a novel concept. Anime fans, on the other hand, are well aware that this is a very typical occurrence. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of the finest anime that are similar to “Kamisama Kiss.”

10. Stray God (2014)

Stray God (2014)

Yato is a god unlike any other you’ve ever encountered. Since he has yet to be memorialized, he is in desperate need of some kind of recognition. Yato God’s phone number shows in red whenever someone is in trouble, and he will come to their aid if they contact this number. However, despite all of his efforts, he is only known to a few people. Like any other human, he toils away at a low-paying job until his helper has had enough of his blunders. Yato begins to curse his life as a deity once she abandons him. Then, one day, a girl named Hiyori comes to his rescue and saves him from a vehicle accident by taking the blame herself. She makes it out alive, but her spirit has already left. She wants Yato to help her return to her human form, but he needs to locate a new aide in order to accomplish this goal. Together with Hiyori, Yato embarks on a journey to find the ‘Stray God’ a new assistant so that they can once again have some happiness.

9. Inu X Boku SS (2012)

Ririchiyo Shirakiin, a 15-year-old rich and extraordinarily small girl, resents being so reliant on her safe royal surroundings. She makes the decision to leave her comfortable life behind and moves in with some friends from her youth who helped her get a place to stay. The Maison de Ayakashi is Ririchiyo’s new home, and he soon realizes that it is home to some very strange creatures. Each and every one of the inhabitants of that house is just half human. But things get much more problematic for her when an attractive and but highly clinging secret agent moves in with her.. Is she capable of adapting to a new environment, a new town, and a new group of strangers?

8. Fruits Basket (2001)

Fruits Basket (2001)

Torru, a 16-year-old high school student, lives a life of misery. After her mother dies tragically in a car accident, she is forced to live with her grandfather until she can find a new home. Her grandfather’s house is also being refurbished, so she will soon run out of options here as well. Instead of staying with friends, she goes and sets up camp in a tent. One day, she returns home from school and discovers that her tent has been swallowed up by a landslide. Her school’s Souma brothers learn of her predicament and offer to take her in for the time being. A desperate need for a solution forces her to accept, but upon arrival at the brothers’ home, she discovers an unfathomable mystery. If someone embraces one of the Zodiac animals, they become that animal. In this new magical realm, she must learn to accept this and prepare herself for what is ahead.

7. Maid Sama! (2010)

As the first female council president at a school that had previously been a boys-only institution, Misaki Ayuzawa is an accomplished Aikido practitioner. Many of her former students refer to her as the “Demon President” because of her strict but efficient tactics of enforcing school rules. It may appear that Misaki has a beautiful existence at school, but she comes home to a poverty-stricken household every day. She works as a part-time housemaid at a maid cafe in order to make ends meet. A popular guy from her school enters into the cafe and catches her doing something she’s managed to keep a secret from her classmates for some time. Now he has two options: he can either exploit this to tarnish her reputation in school, or he can use it to get closer to the school’s gorgeous young president.

6. Zakuro (2010)

Zakuro (2010)

Agemaki is assigned to live and work with youkai maidens of the Minister of Spirit Affairs in a world where things are continuously changing. It’s just that this is his worst nightmare come true, and he’s terrified of anything supernatural. The four maidens Zakuro, Susukihotaru, Hoozuki, and Bonbori must be accepted by the other police if they are to solve the crimes they have been given.

5. Ouran High School Host Club (2006)

Haruhi Fujioka is the protagonist of Bones Studios’ Harem anime, ‘Ouran High School Host Club.’ A new student at school, Harushi’s primary goal is to do well academically. The “Ouran High School Host Club” members show up one day while she’s looking for a quiet area to study. Haruhi quickly becomes a member of the boys’ club after a fortuitous encounter with them.

4. Yona of the Dawn (2014-2015)

Yona of the Dawn (2014-2015)

Yona is blissfully unaware of the gloom that hangs over her father’s kingdom, content as she is to bask in the splendor of her opulent surroundings. The emperor is assassinated one day, though, and Yona is forced to leave her familiar surroundings. She must now endure the horrors of battle and the toxicity that has engulfed her kingdom with the help of a friend and her bodyguard, General Yak. This, however, reveals to her that she must step up to the plate and assume the role of a true princess in these critical times.

3. InuYasha (2000-2004)

After over four years on Animax, ‘InuYasha’ has become one of the most popular anime. Kagome is a young girl who is taken back in time in this fantasy novel. InuYasha, the assassin intent on stealing the Shikon Jewel, meets her here. It starts out as an attempt by her to stop him, but she ends up becoming one of his strongest supporters. They quickly become infatuated, but what happens when InuYasha gets his hands on the Jewel? What will happen if he can’t drown his bad side in the love he’s discovered or if his evil takes over everything else?

2. Special A (S.A) (2008)

Special A (S.A) (2008)

Two major characters, Hikari and Kei, have been rivals since infancy when it comes to everything from athletics to schoolwork. However, the two are now best friends. Hikari even enrolls in the same high school as Kei in the hopes of facing off against the latter and proving her mettle. Kei, on the other hand, sees her in a different light and has a secret crush on her. In the heat of their rivalry, the two rise to the top of their academy and join a group known as ‘Special A.’ There is a large group of high school students in this club, all of them are in the upper echelons of their respective classes.

1. Kakuriyo: Bed and Breakfast for Spirits (2018)

As with their previous works, ‘Afro Samurai’ and “Hellsing,” the creators of “Kakuriyo: Bed & Breakfast for Spirits” are behind this new series. Aoi, a college student with the capacity to see Ayakashi, is the protagonist of the story. A demon appears one day and invites her to marry him in order to pay off the debt owed to him by her grandfather. In order to pay off the debt, she rejects the offer and instead works in another field.