10 Best Anime Like Code Geass That You Should Watching Update 07/2024

Anime Like Code Geass

The following are ten riveting anime series that fans of Code Geass should not miss, ranging from Death Note to Hunter x Hunter.

An anime series about a young prince of Britannia who is humiliated by his father, Code Geass, can be seen on Netflix. With his sister, Lelouch VI Britannia lives in an alternate Japan colonized by the Britannian Empire. He seeks vengeance on his father, the king of Britannia, who he believes murdered his mother.

Code Geass is a favorite of strategy anime fans. What has drew anime fans from all over the world is the protagonist’s prowess in devising complex strategies to defeat an entire country’s forces. If you’ve never seen it before, Code Geass is a great place to start. So, if you enjoyed Code Geass, these are the best 10 anime to watch.

1. Hunter x Hunter

Hunter X Hunter

Yoshihiro Togashi is the creator and artist of the manga series Hunter X Hunter. A youngster named Gon is on a quest to follow in his father’s footsteps as a hunter in this fighting shonen. What made Hunter X Hunter famous was its massive cast, its amazing Battle System, and its individuality.

Forget your typical shonen, in which a character gains magical abilities in battle because of his or her newfound connection with another character. Hunter X Hunter’s bouts are more than just a brawl; they are focused on the strategic usage of Nen powers, which the players employ to fool their opponents and secure victory.

2. Re:Zero

As one of the best Isekai anime ever produced, many consider Re:Zero to be a masterpiece. Subaru Natsuki is the protagonist of the novel, who finds himself in a strange new world. With the exception of the ability to practically always resurrect himself after dying, Subaru lacks the superhuman magical prowess of other archetypes.

To watch this anime, you’ll need a heart of steel. When Subaru is killed by both monsters and friends, and then returns to life just to face the same destiny, any viewer will feel a chill down their spine. Re:Zero is an excellent choice if you enjoyed Code Geass because of its maturity.

3. Future Diary

Future Diary

Sakae Esuno wrote and drew Future Diary, a psychological thriller anime. To win the title of “God of Time and Space,” 12 unknown players must engage in a bloody duel. The Future Diary, as the name suggests, is handed to each player and has the ability to foretell the future.

In Future Diary, there are no long conflicts and weak plot lines; instead, it is a bloody jumble of thinking ten steps ahead and collecting big plot twists. Future Diary is a must-play for fans of Code Geass’ strategic gameplay.

4. The Promised Neverland

In a departure from traditional shounen fare, The Promised Neverland is an intensely psychological horror film. It tells the story of three orphans who are exceptionally bright. Children discover that their orphanage is in fact a farm and that they are animals in the first 10 minutes of this anime.

They soon find themselves in an intensive game of pretending to be clueless and concealing the reality from their foster mother. In spite of their desperation to escape, they learn the hard way that it’s not as simple as walking through a gate at night.

5. Steins;Gate


In the world of Steins;Gate, a self-proclaimed Mad Scientist named Okabe Rintarou is at the center of the action. Okabe meets Makise Kurisu, a man later found dead, while attending a lecture on time travel. When he tries to text his friends, he ends up in a different time period.

the repercussions of time travel and how it affects our lives in Steins;Gate. It’s little wonder that Code Geass fans love Steins;Gate, because it’s full of surprises that will leave them scratching their heads throughout the plot.

6. Kaiji Ultimate Survivor

As a gambling-themed animated series, Kaiji Ultimate Survivor has an over-the-top plot. The series’ hero, Kaiji, is anything but a traditional hero. Contrary to popular belief, he is the antithesis of someone to emulate. As a result of his habitual drinking and gambling, Kaji frequently finds himself in hot water.

When a person’s life is in jeopardy, individuals exhibit tremendous strength. In Kaiji Ultimate Survivor, this is a common occurrence. The great suspense during Kaiji’s chances is what makes the anime tough to forget, as he uses his unique ideas and takes huge risks to try to survive another day.

7. Psycho-Pass


The dystopian future depicted in the anime Psycho-Pass has a crime rate that is almost nonexistent. The plot is set in 22nd-century Japan, where the Sibyl System measures the possibility that an individual would commit a crime, known as the Psycho-Pass. Regardless of whether or not a crime has been committed, the individuals in question are subject to punishment based on this metric.

When Shinya Kogami, an enforcement officer, meets Shogo Makishima, a criminal whose Psycho-Pass never rises as a result of his proclivity to commit crimes, he faces a moral quandary. Anime fans who are interested in seeing how characters respond to complicated moral challenges will find this series ideal.

8. No Game No Life

Anime written by Yu Kamiya, “No Game No Life” is full with vibrant colors. The God Of Game transports a pair of siblings to an other reality. Blank_, the gaming duo consisting of Shiro and Sora, have never lost a match. When they beat Tet in an online chess match, they are transported to a world dominated by games.

Since there is no other way to resolve conflicts in this world but via games, everyone must abide by the Ten Pledges. In a world where other races are highly intelligent and experienced, the story follows two siblings as they work their way up the gaming food chain.

9. Monster

monster anime

Naoki Urasawa’s Monster is a psychological thriller mind twist of an anime. Dr. Kenzo Tenma and the enigmatic villain Johan are important characters in Monster. Kenzo was a talented surgeon who fell from grace by operating on a young boy called Johan instead of the Mayor, despite the Mayor’s political clout.

No, Monster isn’t about some fantastical beast wreaking havoc on the planet. What really matters is that the novel is an exploration of how one person can influence others for his own selfish ends. Dr. Kenzo is constantly on the prowl for a Johan in order to put an end to the life of a monster he brought back to life.

10. Death Note

This is a well-known series. Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata wrote and drew Death Note, an anime classic. To many, it is the doorway to anime, a medium that has enthralled many. Anime’s popularity is mostly due to the quality of its plots, visual appeal, and stellar cast.

Light Yagami, the series’ antihero, has the Death Note, a notebook in which the writer can kill anyone whose name he or she writes down, and L, a detective whose identity is kept a secret and who controls the police force and surveillance. The two are on the run from one other. After a rather one-sided beginning, the story quickly turns into a battle of fact versus fiction. This is one of the greatest animes ever made and a must-see.