10 Best Anime About Death That You Should Watching Update 07/2024

Anime About Death

A character can only go so far with plot armor. In these anime, there are no safe havens for either the heroes or the villains. When they die, it seems to last longer.

The vast majority of the time in anime, when a character appears to have died, they actually didn’t die at all.

For the sake of the story, the plot armor preserves a character’s life and health. However, this kind of protection isn’t given to all anime characters.

Anime fans may only wish that their favorite characters had more plot armor in these shows, because death is genuinely permanent. Even if their fans are outraged, some anime producers aren’t afraid of sacrificing characters to stay faithful to their story’s vision. Spoilers ahead!

1. Banana Fish Shows the Consequences Of Being A Part Of A New York Gang

Banana Fish

Banana Fish’s designer isn’t afraid of dying or dealing with the issues of the real world. A teenage gang leader known as Ash Lynx is the focus of this anime, which is set in New York City. There are many dangers associated with being a member of a gang, and Ash’s lifestyle is no exception. Each episode sees an increasing number of victims of the gang violence, including a young child, Ash’s brother, his peers, and ultimately Ash himself. The likelihood of a character’s death rises in direct proportion to the level of attachment that viewers have developed toward that character.

2. The Death Note Gives The Beholder The Ability To Kill

By putting the name of the person you wish to kill in the book, Light Yagami is able to carry out the death of that person at any time. For a time, he only includes the names of criminals in the book as a way to make it a safer place for everyone.

He is, however, being investigated as the mastermind behind a series of inexplicable deaths by the other primary characters. When Light realizes that the book is being used against him, he begins to eliminate any characters who come too near to learning the truth about him.

3. The Creator Of Attack On Titan Isn’t Afraid To Kill Off Characters

Attack On Titan

At the same time, the creator of Attack on Titan has no problem murdering off beloved characters. Titans, huge humanoid man-eating monsters who wander the Earth, are a constant threat to anybody who ventures outside of their territory. The creator is notorious for killing off characters, no matter how beloved they are, so fans are wary of becoming emotionally attached to any of the characters in this series. In comparison to comparable anime series, the number of key characters that have died following the conclusion of the manga is exceptionally high.

4. In Devilman Crybaby Almost Everyone Meets Their Demise

After learning the existence of demons, Ryo sets off the apocalypse by starting a fight between mankind and demons. Fans will be sobbing for days after watching this series since it involves so many horrible character deaths. Ryo, who turns out to be Satan, is the lone survivor of the apocalypse. After destroying the Earth and killing his best friend, Ryo eventually realizes he truly loves Akira and regrets his decisions..

5. Danganronpa Showcases Students Forced To Play A Killing Game


Danganronpa, a show about a killing game in which students must kill each other and investigate crimes in order to escape, features a lot of death. It’s pointless for fans to root for a particular character when the chances of their demise are so high.

The only thing the characters can do in a show about a killing game is to try to outsmart the other characters and avoid killing anyone.

6. In Madoka Magica Magical Girls Must Fight Against Witches Or Else

Even though this anime focuses on magical females, it’s shockingly dark and twisted in its approach to storytelling. Witches are a threat to magical girls after they’ve been misled into becoming magical girls. These witches are highly dangerous and even have killed magical girls in the past. In order to eliminate a witch that had turned into a magical girl, one of the other girls sacrificed herself. How could a show featuring gorgeous magical girls be so depressing?

7. Akame Ga Kill! Is Filled With Character Deaths

Akame Ga Kill

When discussing anime fatalities, Akame Ga Kill! must be mentioned. With ‘kill’ in the name, it is no surprise that this anime series is replete with character deaths. Watching this seriescan bequite tough for fans toseesince so many fan-favorite characters meet their demises in such sad and horrible ways. Even if the majority of the characters in this episode are killed off, it’s not for nothing. The plot wouldn’t have progressed as well without each character’s demise.

8. Another Features A Middle School Class Plagued By A Curse

All students and their families in class 3-3 are doomed to die horrific deaths because of a curse. One student must appear to be dead in order to break the curse after the others unintentionally brought death into the classroom. Everything, however, goes horribly wrong when a new student transfers into the class. When it comes to dying, this anime series goes all out and shows a wide variety of methods. Another is rife with the fatalities of all kinds, including those caused by natural causes, self-inflicted, and intentional.

9. In Mirai Nikki A Battle Royale Must Have One Victor

Mirai Nikki (Future Diary)

It’s up to Yukiteru and 11 other characters with future diaries to duke it out in a battle royale when a deity bestows her with a Random Diary. The new God of space and time will be chosen from among the living from the dead.

Yukiteru’s only hope of surviving is to hunt down and kill the remaining 11 future diary keepers. Fans should expect some major characters to die in this series because death is a significant theme.

10. With Dead In Its Name, Deadman Wonderland Showcases Mass Murder Right Away

The first episode of this ‘dead’ series begins with a massacre in a school. In preparation for a field trip to the amusement park Deadman Wonderland, where criminals execute dangerous deeds for the enjoyment of bystanders, Ganta and his classmates were getting ready. However, a masked assassin assassinated his entire class just as they were about to leave. Due to his unique position as the sole survivor of the massacre, Gantsis is found guilty of the crimes and sentenced to the hellish Deadman Wonderland.