30 Best Black Haired Anime Girl Warrior That You Should Watching Update 07/2024

Black Haired Anime Girl Warrior

Warrior Girls are the epitome of action and brutality in anime. When it comes to anime heroines, you can’t go wrong with these adorable and dangerous warriors.

It is time to look at some of the most badass, savage and fierce anime warrior girls. Despite the fact that moe anime is always a pleasure to watch, our anime warrior girls deserve some attention as well.

First up, we’ll take a look at the best anime warrior heroines ever.

30. Irina Jelavić From Assassination Classroom

Irina Jelavić From Assassination Classroom

First impressions of Irina, the “Bitch-sensei” of Class E, were of a harsh, cunning, arrogant, and self-absorbed Anime Warrior Girl.

A mature, black widow aura has been characterized by her students as she exudes confidence and experience due to her high hit count and model-like features.

Despite the fact that these are all traits she possesses, once her cover is shattered she is shown to be childish and immature.

Since childhood, she’s been plagued by self-doubt and a surprisingly humble and earnest person.

29. Shura Kirigakure From Ao no Exorcist

Shura’s initial appearance asYamada as Anime Warrior Girl and preferring to play on her PSP rather than pay attention to the class makes her appear shy and socially aloof.

She refuses to assist the others during the Ghoul incident because she does not get along with them. In reality, her character is nothing more than a façade; as an Exorcist, she has no need to pay attention to lessons.

Shura has a laid-back personality and uses slang, such as yerinstead of your, you’re, or you.. She’s also known for being a bit of a jerk when it comes to critiquing other people’s flaws and voicing her mind on sensitive matters.

There have been a few instances where she’s had to physically defend herself against her bosses. In the same vein as Rin, she is prone to laziness and prefers to relax with a drink rather than get the job done herself.

28. Karen Araragi From Bakemonogatari

Karen Araragi From Bakemonogatari

A recurring character in theMonogatarilight series, Karen is an Anime Warrior Girl.

Karen is the younger sister of protagonist Koyomi Araragi and the family’s middle child. She is one of the town’s “Fire Sisters,” who battle for justice alongside her own sister Tsukihi.

As a result of her encounter with a conman, the antagonist Deishuu Kaiki, she is forced to rely on the assistance of her older brother.

27. Kyouka Izumi From Bungo Stray Dogs

Kyouka’s Anime Warrior Girl persona is extremely disconnected during her Port Mafia months. As she kidnaps Dazai or attacks Atsushi, she shows no emotion. Toy-like in appearance, she may be mistaken for either a mannequin or a toy. A normal, childlike personality has emerged in her since Atsushi saved her.

There are numerous arcade games and amusement park rides to be found throughout the city. As evidenced by the fact that she readily surrenders herself to the authorities, even though she knows she’ll be put on death row, her stoic attitude is evident.

Even though she was redeemed, she is still prone to violence and homicidal tendencies. After being threatened by an innocent cop, she wounds him with a weapon that may potentially be harmful in order to defend herself.

26. Shuka Karino From Darwin’s Game

Shuka Karino From Darwin’s Game

While Shuka is known for her cheerful demeanor, she is also capable of unleashing her terrible powers as Anime Warrior Girl. It all started with the fact that he defeated Banda-kun, which initially piqued her curiosity, but it wasn’t until he beat her that she truly fell in love with him.

As a result, she follows Kaname’s orders religiously and takes offense when other men try to flirt with her, as evidenced by the time she used hersigil to sever the hand of a student who tried to flirt with her.

To impress Kaname, she is seen to get a little out of hand, such as when she bet her entire tribe on a wager withThemis.

25. Kohaku From Dr. Stone

For the sake of her unwell older sister, Kohaku, an Anime Warrior Girl, is willing to compete in the tournament for her hand in marriage. It extends to her fellow soldiers and anyone she considers a friend.

She was willing to lie and suffer a scolding in order to avoid distressing her sister and the villagers by not revealing that she had been assaulted by Tsukasa.

She’s always amazed by Senku’s scientific discoveries, but it took her a bit to come to terms with the fact that they’re not just magic.

24. Android 18 From Dragon Ball Z

Android 18 From Dragon Ball Z

In battle, Android 18’s Anime Warrior Girl character is on full display, but her caustic humor is her most obvious trait. To prove this point, at the 25th World Martial Arts Tournament Goku takes notice of her teaming up with theDragon Team and responds, “Look, he noticed.

It’s adorable. When Krillin reveals that he and Goku have married and had a child, she responds by stating “Spare me” (in Japanese). The World Tournament Announcer asks her if “No. 18” is indeed her real name, to which she says, “My father was kind of boring”.

