Top 10 Anime Characters That Look The Same That You Need Know Update 06/2024

While many anime characters follow a pre-established physical stereotype, the parallels between these two characters go a little farther.

The characters in anime are recognized for their outlandish designs. Some are a big success, while others are a resounding failure. Studios have a lot to work with when it comes to color palettes and art styles, so it makes sense that there would be very few things in common.

That is not the case, however. It’s not uncommon to see characters who appear uncannily identical to one another. Many times, this is due to a shared art style or studio, but it can also be due to a desire to cash in on the fame of more well-known figures. Either way, it’s shocking when it happens.

10. Shiroyuki (Snow White With The Red Hair) & Chise (The Magician’s Bride)

Shiroyuki (Snow White With The Red Hair) & Chise (The Magician's Bride)

Shiroyuki has a heart of gold and a steely resolve. Because of an opportunistic prince, she quits her country and ends up working as the Court Herbalist of Clarines.

Elias Ainsworth met Chise at an auction and bought her for a large sum, bringing her back to his home. During this time, she will spend the remainder of her life learning how to be his apprentice and wife under his tutelage. Both characters have fiery red hair and bangs that are eerily identical, as well as huge green eyes.

9. Shunsuke (Sanrio Boys) & Thoth (Kamigami No Asobi)

In addition to his muscular physique, Shunsuke is an outgoing young man who enjoys participating in sports. He does, however, have a weakness for Hello Kitty, which he adores even more than sports.

The Egyptian deity Thoth contains all of existence’s knowledge. Because of his arrogance, self-assuredness, and strict demeanor, he is the central figure in this reversible animation. He shares Shunsuke’s short white hair and athletic frame, as well as Thoth’s penchant for baring his chest to the camera on a regular basis.

8. Saber (Fate Series) & Violet (Violet Evergarden)

Saber (Fate Series) & Violet (Violet Evergarden)

In the Fate anime, literature, and video game, Saber is one of the most popular characters. Hairstyles like milkmaid braids and green eyes are two characteristics that define her.

Violet may pass for Saber’s long-lost twin based on their similar hairstyles and blue eyes. The fact that she has been a weapon in numerous wars speaks something about her character.

7. Renshou (Inu X Boku) & Rin Matsuoka (Free!)

In his slice of life anime, Renshou Sorinozuka is a youkai. One of the first things people notice about him is his dark skin, red hair, and the tattoo on his face. As a result, Ririchiyo refers to him as “brother.”

The first season of Free! has Rin as its main enemy. His red hair has always been his most distinctive characteristic, and he’s well-known among his pals for his quick anger, especially when Haru’s name is brought up.

6. Rin (Blue Exorcist) & Gray (Fairy Tail)

Rin (Blue Exorcist) & Gray (Fairy Tail)

Gray has a laid-back demeanor, but he always steps up to the plate when called upon for assistance. With Natsu, he has a habit of getting into verbal and physical fights.

Although Rin is the oldest of the Okumura twins, his laid-back demeanor and innocent demeanor have led many to mistakenly believe he is the younger. Even though he and his brother Yukio have their differences, he’s willing to sacrifice his own happiness for the sake of Yukio. Hair and eye color and form are among the many physical similarities between the two characters.

5. Ittetsu (Haikyuu) & Riichi (The Magician’s Bride)

Ittetsu is a tenacious, patient, and upbeat teacher adviser at Karasuno High School’s volleyball team. Everyone loves him since he’s always courteous and considerate to others.

During Maho Tsukai no Yome: Hoshi Matsu Hito, the OVA, Riichi makes an appearance. He, too, has a pleasant and easygoing demeanor. Both men wear glasses and their hair is tangled like Ittetsu’s, and they are both clumsy and awkward at times.

4. Moral (Hamatora) & Undertaker (Kuroshitsuji)

Moral (Hamatora) & Undertaker (Kuroshitsuji)

Moral is the main antagonist in Hamatora and a cruel serial killer. He has no qualms about using, manipulating, or even killing individuals in order to achieve his goals.

At first, Undertaker is portrayed as an eccentric side character in Kuroshitsuji. It’s revealed in the film Book of Atlantic that he’s the main antagonist, responsible for the deaths of hundreds of unintentionally innocent individuals. By virtue of their long white hair, piercing eyes, and disturbing smiles, the two characters are drawn to one other.

3 Kakeru (Run Like The Wind) & Kageyama (Haikyuu!!)

It’s common for Kakeru’s bluntness to be misunderstood as rudeness. In the beginning, he is shunned by his fellow runners, but he develops a friendship with them over time. His ability to speak his mind without offending others also improves.

Kageyama, like Kakeru, was disliked by his teammates because of his short temper and exaggerated confidence in his abilities. After moving to a new school, he is welcomed by his new teammates, who give him an opportunity to excel both on and off the volleyball court. Each of the males has the same hair color and style as well as the similar facial features (most notably their pointed chins).

2. Kamina (Gurren Lagann) & Galo (Promare)

Kamina (Gurren Lagann) & Galo (Promare)

In Gurren Lagan, Kamina, the protagonist, is a brash, egotistical, and impulsive person. Because he acts without thinking, he is constantly seeking affirmation from others in the form of praise. He has also exhibited a long-term disregard towards females.

Galo of Promeopolis, on the other hand, is an overconfident but fiercely loyal individual. To pay back the mayor who saved his life, he has become a firefighter in his city’s fire department, whose primary goal is to rid the city of the Burnish terrorists.

1. Armin (Attack On Titan) & Hozumi (Prince Of Stride)

When it comes to Armin, the series’ protagonist, he is a shy but smart young man. He joins the Survey Corps, following in the footsteps of his friends. As time goes on, his part in the show grows more significant.

Because of his androgynous appearance, Hozumi is well-liked by his peers. When he’s hurting physically, he’s a strong young man who always has a smile on his face. After graduating from college, he hopes to land a position in the theater.