10 Best Anime Like Ouran Host Club That You Should Watching Update 05/2024

Anime Like Ouran Host Club

If you’re a fan of the Ouran Host Club, then these are the greatest anime for you.

Ouran High School Host Clubis one of many enjoyable shojo anime series, but it stands out as a parody that has rapidly won over the hearts of shojo enthusiasts as well as those who are new to the genre.

When it comes to creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for its diverse cast of people, the Host Club at Ouran High School succeeds. The majority of the series takes place in a school, but this anime’s host club is relaxed enough to let its characters and plot go off the rails.

Ouran High School Host Club’s charming characters, setting, or ability to seamlessly satirize its own content are all reminiscent of many of the anime featured here.

10. Kaguya-sama: Love is War Turns Love Into A Battlefield

Kaguya-sama Love is War

There’s little doubt that Kaguya-sama will fill every void left by Ouran in your heart, and then some — you can even assume that the series’ characters are the offspring of Ouran High School Host Club members if you wish.

When Kaguya-san, the vice president of the student council, falls in love with Miyuki-san, the scholarship student who won the presidency position, she is unable to resist.

Aside from being in love with Kaguya-san, Miyuki-san is also afraid to admit his feelings for her. It’s clear that both of them have lofty goals and aspirations, and their mutual devotion to one another would only sabotage those objectives. It was decided to use the Death Note palette instead of Ouran’s bright hues, which makes the ludicrous rom-com script even funnier.

9. Monthly Girls Nozaki-Kun Breaks Down Gender Roles & Expectations

In addition to being an excellent inside look into the demanding world of professional mangakas, this series can also be seen as a worthy successor to Ouran High School Host Club. Mangaka Nozaki-kun is a tall, dark and beautiful high school student who works as a shojo mangaka on the side. He had a crush on Sakura-chan, his classmate, before this.

Sweet, sweet shojo parody, lamp-shades, and deliciously goofy romantic comedy abound in the Nozaki-kun series. In the same vein as Ouran, the show makes a lot of fun of gender role stereotypes.

8. La Corda D’Oro Uses Music As Its Love Language

La Corda D’Oro

Many Ouran fans were enamored by Tamaki’s musical prowess and his ability to exorcise secondary characters’ feelings through the piano.

La Corda d’Orobe, an anime based on a manga that was adapted from a harem otome game, perfectly captures this dynamic.

As the story progresses, we learn about violinist Kahoko Hino, a nice and talented person. Aside from the fact that you won’t be shedding any tears, this series has some of the best music I’ve ever heard.

7. Kids On The Slope

Shinichiro Watanabe, the creator of Cowboy Bebop and Samurai Champloo, has created a lovely show called Kids on the Slope. Outsider students Kaoru, Sentaro, and Ritsuko explore their love of freestyle jazz in a world that is really just ready for the next Beatles in the summer of 1966, when the film takes place.

An underground jazz band formed by them grows into a major part of the campus culture. Perfect, natural, and especially realistic animation is used while the actors are performing with musical instruments. The only criticism that can be leveled at it is that, on an Ouran scale, it can occasionally become overly theatrical.

6. Fruits Basket Mixes Slice Of Life Honesty With Supernatural Hijinks

Fruits Basket

The host club at Ouran High School owes half of its ancestry to Fruits Basket, and that is a proven truth. After being dropped like a hot potato by her parents, Tohru Honda, a high-schooler, is taken in by several members of the (mostly male) Soma family while camping in a field.

Whenever a member of the opposing sex touches one of the Somas, they take on the form of an animal from the Chinese zodiac, and this happens every time. What similarities does Ouran have to it? But there is also a large reverse harem and an emotionally agonizing story about how to find your place in the world, even when the world is determined to keep you imprisoned behind your own self-created cage.

5 My Love Story Allows Its Romance The Proper Time To Blossom

If you’re a fan of either Kasanoda or Mori, then My Love Story is the show for you. Following Takeo Goda, an imposing and gentle high school student who is always in the buddy zone, is the subject of My Love Story. Takeo’s fate changeswhen he saves Rinko Yamato, his classmate, from a groper aboard a train.

It takes Takeo some time to realize that Rinko is in love with him, despite the fact that she does so right away. When it comes to love stories with unique characters, My Love Story is a pleasant change of pace.

4. The Wallflower Looks At Tender Relationships With A Dark Edge

The Wallflower

For fans of Nekozawa, this is the ultimate show! Sunako Nakahara is an introverted gothic high school student who is very into indoor activities and horror movies. By making a deal with four handsome young men, Sumako’s Aunt hopes to draw her niece out of her shell and into the world.

However, despite Sunako’s apparent change in looks, her dark-side likes remain intact, and maybe it will be up to the males to appreciate her very special inner beauty.

3. Paradise Kiss Examines The Beauty In Life’s Little Differences

For fans of the Hitachiin twins’ Ouran High School Host Club fashion empire, Ai Yazawa’sParadise Kissis a must-see anime series.

The main character, Yukari Hayasaka, is wealthy, attractive, and well-educated, but she is deeply dissatisfied with her life.

When she gets a job at ParaKiss, a fashion line created by her school’s design students, things begin to change.

The main characters of Paradise Kiss are asexual, transgender, and bisexual, making it one of the most varied shows on television. Consider it a “nasty” movie, but it’s also beautiful and the stories are incredibly mature. It’s like Ouran 1.0, but improved.

2. Kiss Him, Not Me Subverts Standard Rom-Com Conventions

Kiss Him, Not Me

Those who enjoyed Ouran’sRenge would enjoy this show. While Kae Serinuma is charming and friendly, she is also a true fujoshi, someone who adores yaoi manga. Kaeloves to project the relationships between her favorite characters and the boys she knows. She loses a lot of weight when one of her favorite anime characters dies.

Everyone is in awe of her new appearance when she first appears (and yes, this problematic plot point is lamp-shaded and mocked in-universe). Kae, on the other hand, is more interested in watching them have sex than she is in finding a partner.

1. Yona Of The Dawn Explores Gripping Character Development In A Dangerous World

There is so much to love about this anime (and manga series) that it would be a disservice not to put it in our list, even though it is technically a shojo with a reverse-harem framework. Yona is a naive, happy-go-lucky princess with red hair.

When her loving cousin assassinates her father and she is forced to flee with her best friend, she loses everything, even her mane.

In order to restore her land, Yona must locate and persuade the famous dragon warriors to fight for her. If you’re looking for character growth on par with that of Arya and Sansa Stark, you’re in for a treat here.