In a debate over a wish involving the Dragon Balls, 18 can be quite curious, even though she isn’t described in this way. If she is fascinated in something, she may even activate her comradeAndroid 16 and wonder what present she would deliver to her husband Krillin.

23. Neferpitou From Hunter x Hunter

Neferpitou was a fierce Anime Warrior Girl that was willing to give their life for the King at any cost. Among the three Royal Guards, Pitou, according to Shaiapouf, was the most interested and easily distracted and enjoyed to play.

They enjoyed to play with their opponents like a cat would with their prey. Pitou was a Chimera Ant who was a cat Chimera. However, Pitou was also a vicious and dangerous person, despite their bright and fun demeanor

It was Pitou’s responsibility as a protector of the king that drove him to give up the opportunity to combat powerful adversaries in order to do so.

22. Ryuuko Matoi From Kill la Kill

Ryuuko Matoi From Kill la Kill

Ryko’s demeanor is rather straightforward: she’s an Anime Warrior Girl who’s both fierce and stubborn. She has no qualms about addressing Satsuki Kiryin in a rude manner and fighting Takaharu Fukuroda, despite being plainly outmatched, because she has no fear.

On the other hand, in Episode 3, she overcomes her embarrassment and shows that, while she is not frightened of battling to the death, she is a little self-conscious about fighting in Senketsu’s more exposing alternate form. She can be quiet, polite, content, and warmly appreciative at times.

With the Mankanshoku family and in Episode 7, this is very apparent. That Mako’s mother produces meals and treats people with kindness is an inspiration to her as well. Because her mother died when she was young and her father sent her away to a boarding school, she later tells Senketsu how much fun supper was with them.

21. Morgiana From Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

In the anime world, Morgiana is known as a solitary Anime Warrior Girl. She has a taste for the unusual. As an alternative to picking out jewelry, she considered two manifers that looked like they were from hell (though possibly only because Alibaba recommended them).

As a form of expression, she puffs up her cheeks or breaks the ground with her stomping feet when she’s irate. Despite her formidable exterior (both physically and mentally), she does show signs of vulnerability from time to time. When something Alibaba-related happens, this is the customary reaction.

The fact that she rejects Hakuryuu’s proposition suggests that she has feelings for him. In the end, he understands that she declined to marry him and join him in the Kou Empire because she is too close to Aladdin and concerned about his well-being.

20. Yuno Gasai From Mirai Nikki

Yuno Gasai From Mirai Nikki

Because she is an anime warrior girl, Yuno’s personality can be hard to pin down. When Yukiteru is present, she is often sweet, feminine, and a little bashful. This, however, conceals her vicious, cold, and calculating darker side. She has no qualms about taking advantage of others to further her own survival and that of Yukiteru.

She is a Yandere because she uses brutal and often violent ways, which often come out of nowhere, to kill either a Diary Holder or their followers.

Her vicious nature is mostly the result of the abuse she suffered at the hands of her mother and the absence of her father, both of whom died two years before to the Survival Game.

19. Tsunade From Naruto Shippuden

It was Tsunade’s belief that she could help Nawaki and Dan fulfill their aspirations while they were alive that made her an Anime Warrior Girl in the first place.

Tsunade lost trust in the concept of dreaming for anything after both of her supporters died gruesomely soon after getting her support.

Since both Dan and Nawaki perished attempting to become Hokage and the previous Hokage all died early and pointlessly, Tsunade decides that being Hokage is a fool’s job.

18. Shalltear Bloodfallen From Overlord

Shalltear Bloodfallen From Overlord

The anime warrior girl Shalltear has an extremely flirty demeanor and is outspoken about her sexual desires, frequently to the annoyance of her peers, particularly Ainz. According to what we know thus far, she is drawn to sadomasochism and necrophilia.

Thus, Shalltear tends to flirt with zombies such asYuri Alpha, who does her best to avoid her. She, on the other hand, has a strong aversion to decaying corpses. Despite her outward honesty and lack of self-consciousness, she has a tendency to misjudge situations.

Also, Shalltear is very self-conscious about her small form and uses breast pads to hide it. Her interpretation of the 41 Supreme Beings’ old sayings is also prone to misinterpretation and misinterpretation.

Shalltear, like a real vampire, takes her role as a Floor Guardian very seriously and is quite proud of it. However, at the same time, she has little patience or tolerance for failure, and will lash out at the first sign of a bad circumstance.

17. Altair From Re: Creators

As an Anime Warrior Girl, Altair isn’t as clueless as the other Created about the idea that they, their experiences, and the universes in which they live are all made up, but she does know something about her Creators.

Setsuna Shimazaki, the creator of Altair, and the real world are well-known to her, and she has a deep affection for both.

Due of her feelings against the real world after Setsuna’s demise, Altair has become increasingly hostile towards it.

16. Rem From Re: Zero

A Warrior of the Anime It’s not uncommon for her to act impulsively and speak in an unintentionally courteous tone. She feels a deep sense of resentment toward her sister for something that happened in the past.

In the past, because of her admiration and shame for her little sister, she viewed herself as less than her older sister. The moment Subaru saves her, she falls in love with him and becomes one of his most ardent supporters. Subaru may reject Rem, but Rem won’t let him go without a fight.

As of now, Lye Batenkaitos has erased Rem’s name and memories from the world, and she is in suspended animation.

15. Suzuha Amane From Steins;Gate

Suzuha Amane From Steins;Gate

Worked part-time at the Braun Tube Workshop below the lab as a friendly, athletic Anime Warrior Girl. It’s easy to mistake Suzuha for being too close, but in reality she keeps a respectful distance from everyone.

However, Suzuha’s demeanor changes radically when she becomes interested in anything, and she becomes forceful and unrelenting, indicating that she is a straight sort of person. She is very observant, as seen by her realization that Rintaro was time-traveling at the end of the story.

Unless absolutely essential, Suzuha avoids disclosing her own concerns in order to avoid involving others in her problems. In casual conversation, she also has a tendency to employ unusual terms, which may be intentional on her part.

14. Raphtalia From The Rising of the Shield Hero

Several of Raphtalia’s tanuki-like characteristics set her apart from ordinary humans as an Anime Warrior Girl and demi-human. Raphtalia has tanuki ears on the top of her head instead of human ears, and they twitch when she is exposed to sensory input.

When Raphtalia’s emotional state changes, she has a fluffy tanuki tail protruding from her posterior, which often moves in response, such as when the tail stands on its own, which indicates rage.

For a demi-human, she has been hailed as stunningly gorgeous with tea-red eyes. Raphtalia’s chest bears a purple slave mark.

13. Mereoleona Vermilion From Black Clover

Mereoleona Vermilion From Black Clover

Mereoleona has the harsh demeanor and short temper of an Anime Warrior Girl. In her mind, actions speak louder than words, thus she’s a brash and assertive lady. Although she hasn’t met many people yet, Mereoleona already has a strong grasp on how to inspire others.

Everyone who is willing to work hard earns her respect, and she makes no distinctions based on a person’s background or ancestry. Because she despises the Royal Capital, she spends the most of the year in the forest, hunting wild animals and taking advantage of the abundant natural mana.

When Fuegoleon Vermillion is injured, she assumes command of the Royal Knights and leads them in an attack against the Eye of the Midnight Sun in an attempt to avenge her brother.

12. Akame From Akame ga Kill

The Empire forced Akame and her sister to through torturous training, and as a result, Akame appears to be a serious and coldhearted Anime Warrior Girl. However, it is later shown that Akame is simply socially shy.

She has a great deal of concern for her teammates and is constantly afraid that one of them would perish in battle, since she knows from personal experience how deadly combat can be.

Immediately after Tatsumi defeated Ogre, she stripped him naked and rushed to Mt. Kageboshi to save Hinata from Yomihime’s wrath.

11. Kallen Stadtfeld From Code Geass

Kallen Stadtfeld From Code Geass

Kallen is an anime warrior girl with a lot of guts and tenacity, but she can also be impulsive, violent, and short-tempered. She may appear tough, but Kallen is in fact quite caring and empathetic.

However, in the wake of her brother’s death, she has largely hidden this aspect of herself. The death of her brother has also strained Kallen’s connection with her parents, but as time passes, she and her mother begin to mend their ties, and she joins Kallen in her mission to free Japan.

Even though she once referred to him as “dad,” hinting that their relationship is (or at the very least was) positive, we know nothing about her relationship with her father prior to or after Britannia’s occupation of Japan.

10. Yokko Littner From Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

As an Anime Warrior Girl, Yoko has a high level of maturity and common sense, especially when it comes to matters of survival.

If you’re dealing with someone who’s abrasive or difficult, such as Kamina, Yoko might become rather angry and violent.

Despite this, Yoko is a person who can keep a cool head under pressure and even thrive in some settings. Perhaps as a result of this, she has established a solid reputation as the Dai-Gurren brigade’s resident sniper and a superb rifleman.

9. Boa Hancock From One Piece

Boa Hancock From One Piece

Hancock is an Anime Warrior Girl with a great deal of nuance. At first impression, she appears self-centered, conceited, and entitled to her own way of doing things.

She can also be conceited and nasty, relying on her unrivaled beauty to explain her less-than-admirable behavior and the belief that the world will overlook her transgressions.

When Elder Nyon asked her about her feelings for her tribe, she said she didn’t care whether the island was destroyed or not because everyone would forgive her for being so attractive.

8. Milim Nava From That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

A typical Anime Warrior Girl, Milim has a juvenile temper and lacks the common sense of the other Demon Lords.

But despite her irritability, she is not foolish. If you treat her like a child or weakling, she may become enraged and may even resort to violence.

Before she met Rimuru, she didn’t have anyone she considered a true friend. To her, individuals weaker than she were nothing more than toys to play with while she was on the hunt for something to keep her entertained and occupied.

7. Tanya Degurechaff From Youjo Senki

Tanya Degurechaff From Youjo Senki

Tanya, the Anime Warrior Girl, has a lot going on in her head. Tanya used to think of herself as someone with a lot of issues, and she thought he was weird.

As seen by her comparisons to real geniuses she couldn’t compete with and her desire to be above others, she has both superiority and inferiority complexes.

Since she was hired, Tanya has put on a show of being a perfect soldier in order to impress her bosses, who consider her as a valuable human resource.

Her companions, particularlyErich von Rerugen, who deems her a psychopath for her cruelty, are impressed and yet unnerved by this.

6. Maki Oze From Fire Force

As an Anime Warrior Girl, Maki has a cool and gorgeous appearance, but she’s a hopeless romantic at heart.

Additionally, she is extremely polite to her coworkers and to people she has never met before.

Maki has a great deal of admiration for Takehisa Hinawaa, as both of them served in the military. Despite her gentle nature, she is a formidable warrior, defeating bothShinra andArthur Boyle with relative ease.

In a conflict, those who are both Third Generations have no qualms about getting involved.

Creating fire creatures is one of Maki’s favorite things to do for fun.

5. Erza Scarlet From Fairy Tail

Erza Scarlet From Fairy Tail

Because of Erza’s reputation as an overly critical Anime Warrior Girl, most of the other guild members feel compelled to repent for their transgressions lest they incur her anger.

She is extremely impatient and dislikes those who take too long to respond to her questions. Many of her fellow guild members shunned her because of her social awkwardness, which was compounded by her own traumatic childhood.

Fairy Tail membership instills her with a strong sense of justice, and she takes great pride in being one of its members.

4. Rumi Usagiyama From Boku no Hero Academia

As a Warrior Girl from the Anime, Rumi is a strong and fearless character, and she admires people who are able to do the same. Because they may not be relying on their own strength, Rumi believes that heroes who join a team are cowards.

Rumi has a bright grin on his face and is always looking for the next big adrenaline rush, smiling in the face of a potentially deadly circumstance. At times, she refuses to back down, even when she is outmatched by more powerful foes.

Also, Rumi appears to take every day of her life with no regrets, claiming that she would willingly risk her life for the sake of others.

3. Mikasa From Attack on Titan

Mikasa From Attack on Titan

Mikasa had a reputation as a happy, extroverted, and kind kid before he met the Yeagers. As a child, she was able to put her anxieties to one side and enjoy life with her family and friends.

Mikasa, the Anime Warrior Girl, has matured into a reclusive and dangerous threat to both her adversaries and her allies. If the situation seems dismal, she remains calm and composed, never losing her cool or being unsure of what to do.

When Eren was assumed dead, she was able to maintain a cool demeanor; only Armin could see that she was struggling with the grief of losing him.

2. Asuka Langley From Neon Genesis Evangelion

Her hair is reddish, and her eyes are a deep, inky blue. She has a casual updo with her red Interface Headset, which she wears with the flanks of her hair tied back in twin tails.

White knee socks with red stripes and black Mary Jane shoes are the only differences between her and the other students’ uniforms. She has a crimson wristwatch on.

Outfits like this yellow dress with a lavender collar and scarlet Mary Jane heels are also on her list of favorites. Red is her color of choice for her plugsuit, which she wears as an Anime Warrior Girl with a 02 sign printed on it.

1. Princess Mononoke From Princess Mononoke

Princess Mononoke From Princess Mononoke

Warrior girl Princess Mononoke follows the last Emishi prince’s struggle to make peace between humans and the monsters of the forest that surrounds their city, Irontown.

An attack by a demon disguised as the huge boar deity Nago is Ashitaka’s first heroic deed in the film’s opening sequence. He obtains a demon mark on his right arm during the struggle, and he is cursed by the Boar God’s wrath.

He is warned that the mark will grow throughout his body, eventually killing him. There is a piece of iron in Nago’s body that is somehow linked to the curse.

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